The Marigold Alliance Garden

Marigold Alliance Garden
Loughborough University 2010 Stephen Laws and Paul Conneally

An open relationship between health and efficiency, the functional, edible and ornamental. The garden explores ideas around pornography and society in a time when gentlemen's clubs and lap dancing bars have become acceptable additions to the UK high street and danger stranger bywords for the legitimate dismantlement of community crossgenerational interaction. The Marigold Alliance Garden was planted by Laws and Conneally with the help of small children.


Planting Plan:

Trailing beans, strawberries, fennel, purple sage, thyme, poppies, oregano, sunflowers, lavender and day lilies. The Marigold Alliance Garden was made during Beneath The Pavement A Garden with artists Amy Franceschini + Myriel Milicevic Commissioned by Radar at Loughborough University


Update – Summer 2010: The Marigold Alliance Garden was to have no marigolds and the runner beans were planned to trail and go where ever they would not controlled with canes. When Conneally revisits the garden he finds that the community looking after it have planted some marigolds and caned the beans. He says: “It's all good”

The Marigold Alliance Garden – Stephen Laws & Paul Conneally 2010