Parts of Speech

Carpenters have names for tools. 

We have names for expressions too. 

They are called parts of speech

Basic Parts of speech nouns verbs linkers pronouns adverbs exclamations adjectives preposition articles .

Fast As noun (Today is the first fast.One word different uses .) As adjective (She a fast runner) As verb (I will fast during whole month)    .  Some words can be used as different parts of speech.

The walls were like an immense funnel turned upside down.Passage 1 When I woke up. . with a height of five hundred to six hundred yards. I found that the Nautilus was stationary. It was floating on a lake surrounded by a circle of walls two miles in diameter and six in circumference.

Place the parts of speech appropriately nouns verbs linkers pronouns adverbs exclamations adjectives prepositions articles .

From words to a sentence     Words become phrases Phrases become clauses Clauses become sentences They are all connected by linkers and conjunctions .

A sentence is made up of: words phrases clauses .

Words        Tom Eating Up Good Fast The But .

Phrase (a group of words without a verb)       The green car. Up the stairs. Fast runner. On Friday morning. Fine morning. But me? .

. What you see.Clause (a group of words with a verb)     What you mean. They go to the mountains. they could not afford.

. ) question mark ( ? ) exclamation mark ( ! ) e. ) comma ( . Wow ! quotation marks ( ) Apostrophe ( ) e. Can t Colon ( : ) Birds:peacock. semi colon ( . ) Capital letters Dash .g. cuckoo.Punctuation full stop ( .g.

Place the Punctuation marks appropriately. full stop comma question mark exclamation mark quotation marks Apostrophe Colon semi colon Capital letters Dash .

perhaps after some great disturbance of the earth . Captain Nemo replied. . Its interior was invaded by the sea some time in the past. In the very heart of an extinct volcano. 1 Passage GENG 001 Where are we? I asked.Quiz.

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