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01-21-06 Janine Evans is Cinderella

01-21-06 Janine Evans is Cinderella

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Published by Merritt Patterson

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Published by: Merritt Patterson on Apr 12, 2011
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ParkCitiesNeighhors ON THE COVER

Park Cities mom Janine of all trades
My daughter wanted little more in life than for the real Cinderella to attend her fourth birthday party. Thankfully I know Cinderella, and as it turns out, she 'was available that very day. She came to the party and held up well under the intense scrutiny of tiny guests questioning her authenticity. She was asked about her castle, the step-sisters, Prince Charming and her current mode of transportation. When you are the real thing, you have nothing to hide. Which is why Janine Evans has to be careful - she will have trouble explaining to local princesses why Cinderella is sometimes seen exiting her home on Stanford and driving away in her Mercedes station wagon. Before marrying her husband, Will, and becoming mom to Matthew, 7, and Walker, 4, Evans attended college on a ballet scholarship and danced in Doritos commercials. Besides being a princess, she is Cher, a leading supplier of knock-off designer sunglasses, interior decorator and community volunteer. I have seen Evans - as Cher - make a grand entrance through a cloud of smoke singing "If You Believe" with neighborhood fans screaming and dancing. Even the most uptight partygoers can't keep themselves fromjumping on stage andjoiningin. It just comes naturally to this karaoke queen for hire. In the past she has donated her celebrity karaoke services - complete with sound system, song choices and charm - to the UP Elementary auction, as well as the Bradfield Elementary auction. She has also been known to donate a princess party or two. lf you haven't run into her dressed as a famous princess or pop-rock diva, you may have seen her selling knock-off accessories (legal ones) out of her trunk in the carpool line. Ladies in the Park Cities know that Evans is the "go-to mom" for the best designer replica eyewear in Dallas. During lunch one day last spring, I listened as a friend asked Evans if she had a certain style of sunglasses "in stock." Insulted that a customer would question her ability to secure merchandise, she immediately dialed her cell phone and rattled off a series of numbers. A few seconds later she slapped her cell phone closed and tossed it in her bag like a gun into a holster and said, "They'll be here Friday." All other endeavors take a back seat to her true passion, interior decorating. She owns Bracken Interiors and is responsible for the fresh new looks in many of the finest homes and businesses in Dallas.



REAL MOM: Janine Evans relaxes in her University Park home with her sons Matthew. left. and Walker, right. You can find her almost anytime in the design district or zooming in and out of homes with fabric samples, but not on Thesdaynight. That's when she sings in retirement homes with the Junior League. She has also served on the University Park Preschool Association board as the membership chairwoman and programs chairwoman and is currently the co-chairwoman of couple's parties, And she has served on the carnival committee and the auction solicitation committee at UP Elementary. Her magical gifts give new life to our community, but none is as special to me as the one she gave my child: a little bit longer to believe in fantasy. My oldest daughter, suspicious that the Cinderella from her sister's party was actually Matthews mom in disguise, confronted Evans in the school yard, Evans, knowingthat her cover had been blown, glanced to the left and to the right to make sure no one would hear her stunning confession and revealed thetruth that onlymy daughter knows. The Park Cities mom thing? It's an undercover role to protect her true identity, Cinderella. Merritt Patterson is afrequent contributor

IT TAKES A VILLAGE: Janine Evans as
I GOT YOU, BABE: Janine Evans sings with friend and guest Michelle Fehlman at one of her karaoke parties benefiting University Park Elementary. to Park Cities Neighbors. If you krww of an outstanding preschool association. or PTA mom; eCher, left. poses with members of the 1970s hit group and backup singers for the evening, the Village People. Laurie Petri ca. Carrie Green and Lauren Arthur. mail Merritt @yaJwo.com. at MerrittChril,·tfnePatterscm

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