by Anthony Obakpọnọvwẹ Ukere B.A. (HONS) Linguistics (UNIBEN), ANIPR

Typed in by George Sider for Kay Williamson (†). This version edited by Roger Blench (Cambridge 2005)

Introduction The present Urhobo dictionary was locally published in Nigeria, printed by Ilupeju Press, Benin City. The original is not dated, but the preface is dated 1986, so perhaps this is the date of publication. It was typed into the computer, originally into Macintosh and later transferred to PC at the behest of Kay Williamson (†) who has some role in encouraging it s original publication. Changes in the manuscript The following changes were made by Roger Blench for this circulation version; 1. English corrected 2. Fonts changed from IPA Kiel to Times New Roman 3. Text formatted as a table The original has a grammatical introduction, and an appendix listing Urhobo proper names and towns. The original also has an IPA-like transcription following the main Urhobo orthographic entry. This was not typed and indeed, since the orthography is phonemic these values can be reconstructed. Urhobo Phonology and Orthography Urhobo phonology is summarised in Elugbe (1986) who also gives references to earlier studies. A striking difference with between the two authors is that Ukere claims /l/ and /n/ are allophones and ‘l’ is thus absent from the dictionary. Elugbe on the other hand, distinguishes a lenis l, /l/ from its non-lenis counterpart /l/. Elugbe also notes the occasional presence of an eighth vowel, /Ë/ in two words, ɔvË$, ‘one’, and ɔsË$, ‘hawk’, transcribed by Ukere as ọvo and ọso. The table shows the IPA values in Urhobo orthography ch dj ẹ gh mw ọ ph rh sh vw tS ◊ ε ƒ ŋm ɔ ∏ r8 S B

Nasalisation is indicated by vowel with ‘n’ following. Thus –an = ã Ukere treats Urhobo as having two tones, High and Low, as well as rising and falling tones. The dictionary marks only high tone; all other tones are considered to be either low or glides. Elugbe (1986) discusses different analyses of the tonal system, eventually concluding that Urhobo has two tones plus downstep. He admits, however, that further analysis is required.


Parts of Speech Urhobo words can be classified according to the function they have in the sentence. The following table gives the abbreviations potentially used in the dictionary with short explanations; Abbrev iation a. adv. aux. coll. conj. dem. excl. exp. id. int. n. num. obj. part. p.n. prep. pron. v. v.i. v.n. v.t. Full form Adjective Adverb Auxiliary Collective Conjunction Demonstrative Exclamation Expression Ideophone Interrogative Noun Numeral Object Particle Proper Name Preposition Pronoun Verb Intransitive Verb Verbal Noun Transitive verb Explanation Describes a noun Qualifies a verb Added to a verb to modify it, like a tense-marker Used to describe a collection of discrete objects A word used to join two or more nouns, verbs or clauses Words used to point out something. 'this', 'that' etc. Greetings or expressions that do not form part of an ordinary sentence Idiomatic expression Word that describes a sound, appearance or sensation, usually reduplicated and functioning as an adverb or adjective Question words Refers to things, objects etc. Number Form when a pronoun is the object of a sentence Short words added to complete the sentence A name of a person or object; always capitalised A word positioning nouns or verbs in time or space A word that stands for a noun Describes action A verb with no object A noun formed directly from a verb to express a state of being A verb with an object

References Elugbe, B.O. 1989. Comparative Edoid: phonology and lexicon. (Delta Series No. 6.) University of Port Harcourt Press.


Urhobo Dictionary A.O. Ukere (1986) Urhobo Aa án abaka abavo abé abémuó abérha abẹrẹn abívẹ áda1 ada2 adérha ádié adján adjaóghẹné ádjeghwọghwọ adjené ádjọkrótẹgba adjudju adjugẹ áfe áfiéha áfiédjọ afiotọ afọrhe agada ágógó agọ aguare agbá (ogba) agbada agbadarizobo agbagba agbakara (ahwarihwa) agbara (aga) agbogu agboro agbótọ agbọn (iride) agbuna agbrara aghán excl. n. a. n. n. adv. n. adv. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. PoS

Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss

exclamation of disbelief, shock or surprise, also used for questioning. grasshopper equal guilt (in a case or law-suit) wrestling thrice sword twice forked stick outing three-way junction position/part bat swallow camphor self acclaimed witch or wizard pants fan wheel menstruation stadium, playground masquerade playground rabbit brain crotch, area between the legs gong, bell camp, temporary settlement court oil bean seed bridge altar cross raffia and oil-palm beetle chair dagger echo chin placenta matches thunder broom 1

Urhobo Dictionary A.O. Ukere (1986) Urhobo aghighọn aghọghọ ághwá aghwaghwa aghware aghwọn aghwoghwo áhe ahọnre ahwa ahworhẹ aka1 ákán2 akaba akaínọrọ akara akikó akobẹ akoríruo akuakua akpakpasímagha akpan ákpánurhé ákpátá akpéyéré akpérẹ akpériọ akpérusiavwrẹ ákpẹvwẹ akpóno akpọ1 akpọ2 akrẹ ama ámakáshe ame ameóbe amereka (agbakara) (ekaikai) amerísaguẹ amiédi (oghwórédi) amióviẹ amóno ámrádjẹ amwá PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. int. n. n.

Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss

chain of coral beads worn round the neck by chiefs joy/happiness bush bush dog wisdom ‘hamster’ [N.B. there are no hamsters in Nigeria. Perhaps a bush-rat?] announcement owl-like bird sound of snoring pliers sponge Urhobo name for the Edo (Bini) people and their language bitter kola specie of gong snake monitor bean-cake water-snail metal trap used for catching small animals such as rats office wooden slit-gong scorpion baldness, bald head stool mouth-organ, organ way of life elephant tusk horn enjoyment padlock thanksgiving very flat bead made from rubber or palm kernel shells world life small lizard bell angel water ink locally brewed gin, ogogoro groundnut oil banga soup tears who (coll.) charm for protection against the dead cloth 2

g. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. exp. n. n. n. n. pron. pron. n. flat basin (made locally from a plant called éti) rumour monger chewing stick savanna February armpit we us wide area with collection of ponds charm for lightness favourite (e. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. originally a tenth of a penny draughts hornbill knife very poisonous seed baby louse charm for protection against any poisonous thing taken in by mouth charm for sharp remembrance/knowledge fishing net designated spot where traditional rites are offered to the ancestors mercy prophesy March forehead salvation contribution special bead worn on the neck like a bow-tie by traditional rulers development place bird with red beak that bores hole in the pit June abattoir acquittal odd everywhere mamba night charm for effective balance it is said charm for easy acceptance/answer tray. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss pride April lower wrapper (of the two) worn by women old coin. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. wife) sweetness 3 . Ukere (1986) Urhobo anama ané anikú (otéhú) áníní apene ápiápiá aphia areba arere áriákpa arido árírí aruérivwi aruẹdọ aruẹmrẹ arhá arhare (ekorhi) arhọ árhóghọ árhọvwefe árhuẹrẹ asa1 asá2 asán3 asadáveravwe asé1 asén2 aseje ásiweri aso atámu atánẹ átárhọvwe atẹtẹ (akpata) atikprere ató1 aton2 avá áviávwe (aviẹn) avwáre1 avwárẹn2 avware3 ávwárhé ávwebọ avwerhe PoS n. n. n.

t a.i a. n.t v. continuously (of time) romance tear until push grope.O. n. n.i v. n. roam aimlessly black please make way for crow swim (of fish) build comfort warm be plentiful awkward. n. be loose (of a baby carried on the back) never forever. n. housewife pregnant woman pressing iron public place spirit roaming in the forest which gives rise to whirlwind Bb bá bẹdẹ bẹdẹbẹdẹ (rhirírín) bẹnẹ bẹré bẹsiẹye bi (gere) bibi biebí biko bioma bo1 bo2 bọ (tẹ) bọrọ bọrọbọrọ (vwiọrọvwiọrọ) bu búbú bue buebu v. n. v. n. n.t v.i v.Urhobo Dictionary A.t conj.i v. at table) woman they them Mrs.e.t adv.t quant.i a. pron. v. n. adv.i v. n. exp n. clumsy scrape many 4 . Ukere (1986) Urhobo avwiana ávwíkpe ávwiórọvwe ávworo avwré (ẹrọ) avwro awa aware áwúsá ayarọ ayávwa aye1 ayen2 áyen3 ayerórọvwe ayerúwevwi ayevevu ayọni azagba (asotu) aziza PoS n. n.t v. n. n. v. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss flag charm for postponing evil days such as death wife always treated with disdain by the husband rainbow gill argument hour ancient Urhobo name for the Hausa people and their language basket used by women in fishing meet you well (i. v. pron. v.

Urhobo Dictionary A. a.t v. v.t a.t v.t Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss too many/much bad how many? how much? cut worry (about/over something) advise CH ch chá chavwọ chere chiyi cho chúko v. v. v. general greeting which expresses variety of sentiments throw slack lean/thin mate pound Dj dj djádjá djávwe (sínu) djé1 a. peppery v.t.t v. a.t v.t adv. int.t v. a.t v. v.t hide v.t show/explain 5 . conj. v.t support/aid screw cook tread (on something) steal help Dd da dádá dede dédévwo dẹ dédé di dia dié diguẹ dino do1 dó2 (vwi) doghodogho dọdọn du duvwu v.t.t v.t.t. v.i v. v.i int.O.t drink sharp welcome nevertheless buy careful block menstruate what request one to say nearly thank. v. int.t v. a. Ukere (1986) Urhobo búnọ brabra bró1 bró2 bru brúdú brúche PoS quant.

response to most greetings and directives sharp grass woven native bag made of raffia palm act of crowing thatch/roof darkness act of cutting bad omen forgetfulness stealing reception/welcome patience noise door frame spider sp. n.O. n.n. n.t spray (somebody with medicine by mouth) run drive away (animate objects) germinate foolish foolishly introduce (oneself to) fan Ee e ebén ébo1 ebó2 ebó ébri (okuku) (eghó) ebró echa echéro echó edede ediri edo edovi edjákekete edje1 édjé2 edjere edjenékpo (adjanákpu) efe efenudu eferifẹn éfi1 efi2 egaga eganase égede égenége (égedége) egéré (ebió) égéré (ẹkpá) égodi (ógodi) égodo (iyere) part. n. n.i v. n. n. n. n. yes. n. v. fenced hidden place where masquerades and the like are dressed rope used by palm collector in climbing the palm tree hob glass for drinking wine bowel storey building act of pushing vomit kite compound 6 . n. ‘tiger’ wealth wrapper bird sp. n.n. n.t v. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. v. n. n.t v. n. n. n. n. adv. n. n.i a. Ukere (1986) Urhobo dje djẹ1 djé2 djẹ3 djídjí1 (ghẹghẹ) djídjí2 djoma dju 2 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS v. n. n. n. peer explanation/description crocodile leopard. n. n. n.i v. v. n.

n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss pounded yam jaw needle injection barrel once used for storing commercial oil for export preparation charm for glorious dance forest jungle ram Bahama grass wrapper worn by men west young man enmity elbow ankle knee funnel massage clothes’ moth chameleon July hoe dance game. n. n. n. n. sewing 7 . n. n. n. n. beating laughter joke. n.O. n. play white sand umbrella fine hidden place waist bat (coitus) sexual intercourse punishment. n.n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo egú égba (ọhwa) egbedé1 (ukoti) egbedé2 egbedi egbémuó égbésásá égbó1 egbo2 egbrí egbru eghanran (okún) éghene éghre éghróbọ éghrówọ éghrúgbo éghwo (ághwo) eghwóro eghwọghwọ éghwughwẹ eghwré eghwro (ọguotọ) éha1 (igbe) éha2 éhapho charha (achicha) eho éhóhó éhún ehuhu ehware éhwé ehwẹ ehwéjé (ódẹn) éhwọrhọ éjíro ejóbi (eje) ékán (éhárhó) ekéré eki ékian ékídia (étídia) (échídia) ekó PoS n. n. n. jest swamp praise all/every abuse act of counting market raffia palm sitting n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. n. quant. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. v. n. n. n. n. n.

n. n. n. n. n. v. n. n. game with 12 holes played with 4 counters each in a hole property togetherness cold fifty Naira (N50) skull shout/exclamation box sand bag/pocket thigh act of dragging insect that builds a shelter of small pieces of wood round itself family bundle dance done mainly by elderly people with the upper part of the body exposed ground yam or plantain used for sacrifice act of plaiting (hair) twine youth gently moon month little food standing solidarity act of carrying act of arresting foodstuff motor-cycle pineapple elephant head-pad hippopotamus charm for the exclusive attention of one's husband or lover act of quitting brightness up/top act of grumbling ascension 8 . n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. prep. quant. n. n. n. n. n. n.n. n.n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ekogho ekó ekuakua ékúgbé ekpahe ekpahọ uje gbẹ iyorin ékpéhruyovwi ékpéré (unuébo) ékpeti ékpé (orhu) ékpo (ékpu) ékpóghówo ekpono ekrirhékrẹbe ékru1 ekru2 ema emare emé1 emé2 éméghene ememerha éméravwe1 éméravwe2 émérha emu (emare) émúdia émúdiágá emuó1 emuó2 emuore enákpukpu (imotosakoro) enanadja eni1 ení2 eniáme (érhén) énivwọvo enó1 énó2 énu (obénu) enuebro énuerá PoS n. n. n. n.p. n. n. n. adv. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss area ayo. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. v.n. warri. n. n. v. n. n.

n. n. n. n. great-great-grandchild reading. n. n. n. n. n. divination urine ringworm language Urhobo name for the Ijọ people and their language native blade dog crushed palm kernel fibre for making fire animal. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss spittle half kobo (½k) [No longer in use] oracle. n. n. n. n.O. n. calling 9 . n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. num. n. num. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo enya epini epha ephẹn ephẹphẹ (ephẹren) éphérẹ1 éphérẹ2 erákive (arẹn) (akive) eráko erán eravwe eré erere eri ériáriẹ eriávọ erivwi ero érurẹ érha erhare1 erhare2 érhe1 érhe2 erherin erhi1 erhi2 érhia (úgbéje) erhié erhirhi (ómóraravwe) erhívwi erhu1 erhún2 erhué1 érhué2 erhuru erhurhu érhuvwu ésan esábọ ésákpa esákpógodi esé PoS n. n. n. n.n. n. n. n. meat kind of mat gain fish knowledge over-feeding land of the dead backbiting dove three fire hell kind of spice yawn ceiling soul/spirit butterfly tale-bearing alligator pepper ant millipede hat barn cow act of bending port refuse dump beauty six bail ant sp. n. n. n. v. n. n. n.

belly pregnancy in (side) shop/store diarrhoea/dysentery abortion recognition act of reaping. harvesting bank roasting rising resurrection dream birth forgiveness coronation bat-like animal somersault palm oil. n. n. n. n. n. contesting redemption grey hair act of falling failure rashes. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. mineral oil 10 . n. n. n. crawcraw devil ward plant used locally for making trays and other things here there watermelon heap bargain breast some stomach. n. n.O. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. prep. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. faith pig sow writing reduction bush pig base sack two hundred Naira (N200) treatment act of struggling for. n. n. n. n. adv. adv. a. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss belief. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo esegbúyóta esi esiáye esió esiónó esirághwá esiri esiso1 esiso2 esivwo1 esivwo2 esívwórhọ esha éshé1 eshé2 eshẹ eshu ete éti etinẹ etíyi éto etu evé evie evo evun1 (úgáva) evun2 evun3 évun4 evuétué evuékpárọ evúghe evuó évurígho (ibanki) evúvwó evré evrénúshi évwérhẹ évwiẹ evwóghóvwo evwómuẹ evwu evwré evwri (ófígbo) PoS n.

n. n. transfer monkey expresses happiness shirt trousers bet guinea grass dedication Ẹẹ ẹba1 ẹban2 ẹbamwá ẹbe ẹbẹgbunu ẹbẹnẹ ébére1 ẹbẹre2 ébérochékọ ẹbiriẹ ẹbo ẹbó échẹ ẹdá ẹdebi ẹdẹ1 ẹdé2 ẹdẹjerọ ẹdéwọ ẹdia ẹdidjana ẹdidjanarode ẹdidjanarotete ẹdiruo ẹdiruorérhá ẹdiruoréné ẹdiruorésósuó ẹdiruorívé ẹdiruoríyórín n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.n. n. n. n. etc. n. n. n. excl. n. n. n. fish sp. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss dew bush clearing palm branch with leaves on act of passing a thread through the eye of a needle.Urhobo Dictionary A. love-play side piece opposite lemon-grass medicine. n. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo evwrú éwán ewavwe ewé (eghwé) ewéne ewéri éwewu éwun éwunráwọ eyá éyareya ezekẹ PoS n. v. place week Sunday Saturday traditional working day Wednesday Thursday Monday Tuesday Friday 11 . charm construction door act of drinking day before traditional market day day act of buying day after tomorrow market day. n. n.O. a day for abstaining from going to the bush for farming residence. n. n. n. n. n. change. nakedness rag leaf lip romance. n. n. n. n. n.

Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss leanness traditional day of abstaining from work and some other activities act of hiding court case masquerade shrine translation feast held by traditional worshippers region of the ribs juggling barren service act of driving defilement conference/meeting/gathering love strength/effort act of embracing coven many towns grouped together abomination resultant effect of committing a forbidden act act of dividing majestic walk castration totality of married women in a given place mat slap burn slipperiness expresses agreement expansion act of waiting palm sole nest bath baptism October no remembrance rust share/portion camel however 12 . n. n. n. n. n. n. v. n. n. p. n. conj. n. n.O. n. n. v. n. n. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ẹdọ ẹdúhrẹ ẹdjávwọ (esióne) édjó1 ẹdjọ2 ẹdjọ3 ẹfá1 ẹfa2 ẹfẹn ẹfré ẹga1 ẹga2 ẹguá1 ẹgua2 ẹguare éguónọ égbá ẹgbánọ égborhá égbórho ẹgha1 ẹgha2 ẹghárọ ẹghóriẹ ẹghwárọ éghweya ẹghwére éghwiẹ1 ẹghwiẹ2 ẹghwóriẹ ẹhẹn ẹhẹrẹ ẹhẹrhẹ éhérhóbọ éhérhówọ ẹho éhó ẹhónímwémwun ẹhwé ẹjo ẹkaruvwiyọ ékegba ékẹ ékẹkẹtẹ ékévuọvo PoS n. n. n. n. a. n. v. n. excl.n.n. n.n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n.

n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n.g.n. n. from crying) act of grinding creeping eight admission. v. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss sourness group act of planting act of packing place where palm nut collectors process the nuts country fool unripe act of lifting postponement answer/reply gratitude.n. n.n. n. n. n. num. n. n.n. v.n. n. n. n. n. visitation realisation four pacification (e. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ẹkiọ ẹko ẹkọ ẹkuá ẹkuedi (okedi) ékuótọ ẹkpa1 ẹkpa2 ẹkpárọ1 ẹkpárọ2 ẹkpávwiyo ékpévwé ẹkpo1 ékpo2 élọhọ ẹmá1 ẹmá2 ẹmiẹmiẹ ẹmó ẹmré ẹmrévúghe éne ẹnérhẹ ẹbi` ẹrán ẹréré ẹreyọ ẹré ẹrẹvwe ẹrió ẹro ẹró ẹruérhié ẹruévwióvwíyọ ẹruévwóte ẹruémré ẹruó ẹrhá1 ẹrha2 (akason) ẹrhẹrhẹ érhóbọ ẹrhóghra ẹrhorho ẹhrovwo ẹsá PoS n. n. v. n. n.O. acceptance levelling tongue act of eating eye act of swallowing civilisation hope supervision prophecy entry flying leopard swimming wrist dislocation (of a bone in the body) leech prayer act of shooting 13 . n. num. v. n. v. n. a.n. v. thanks charm for protection against machete attack swelling charm for easy life act of measuring moulding sweetness production (of fruits) act of seeing. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. v. n.n.

n. n. n. n. n. n.n. n.O. n. n. n. n. n.n. n. breath act of drying bitterness act of begging May struggling for balance. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ẹsánọ ése éseróka ẹsiéfa ẹsió ẹshé ẹshórọ (ekpono) ẹtá ẹtẹrhe ẹto ẹtoégba ẹtórhẹ ẹtórọ ẹtuohoro ẹtuoshọ ẹtuóvwíyọ ẹva1 (ọrhón) ẹvá2 ẹvé1 ẹvẹ2 ẹvwáriẹ ẹvwárọ ẹvwé ẹvwe2 ẹvwé évwẹrẹ ẹvwiáye ẹvwóriẹ1 évwóriẹ2 ẹvwó éwa1 ẹwá2 éwén ẹyá ẹyarọ1 ẹyarọ2 ẹyeórin ẹyéghré PoS n. n.n. n.n. v. v. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss selection gift souvenir later refusal sale act of crawling act of recovering what is used as collateral security pool of water hair beard act of burning act of picking female pubic hair male pubic hair beginning starting alligator butchery act of bending act of belching repetition act of wrapping goat kola nut eczema pot (native) she (nanny) goat fading baby vomit act of swelling collateral security pass mind. n. v. adv. n. n. v. v. staggering 14 . n. n. n.n. v.n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n.n. n. n. n. v.

t serve hold baby in squatting position to ease its defecation and urination firmly.t PoS Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss translate confess cane/whip transport be rich empty differ. Ukere (1986) Urhobo Ff fá1 fa2 fá3 fán4 fe fefe fẹnẹ fi fiá fiunu fobọrhe fon fori fọ (fotoyi) fọrhọ1 fọrhọ2 fu fuefú fré fru v. massive very tall/high worship judge drive frighten bent dissolve destroy weak. id.t a. a.i.i v. id. id. v.i v.t v.t v.t v. love 15 .t adv.O.i v. v.i exp. a.t a. v.t v.t v. v.t v.t v.t v.t v. impatient describes state of flame or heat stout. v. id.t v. id. look for want. sluggish find. id. v.i a. v.t a.t v. well very high very thin eager.t v. differentiate leak split hiss you may return soon (farewell) clean necessary silence wash (clothes) extract liquid from leaves through squeezing quench quiet juggle snatch Gg ga1 ga2 gagán (gan) gegerege géngén gidigidi1 gidigidi2 gidigba gogorogo gọ gu gua (djẹ) gué (guegue) gugunu guọ guọghọ guoguo guọnọ1 guọnọ2 v.t v.Urhobo Dictionary A.t v.

tall or huge shake something like a tin of oil shock GH gh gha ghagháre ghare gheregbe ghevweghe gho ghoro ghọ ghọriẹ ghrẹghrẹ ghroghro v.t v.t v.t a.i v. expensive divide expansive ordinary hoot at hawk entertain walk majestically call someone's name poetically to make it more appealing transparent GHW ghw ghwa ghwaghwó ghware ghwẹ ghwiẹ ghwo ghwoghwo ghworiẹ v.t v.O. v.t v. dear.t v. rule please continue with your meal (sing.i v. forbid costly. a. take along old castrate pack (things) slap exclamation of disappointment/surprise announce slippery 16 .Urhobo Dictionary A. long/tall Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss GB gb gbá gbane gbe1 gbe2 gbegbé gberi gberuo gbẹ gbọn gbogbó gbọgbọrọgbọn gbrogho gbrugho v.t a. v.i a. carry.t v.t excl. v. v. v.t v.i a. v.t a.i a. id.t a.t v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo grogró PoS a.t exp.) cut grass smell rotten very long.t v. v.t tie embrace dance narrate dirty underline.

t v. n.t v.t excl. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ghworo ghworo2 ghwọ ghwọrọ ghwu 1 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS v. n. v.t v. play (e.Urhobo Dictionary A. n.t id. v. expresses sad feelings one's father grandfather hunting maternity home charm for effective wrestling 17 . bottles.t id.i massage rub be angry waste die Hh ha harhe héhé hẹhẹre hẹrhẹ ho họ1 họ2 họhọ huhu hra hrahrahra v.t v.t v. break (of glass. n. v.t v.t v.i v.O. have fun) abuse expresses surprise wide wait fine bathe expresses surprise similar close/shut disorganise/scatter very dry HW hw hwa1 hwá2 hwahwa hwe1 hwé2 hweké hwerhe hwẹ hworhẹ hwrẹhwrẹhwrẹ v.i v. a.t v.g.t v. a. v. n.i v. pay tighten narrow kill.t a.t excl.t excl. etc) punish expresses surprise resulting from fear sweep laugh wash very clean Ii í ibába ibábode ibefí ibẹtẹni ibiabọ excl.

n. n. n. n. n. n. conj. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo íbietá ibósu (abósu) ibọkpọ ibunúku íbrébru (eka) (ila) íbrehe ibrẹro ichíbẹ ichiyi idónọ idọrọ ídu idjagodo idjáhróhró idjé ídjédje idjérhe idjíghere idjo (ighóró) idjogbá ifada ifiaro ífikiré ifio (oghwa) ifo ifotó ifó igábọ (ákoko) igarí igé igede igedú ígógérha ígógéne ígógó igogono (ikoroba) igóvinẹ íguégu igbe igberadja (ónóshóhọ) ígbẹro igbéyi (igbéhẹn) (omaruwevwi) PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. during dancing) work or something done in return for the same gesture picture waterleaf shoulder garri Indian hemp drum timber triangle square angle bucket governor gossip Urhobo traditional religion prostitute n. wall 18 .g. n. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. eyebrow n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss alphabet red poplin mosquito net skirt tribal marks mud second (of time) five kobo (5k) footprint word used in reference to money mostly in the olden days cupboard cocoyam kerosene tin mumps game played by young girls in which they clap hands and jump example road bicycle horn raffle/gambling Roman Catholic Father scorn because (of) money or material given to a person in appreciation of a good performance (e. n.O. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.

n. n. n. n. num. fifteen num. num. n. num. num. n. n.O. num. n.000) mango mermaid machine table 19 . n. n. twelve covenant candle buttocks hide-and-seek stilt dance cocoa mattress cloud bangle made of elephant tusks stammer crayfish story drum towel (soya) beans zinc shelf melon duck kerosene trillion (1. num. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n.000. n. num. n.000. n. fourteen num. n.000. Ukere (1986) Urhobo igbo igbunegbú igbunu ígho1 ígho2 íghorofán íghwré íhwe íhwegbẹ ésan íhwe gbẹ érere íhwegbẹ íghwré íhwegbẹ írhirin íhwérhá (íhwegbẹérha) íhwéné (íhwegbẹéne) íhwiórí (íhwegbẹíyorin) íhwívé (íhwegbẹívẹ) íjí ikadoro ikebe ikenekene íkeníke ikoko ikonosha íkoro1 (idadeghe) íkoro2 ikọkọ íku1 íkun2 ikurú ikpachá íkpákpáne ikpámáku ikpekpa ikpógri ikpukpuyẹkẹ ikrasi íma imágoro imamiwọta imashini iméjẹ (eméjé) (ikpekparọre) PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. num. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss Urhobo name for the Igbo people and their language armed robber mystery money milk teeth (of babies) transport fare seven ten sixteen eighteen seventeen nineteen thirteen num. n. n.

desk n. n. n. faeces 20 . n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss cassava minute (of time) termite excommunication assurance cattle charm for love pigeon file one's mother grandmother today dirt pot (imported) button beans (white) radio rubber tree. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. also used in addressing a group of people cigarette star foreign land special bed designed for a bride on circumcision soldier excreta.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. num. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. carpenter's implement camwood amen proverb East.O. n. n. n. n. n. stool. n. rubber thought rice activity job handiwork manual work presence pepper nine Urhobo name for the Itsekiri people and their language liver mode of dressing shoe sardine saw. Ukere (1986) Urhobo iméjẹróghwrọrọ (eméjẹrọghwrọrọ) imidaka (eraka) iminiti ímíphopho ímu ímuẹró ináma (imelu) inehweri inékuku inémẹ (igbefia) inéne inénode inónẹ ínú ipóto ipọtó íre (esha) iredio (agboro) iróba iroro irósu íruéru íruo íruobọ íruorugbóbọ irháro irhíbo (isíbo) írhirin írhóbo irhue irhuó isabato isáma isara iséné isẹ1 isé2 isí isigáti ísio isiórho isírógbo isódje (isoja) ísọ PoS n. n.

n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ísuésu isuéta ísha ísháshá ishéne (ushéne) ishéne íhwe ishéne íyorin ishuáwúsá ítába itáson itetebe ité telẹvishọn (ekpetiughe) itiani itiró itomátosi itonotono (itatono) itọshi itú itutu ívévé ívẹ iviẹwa ivuémióvwó ívwirhi ivwo ívwori ivworhíya ivwughẹ ivwri1 ivwri2 ivwríte íwurhie íyáko íyáwọ íye1 iye2 iyési iyẹnrẹn iyésiri iyori1 iyori2 íyorin3 izẹn PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. num. n. n. n. n. excl. n. n. n. n. n. num. administration cardigan beans (brown) black pepper ten kobo (10k) one Naira (N1) fifty kobo (50k) bedbugs tobacco pot (imported) water lettuce parable-like statement television Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss blanket black eyeliner substance used by women as cosmetic on the eyes tomato turkey torch mushroom fungus promise two guarantor annoyance smoke bud stream tapioca foam fat ants that build their nest beneath the leaves scrotum ash gum (teeth) soldier ant sacrifice word for appreciating an ideal situation horse news gospel curse oath five strawberry 21 . n. n.

next.t count v.t conj. deep 22 .t sew exp.t v. daily exp. any kind adv. counterfeit (of money) n.Urhobo Dictionary A.i listen v.t v.t lock v. by exp. a. response of kings and chiefs to the greetings and praise-singing of their subjects adv. precise or required amount prep. as/like v.O. before v. adv.t sit int. v.t v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo izẹbu izóbo PoS a. offering Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss Jj jẹ1 jé2 jẹ3 jé4 ji jiro jokpa nẹ joma jomaótọ1 jomaótọ2 jovwo v. v. at all v.t scratch v. near. together a.t conj. what else conj. all kinds.i remember n. adv.t give adv. everyday. till tomorrow/goodnight id.i choose let speak yet send praise unless almost be careful carefully leave off Kk kada kákán (phiéphié) kare1 kare2 karovwiyọ kasakasa kere kerhọ ke kẹdẹkẹdẹ kédófa kẹkẹrẹkẹ kẹré késiéfa kẹsiéye (távwe) kidia (tidia) (chidia) kídié kíré ko kódẹ (tódẹ) kokakoka koko kokódo1 exp. anywhere v. till another time/goodbye conj. till another day/goodbye adv.

v.t adv.t adv.O. v.t v.i a.t v.i a.i v.Urhobo Dictionary A. a. vomit about/on lift postpone quickly answer/reply knit high shout peel till dawn (staying awake) shallow be grateful to fold shake worry/trouble fresh/new drag crawl low deflect dry lumpy 23 . v.t v. tight anybody anything every town every word plant always.t v.t deeply firmly. pron.i v.t adv.t v. n. v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo kokódo kókórókó kohwokohwo kóravwọkóravwọ korhokorho kotakota kọ kọkekọke kọre ku kua kueki kuere (muogba) kugbé kuomagbe krénkrén kri kru 2 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS adv. v.t conj.t v. anytime pluck pour pack (property) depreciate in value fence and unite piecemeal keep long assemble (of things) KP kp kpa (geri) kpahe (kpa) kpare1 kpare2 kpatakpata kpavwiyọ kpé kpénu kperi (bunu) kpẹn kpẹkpẹrẹkpẹ kpẹkpẹvwiẹ kpẹvwẹ kpirhi kpogho kpokpo (naghe) kpókpọ kpono1 kpono2 (shọrọ) kpótọ kpó1 kpọ2 kpọnọkpọnọ v. n. v. adv.t v.t a.t adv.i v.t v.t a. v. pron.t prep.t v. v.t v. v. v.

v. a.Urhobo Dictionary A.i v. v.t v.t v. v.t v.t adv.t exp.t v. feign mine/my I squeeze take sweet I am on my knees (greeting from a junior person to a senior or more elderly one) ugly spoil I greet the gathering (before and after making a speech) borrow produce carry arrest be afflicted (e.t make wet adv.t v. v. int.t measure mould well writhe especially. suddenly. unexpectedly Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss Mm má1 ma2 mamọ manọ marho mavó me meru mé mí1 (mé) mi2 mie miẹmiẹ míguẹ miomiovwi miovwi misiẹguare momo mọ mu1 mu2 mu3 mudia muegbe muodẹ mrẹ mrẹvughe mrobọ (mruvwẹ) mwa v.t v. get ready give name see realise find time.i adv.t v.t v.t v. get a chance to press (of fruit) 24 .g. Ukere (1986) Urhobo kpọrhọ kprégédé PoS v.i v.t a.i v.a. by sickness or disease) stand prepare.i poss.i v. exp. v. pron.t v.O. particularly how plait pretend.

pour a drop at a time soft greasy. adv. dem.t the properly this/these now. behind 25 . v. n. n. dem.t a. n.O.t v.t press v. forward basket black (used in some contexts as biebi) what left hand this side.t prep. a. v.i hear Oo óba obáro (aro) obere obiebi obo obóhwẹre (obágobọ) obónẹ obótọ (ótọ) obóyi obọ1 obọ2 obọde obórhe obọúnu obọvo (ẹsiẹvo) obúko n. just now excrete. pron.t v. sharpen drip.t v. pass out faeces follow from pacify look shine ask grind. n. n. prep. dem. n. there hand recently intact right hand I am at table once back. adv. exp. a.i v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo Nn (LI) na nabe nana nánánáná ne nené nẹ nẹrhẹ ni no nọ1 nó2 nónó1 nọnọ2 nọnọnọ nuvie art. adv. here under that side.t to use cutlass on v.t v.t v. oily open (locked object only) PoS Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss NY ny nyavwe nyẹ nyo v. v. a. adv. end front.Urhobo Dictionary A.

n.000) million (1. adv. a. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo obruche ochá oché (ẹtéyọ) ocheremu ochẹ óchíbẹ oda (ágáda) (ọpia) odemuo odẹ1 ódẹ2 ódẹrówarena (ódẹrókporina) ódi1 odi2 odín3 odibo1 ódíbó2 odiodi odo1 ódó2 ódódó odóvá odú odúduíma odúdúrú oduvwiro odja1 ódjan2 ódjádja odjávwọ odjephia odjidjiro odjigbẹ1 odjigbẹ2 odjiko odju (avwẹrẹ) (aphopho) odjúvwú ofán ófe1 ófe2 ofénẹ ofi ofiá ofovwi PoS n. n. n.000. n. n. n.g. n. num. n. as part of a book) cold (in some contexts as = djidjiro) yellow bush-yam long slender cutlass used for grass cutting mat made of raffia palm wind/air heaven transport yam-beetle tuberculosis difference smallpox lie war 26 . n. zero. n. n. adviser wedge blow cook water pot eunuch cutlass/machete naming. n.000) goldsmith soap hookworm pain secret exhibition. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. num. n.000. adv. n. name-giving name tomorrow yesterday Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss deaf-mute grass even servant banana nought. n.O. n. n. n. nothing fever big mortar flower nickname one hundred thousand (100. n. num. introduction (e. n. n. n. a. n.000) billion (1000.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n.

n. n.g. n.g. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ógága ogebene ógẹ ogiribo ogodẹ ogoro ogue oguefia (ovwọrefia) ógba1 ogbá2 ógbe ogbere ogbeyin (arirhiri) ógbẹnẹ ógbo ogbóko ógborígbo (ọwọrhọn) ogborhuane (okokoroko) ogbọ ogbọnọ ogbú ogha (ogaga) oghare oghẹrúvo óghóghori oghoremu oghọ oghọre oghresi oghriki oghwá1 óghwa2 oghwara1 oghwara2 oghwévwri (oghwófígbo) oghwó (irhibo) oghwókpo ogrogro oha ohahe oheri óhéhẹre PoS n. n. n. n. spear) division afternoon lizard hawker branch hook mouse tree sp. n. a.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. ‘iguana’ n. n. pig) gourd oil soap soup toad tall. load stall castrated animal (e. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss power dish pimple stormy rain sheep frog ‘robin’ [no robins in Nigeria] liar fence iron quarter poverty tortoise eel python distance monitor lizard. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. long (in some contexts = grogro) mockery silk-cotton tree heat width 27 . n. n. tree felling stage in the preparation of farm land bullet warrior long instrument with barbs used for killing fish (e. n. n. n. n. n. cock n.O. n.

n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. chairman friend asset boat/canoe boat used locally for production of palm oil aeroplane ship coffin motor vehicle raft necessity federal togetherness owl 28 . n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss worm vagina neck fight skin disorganisation rat harmattan ghost fisherman person each other human being suffering yam stick thief chain type/kind mark crop masquerade birth mark gun-shot wardrobe Urhobo name for the Yoruba people and their language tailor frog sp. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ohori óhoró ohọre ohọnre óhórọ óhra ohro (erawevwi) ohwahwa ohwérivwi ohwiyeri ohwó ohwóhwó ohwórákpọ oja1 ojá2 oji ojọrọ oka1 óka2 ókákọ ókao ókarerivwi okárọ1 okárọ2 oke okemwa okere okidiagbara (ochidiagbara) óko (ugbeya) (ọsẹ) okó1 okọ2 okọrédi okọrénu (ẹrupleni) okọrérháre (okuna) okọrórivwi (ékpetiórivwi) okọrótọ (imóto) okọrúhọphe okuba okugbé1 okugbé2 okukuji (okpurhukpurhu) PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. a. n. n. n. n.

n. n. itself pleasure. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. herself. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. pron. headtie/headscarf Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo okuogho (uriọfọ) (onẹso) (ọvwauyovwi) okpa1 ókpa2 okpagha okpahọvo okpakpa okpému1 okpému2 okpetú (ógbarógba) okpohrókpo ókrẹkrẹ okri (ẹkpro) oma1 (ugboma) óma2 omagáre omamẹ omámọ1 omamọ2 (uvi) omaohwó omarávwáre omaráyen omarowan (omarovwan) omaróyen omavwerhovwẹ omawẹn omédje omékuogbe omérovwo omeru omévwuo omécha omédja omériọ omévuọ omévwárhọ omévwávwọ omévwọvwọ (ovwọvwọvwe) omíragua ómógodẹ ómoko ómókri (émékpro) PoS n. pron. n. extraordinary thing that beats imagination trouble lion shortness he (billy) goat body/self image how are you? myself fruit best/special oneself ourselves themselves yourselves himself. n. gladness. pron.O. n. calabash hand-woven wrapper as thick as blanket oil-bean tree two Naira (N2) haste big hawk strange thing. pron. int. n. pron. n. n. n. n. joy yourself introduction unity holiday pretence pomposity protection harshness jealousy shame struggling competition disgrace mister (Mr. n. n. n. n. pron. n. pron. n. a. n. n.) lamb parrot young he-goat 29 . n.

n. n. int. n. p. n. n. relation infant plate (unbreakable) arbitrary act skill question race mother stepmother in-law (female) master mother/sister in-law brother/sister programme syllabus who (sing. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.n. n. n.) cat sea-god leader chief commissioner/minister spectator dance face whistle pepper soup mudfish sore stomach ulcer bracelet necklace thing/something hare feast plea sight pomade food made of corn pus August palm tree corpse funeral gold 30 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss . n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ómóni ómótete ómozé omurú oná ónánó (onọ) ónẹ óni óniáruakpọ óniáye onini óniorọvwe óniọvo oniru oniyono óno ónógbo Ólókú onorí ólórógun onótu onughe ópiri opháro óphiọrọ óphopho (irhiberhare) óphọrọ ora oraévun óraóbọ óraóhọre órávwọ orere orẹ1 órẹ2 orémré orí1 óri2 orin3 oriaren órié orivwi orivwiéshó óro1 PoS n. n. n. n. n. n.

n. n. n. n.O. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo oró ororigho orọvwe órua oruchó orugbá orukérí orukugbé orukuruku orumwemwu orúrú órhá orhare órhére orhérẹn orhérhé orhẹ orhié orhirhi orho (órere) órhóma órhó órhua orhuẹ1 orhué2 orhuẹre órhuéro osa1 osa2 ósáye osébro oseghe óseri ósé osévwe (eheri) osi osiẹbe osio osioruru (álẹ) osivwohwo osọnọ osuigodẹ oshenyé óshó1 oshọ2 2 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. prep. wasp accountant marriage extended family crime completion revenge co-operation corruption sinner thread witchcraft well midwife reverend (Rev. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.) cricket abdomen verdict electric fish town surrounding ear deer madness hunter catfish blind person debt salary payment made as compensation for defiling another man's wife deposit contest witness scale fashionably dressed for an occasion stroke secretary rain spider saviour anguish shepherd oppression penis fear 31 . n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.

n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss louse speech/word outside poem tumbler small leprosy ground/down meaning longevity majority/group of people scolding window king/traditional ruler queen cry message plank bead (in general) sleep measles shade poor person leather clay laziness deceit south evening anger co-wife brief period of sunshine in the rainy season (August break) mosquito bush mango fishpond hunger work catarrh leg cough walk/movement garden egg begging circumcision white man 32 . n. n. n.O. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo oshu otá ótáfe (uphẹphẹ) otáríroro otebene (égo) ótete otí (irigbẹyi) ótọ1 ótọ2 otóvwe otu óva ovákpó ovie ovieraye óvié óvuẹ ovwavwa óvwarha ovwerhẹ ovwi óvwie ovwiégbére ovwié1 ovwién2 ovwiẹrẹ ovwiévwe ovwoó óvwọvwọ ovwu óvwrovwro ówáre ówe1 owe2 owẹ owẹvwe ówia ówórhi owọ ówọrhe óyan oyao oyare oyavwe óyibó PoS n. n. n. n. n.

n. n. n. n. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss mulatto/albino boldness rudeness okay/good teacher professor beautiful (in some contexts = yoyovwi) sugar basin murderer roughness. n. it blood book newspaper letter dictionary calendar certificate/receipt palm nuts collector charm for longevity doctor (medical/traditional) young thing/offspring young.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. she. n. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. trouble making Ọọ ọ (o) ọbara ọbe ọberíyẹnrẹn ọberóvuẹ ọberófeta ọberúkeri ọberúseri ọbẹrokpa ọbiúyovwi ọbo ọbóba1 ọbóba2 ọboepha ọboériáriẹ ọboimwu (ọboihuvwu) óboine ọbuwevwi ọchó ọchuko ọchuyovwi ọda ọdafe ọdávwẹ ọdavwiní1 ọdavwiní2 ọdemu ódọ ọdja pron. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. n. n. n. tender oracle man doctor (academic) pharmacist singer architect hip helper pillow paint rich person interest/desire examination temptation customer larvae of beetle sweat 33 . he. Ukere (1986) Urhobo óyibótọ (obobo) oyivwi1 oyivwi2 (aruéyivwo) oyóma oyono oyonorode oyoyovwi oyubu ozé ózighé ozighi PoS n. a.

n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. strong. n. n. hard (in some contexts = gagan) diabetics idol worshipper ladle in-law (male) bottle pit Christian raffia palm palace town hall driver hero thirty horn glutton drunkard dear/precious God respect/honour virginity elephant grass centipede cheating reporter charm for protection against gun shot gathering farmer old age waste slope gecko 34 . a. n. p. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss another fornication translator tilapia comb tick white (in some contexts = fuanfo) disease/sickness sir/boss animal track crab tough. n. a. n. n.O. n. n. n. n. num. n. n. n.n. n. n. n. n. n. a. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ófa ọfarhiẹ ọfeta ọfé ọfẹto ófo ọfuanfo ọga1 (emiavwe) ọgá2 ọgán3 (ogén) ọgadiẹ ọgagan ọgarephẹn ọgẹdjọ ọgẹrobọ (urárá) ógọ1 ọgó2 ọgọdọ ọgọghẹnẹ ọgọrọ ọguá1 ọguá2 ọguimoto ógbá1 ógban2 ọgban3 ógbóre ógbúdi óghágháre Óghẹné (osonobrughwẹ) ọghọ1 ọghọ2 ọghọrọgbọdọ ọghrẹrẹ ọghware ọghweta óghwéfia ọghwékoko ọghwérẹ ọghwo ọghwọrọ ọghwrọrọ ọhẹrhuwevwi PoS pron. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n.

int. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss fowl sense hen heavy (in some contexts = họhọhọ) chieftaincy title shrew dung-beetle tadpole eye pain like "Apollo" left-handed person gun toothache disrespect corn. n. n. n. n. n. adv. bushfowl n. present corner thickness senior pincers brassière piles walking stick bamboo namesake squirrel-like animal fish box/refrigerator 35 . n. n. n. n. n. n. n. adv. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. crops etc) rainy season sometimes dry season village gift parcel. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ọhohowa (ọhọaghwa) óhọ1 ọhó2 óhọáye ọhọhọhọ ọhọvwọre óhróware ọhwarhisọ ọhwẹre1 (igbrigbririn) ọhwẹre2 óhwẹróbọ óhwúnu ọja ọjẹfia óka1 ọkán2 ọkakúro ọkaórho ọkarekọ ọke1 ọké2 (okpé) ọkefiọke ọkeghọrọ ọkevó ọkẹre ọkiévwiẹ ọkiorhọ ọkiósio ọkiọvo ọkiúvo ọkó1 (ighwre) ọko2 ókókó ọkpá ọkpáko ọkparibibẹ ọkparivie ọkpo ọkpó1 ọkpó2 ókpọ3 ọkpóbia ókpórho PoS n. n. n. n. a. maize sunbird chieftaincy title title normally given to the oldest man in a town woodpecker time miserliness occasionally kingfisher when tide/flood birthday harvest season (of yams.

n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. a. n. n. shrine visitor/stranger bachelor 36 . n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. woman having children native. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ókpórhorórivwi ókpórhoróbara ọkrẹkrẹ óméro ọmiọvwọ ómótọ ómó ómọbóba ómọfófa ómọkpáko ómómare ómọráruakpọ ómọrovie ómọróriọka ómósẹ ómóshare ómótẹ (ọgbọtọ) (ọkọkọ) ómótobẹ ómótógbẹ ọmraro ómwa ọnégbáge ọnéki ọné ọnókpa ónya ọnyẹ1 ọnyé2 ọnyẹnyé ónyọ ọpuọpuọ ọre1 ọre2 ọrémuọghọkẹ ọriéda (azẹ) ọriẹ ọrígbẹ (evuén) órígbo ọriọka ọrobiebi ọrovwori ọrhá ọrhárha ọrháre PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. indigene child baby bushbaby first born old person stepchild prince. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss mortuary blood bank short (in some contexts = krẹkrẹ) pupil (of eye) nursing mother. n. n. n. n. n. princess bastard half brother/sister boy girl spinster old married woman who returns to her father's compound to stay prophet soldier fish wrapper trader yam policeman lobster incubus weight sardine bee ray (fish) tsetse fly meal honourable witch/wizard arrogance porcupine bitterleaf weaver bird cobra lord idol.

odour native chalk plantain security guard (be it day or night) tale-bearer/traitor growth sieve hot lover upper wrapper (of the two) worn by women plate (breakable) father stepfather gorilla (also powerful person) hospital hawk father/brother in-law straight full. n. n. n. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. n. n. n. n. a. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. adv. n. n. n. n. n. num. a. n. n. n. n. adv. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. complete main part of a street main part of a town humpback man husband squirrel charm for effective blow spokesman miser pattern of wrapper worn by men slave one only certain January same one by one/step by step bride wise man young palm frond food prepared without salt backbiter puff adder viper free 37 . Ukere (1986) Urhobo ọrhe órhe2 ọrhẹ (ọdẹ) ọrhẹrotọ ọrhierhia ọrho ọrhoghwo ọrhorhorho (ọtuabọ) ọse ọscba ọséte ósẹ ósẹráruskpọ ọsia ọsipíto ọso ósorọvwe ọsoso1 (ovwiọvwiọ) ọsoso2 ọsosuáda ọsuere ósúke óshare (ọhworhare) óshareórọvwe ọtan ọtishé ọtota ọtọke (ọtokpẹ) ọtọrọ ọvié ọvo1 óvo2 ọvo3 óvuikpe ọvuọvo1 ọvuóvó2 ọvwá ọvwághware óvwáre óvwe1 ọvwe2 ọvwéro ọvwerhotọ ọvwẹ1 ọvwé2 1 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS n. n. n. n.

pron. adv. her or it messenger treasurer housemaid Pp paparapa patapata pépé pépé1 pẹpé2 pẹtẹpẹtẹ piápiá piọpiọpiọ potokri pọkọpọko pueké puépué puéché puépué a. n.t a. n. a. n.O. n. n. confusionist fornicator stammerer selfish person. n. n. a. n. n. exp. a. n. adv. n. a. a. one who has greed for others' food or things person without helper bird enemy priest statement that tends to examine an issue in alternative manner person who circumcises women him.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. a. v. a nuisance vagabond coward non witch or wizard rough person. n. flat anyhow throbbing quietly pet watery state of not being ripe pointed (sharp tip) Portuguese person robust massive clean sluggish over-ripe or overcooked 38 . Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss lazy person rascal. a. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ọvwiẹrẹ ọvwísusu ọvwósoghoro ọvwóshọ ọvwóvwa ọvwózighi ọvwófarhiẹ ọvwọrikọkọ ọvwúrhuru ọvwúvwohwo óvwra ọvwréghrẹ ọwára ọwẹnẹwẹnẹ ọyavwemetẹ (ọyaọvwa) óye ọyikọ ọyọrigho ọyọrọmọ PoS n. a.

t part. a. widen (of something) cave in (e.t v. v. of pit) jump blow smoke gentle not clearly Rr rare ravware rayen re reghereghe rere rérhá résáa reyọ rẹ1 ré2 réné rérére résosuọ riakpọ riariẹ rié riérié rioriorio ríghwré ríhwé ririe rírhiri rívé ríyorin ro rode roro rovwo rowán (rovwán) rọ v.a.t v. a. PoS Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss urinate expand. v. a.t lick our their eat indefinite in order to. v.t a.t poss. a.a. a. v. a.t v. a.Urhobo Dictionary A. add forget your (coll.i v.t poss.t ideo.) swallow 39 . v. conj.t a. adv.t a. poss. so that third sixth take beg/plead of fourth eighth first enjoy round wipe lure.i v.t v. v.O. Ukere (1986) Urhobo PH ph phẹ1 phẹn2 phẹn3 pho phopho1 phopho2 phorophoro1 phorophoro2 v. v. v.t a.t a. a.t v.g. entice smooth seventh tenth tickle ninth second fifth enter big think.a. a.i v.

t v.t v.t v.t a.t v. its do/make poison/bewitch co-operate Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss RH rh rhá1 rha2 rhare rharhe rhẹ rhẹriẹ rhẹrhẹ rhie rhiririn rhívwi (hirhe) rho rhoma rhovwo rhọ rhọghọ rhọvwe rhuẹ rhurhu v.t v.t marry his.t poss.t v.t v. v.i v.t unite fly paint bore (hole) filter turn swim open non-stop.t v.i v.t v.t v.t v.a. Ukere (1986) Urhobo rọvwọ rọyen ru rua rukugbe PoS v. so as to at once 40 . shoot burst. a.t v.t conj. break open explosively select different smart read refuse call believe dress (for an occasion) write pull so that.Urhobo Dictionary A.i v. adv.t v.i v.i v. continuously return parboil (of fish or meat halfway) again bite rain lay (egg) agree/accept bend (down) cover Ss sa1 sa2 sane sánsán sasasa se1 se2 sé3 segbúyóta sẹ (heri) si1 si2 siẹné (rere) siévuóvo (rharhiri) v.t adv.t v.i v.t v. v. v. v.t adv.i v.O. her.i v.

Ukere (1986) Urhobo sivwi sivwi2 so1 so2 sobọ su suesú 1 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS v. v. word to chase away domestic animals fall fail oppress lie far sell bury kneel down crawl capsize expresses surprise Tt ta1 tá2 (chá) téri tẹ tighitighi titi tivọ torhẹ tọ1 tọ2 tọre tu tue tuó tuvwiyọ v.i v.O.t v.t v.t talk/say word for rebuking enough fall out of grace.t v.t v.t v.t v.t a. escort sticky SH sh shá she1 she2 shenyé sherhẹ shesheri shẹ shi shiguẹ shórọ shu Shuo! excl. v. be famous where burn dig live long pick summon purge chew begin/start 41 . a. treat contest.t v.t v. to be without honour tangled state be renowned.i id.Urhobo Dictionary A. struggle for tap sing shake hand lead.i v. v.i int.i v.i v.t v.t v.t a.i v.t exp.t v.i excl.i v.t v. v.t v. v.

n. n. n. wine grasscutter. PoS Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss bone wing seed charcoal. b. n. soot tooth emphatic word for dark complexion rib palm-nut kidney angle stone mudfish sp. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. etc. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo Uu ubeku ubékpe úbi1 ubí2 úbiáko úbiébi úbiédada úbiédi úbiéhú úbiényẹ úbiérágha (úbiúkuta) úbieri úbígho úbióhoró ubiota ubiotako ubiotaupho úbiówọ úbiri úbiúdú úbiúgbo úbiupho úbiúrhe úbivie úbívun ubuara úbrésiso ubrevwiẹ úbro úbrótọ úbrúwevwi úchébro uché uchere uchivwo úchúkówọ úchuku uchunu udene (ódókó) udi1 údí2 udiáme (ọgọrọ) n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. c. cowry clitoris letter (a. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. cane-rat palmwine 42 . n.O. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n.) consonant vowel ball by the ankle spear heart knee cap Adam's apple stick coral bead intestine handwoven wrapper worn by elders hundred Naira (N100) last born half state room advice quantity cookery pillar heel stump amount male agama lizard drink. n. n.

n. n. broken earthenware seed-yam for planting bone between the knee and the ankle arm caterpillar speed child belt single wrapper worn by unmarried girl across back mouth spectacle mirror outskirts of a town or village foolishness period set aside for a woman to sleep with her husband watch. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. adv. n. n. n. n. charisma chimpanzee cork riddle chest anxiety energetic Urhobo dance farm trap fingernail sole rash peace balcony fish-trap eagle bend shock game of children involving jumping on the ground simultaneously ladder mountain/hill gonorrhoea age-group pen. n. n. clock salt 43 . n. n. n. biro pencil potsherd.O. n. n. adv. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. pencil pen. n. n. biro. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo údídẹ udidi údiéweri (okpe) udió (orhá) údo údú úduébro udje údjú (óghweri) úfí úfífobọ úfiówọ úfuomá ugana (ibara) úgé ugo úgúgunu uguegue úgba úgbáda ugbakana (agbada) ugbenu ugbére ugbévwiẹ ugbẹ ugbẹáme ugbẹóyaya úgbévwére ugbí ugbo ugbóbọ ugbogbo úgbónẹ ugbọmo úgbọvó úgbugberi ugbuko (uko) ugbunu (unu) ughé ughegbe úghére úghéghẹ ughẹn ughọjọ (unọke) ughwaka PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss earthworm dignity. n. n. n.

n. num. n. n. n. n. between spiny part of the palm tree containing the leaves navel shadow sugar-cane eleven twenty theft hundred sixty seventy fly-whisk.O. object made of the tail of the horse used for decoration or dancing eighty ninety forty fifty hump. n. n. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. num. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ughweri ughwu ughwru úgrógro uhéréviáso uhérévie úhóhi1 uhohi2 úhoho úhwerhe úhwóvó (ihwegbẹọvo) uje uji ujórin ujórha ujórhagbẹihwe újọ ujóne ujónegbẹihwe ujúvẹ ujúvẹgbẹihwe uke1 uke2 ukéké ikeri úké ukécha úkérékpẹ ukẹun úkó ukodo ukókó1 ukoko2 ukokódia ukoni ukori úkówọ úkọ ukókóghọ ukópa (ikọbọ) úkọvwá úku ukujẹrẹ PoS n. num. hunch style in Urhobo wrestling piece of stick used for setting trap number egg help brick potash cup food prepared with meat and yam or plantain together (mixed grill) association/society (tobacco) pipe coconut palm kitchen lump top of the foot misfortune small calabash used for storing medicine one kobo (1k) bridesmaid heritage spoon 44 . n. n. n. num. n. n. n. num. n. n. num. n. n. n. n. n. prep. num. n. n. num. n. num. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss native salt death boundary length midnight middle. n.

n. n. n. n. n. n. rock n. n. worriedness lame person broom used in sweeping open places like compound while standing pothole gutter pepper fruit committee cucumber sack used to squeeze water out of ground cassava destruction boil cottage belt used by women sin belt drug song bunch of palm-nuts oak [no oak trees in Nigeria] bunch of plantains hole slander tribe quarrel nipple nostril entrance/gate anus scar nail cane/whip throat flesh 45 . n. n. grinding stone n. n. n. n. n. ukpe1 úkpe2 (éhwá) úkpébó ukpéré ukperi úkpokpo (ókónọ) úkpókpógho úkpokpomá ukpono1 ukpono2 (úhwérhe) ukpotọ úkpọkẹre úmáko umẹ1 úmé2 umi úmióvwo úmuému (úrubé) úmuwevwi umwamwa umwemwu umwáyá umwu (uhuvwu) une unédi unó (ulóhó) unórhẹ unu unuémióvwo unuéphérẹ unuékó unurévie unurúwén unúrhoro únúsọ úpé upéré (ubíbẹ) úphiáphiá uphó1 úpho2 PoS n. n. n. n. n. n. n.O. n. n. n. prep. n. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss back yard bile year bed white poplin instead of scandal missile disturbance problem. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. Ukere (1986) Urhobo ukúta ukútarírhibo (onanọ) úkúwevwi úkpavwre . n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n.

n.O. n. num. n. n. n. n. n. num. n. n. Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss feather totality vein two hundred three hundred one thousand six hundred seven hundred handkerchief eight hundred nine hundred glory spice variety four hundred five hundred mile/kilometre behaviour rope December tree law river queue destiny finger toe September morning fox mortar gum tree sp. n. n. n. num. num.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. num. n. home mangrove sp. n. n. n. num. n. n. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo úphóro úre úrié urí urí gbẹ ujórin uriórin uriórha iriórha gbẹ ujórin uriọdja urióne urióne gbẹ ujórin uriri úririẹ urívẹ urívẹ gbẹ ujórin úróko úruému úruhré (úfí) urúrúvwen úrhé úrhi urhié úrhié urhévwe úrhióbọ úrhiówọ urhiórin úrhiọke úrhirako urho1 (udo) urhó2 urhuẹ (ogbẹ) úrhúghweri úrhukpẹ (úkpẹ) urhuru1 urhuru2 úrhúrhu urhúvwu usa úsábọ úságuẹ úse úseki úsekpe úseri PoS n. num. n. num. lamp/light selfishness voice tail street ring scratch groundnut call charm for business promotion snail proof. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. num. n. n. n. evidence 46 . n. n.

n. n. n. fame line starch key jigger charm for wealth company government middleman (within the context of marriage) okra twenty kobo (20k) grave November axe steel orange pestle three kobo (3k) north scissors hut bunch of palm-nuts from which the nuts had been removed charm that exposes someone to hatred onion floor parlour paddle real kingdom sun. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. prep. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. n. sunshine bedroom calf wickedness mourning reluctance pork chance generation fart. n. Ukere (1986) Urhobo usi úsi2 usí3 úsiavwrẹ usigá usigho usú úsuo usuọvwa úshavwo usheneuwámwá ushi úshọvó ushurhe utéhru útiẹ (ọsa) utohri utóró utú utudjéru (itijoro) útughẹ utunédi útuomá ututa útúwevwi1 (ótọrúwevwi) útúwevwi2 uví1 úvi2 uvie uvo (ọren) úvun uvuówọ uvumwemwu uvweri uvwerhi úvwési (ipóko) úvwẹ uvwiẹ1 úvwié2 uvwiéreri uvwré uvwróvwró uvwrọmọ úwén1 1 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS n.O. n. n. n.Urhobo Dictionary A. n. n. n. n. n. foul air through the anus shoal midst crevice grandchild nose 47 . n. n. n. n. n. n. a.

n.i v. n. n.t v.t v.Urhobo Dictionary A.g. n. n. v. v. n. school n. n.t v. n. hardship n.t v.O. n. n. appreciation moat fly mask lesson truth head theme antelope Vv va1 vá2 ve vẹ1 vé2 vẹn3 (gunu) vẹrhe vie viẹ vo vó vu vué vughe vuvwu vrẹ v.g.t adv. n.t int. house library bungalow errand big fish-trap church prison shrine greeting.i scold butcher. n. break into parts (e. water out of well) which uproot tell know/recognise roast rise 48 . n. n. thorn n. n.t v.t prep.t v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo úwe úwéré uwerúyóno (isukuru) uwevwi uwevwiẹbe uwevwiótọ uweyi úwén uwéga (ishọshi) uwódi uwórha úyérén1 uyere2 úyé úyédjọ úyóno úyóta uyovwi úyovwióta úzo (akora) 2 Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss PoS n. n.t v.t v. kola-nut) bargain disperse (of a crowd) with bend before suck cry draw (e. v.

i v. v.Urhobo Dictionary A. pron.t v.t v.i PoS Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss revoke word that relates to the state of a person or thing wrap repeat struggle red light weigh sleep delicious me within.i v. a.t int. overtake.t id.t v.) (coll. v. v.a.) you (obj.) you (sing.t v. prep. transfer please continue with your meal (coll. v.t v.i you (coll. pron. id. poss.) pass (examination) outstrip.i a. v. Ukere (1986) Urhobo VW vw vwá1 vwa2 vware vwarié vwarhe vwavware vwavwarhe (ghéghé) vwavwe vwerhẹ vwevwerhe vwẹ1 (mẹ) vwé2 vwẹghẹvwẹghẹ vwẹre vwi vwié1 vwiẹ2 vwiọvwiọ vwirhi vwiyẹ vwó1 (vwó) vwọ2 vwọvwe vwu vwre vwrẹ vwro vwru v.t id.) you (obj.) (sing.t v.) you (sing.) breathe 49 . v. pron.t v.t prep.t v. v. pass word describing the vastness of an injury change. pron.t v. in flat fast stone deceive born straight break (with hands) into use assist a person in lifting a load to the head disgrace swell turn (somebody/something) over cut (with hands) argue survive Ww wá1 (vwán) wá2 (vwán) wa3 wavrẹ weke wene wéruo wẹ1 (wọ) wẹ2 wén3 wẹn4 pron.t v.t v.i a.t exp.O. v. a.

i conj. v.O.t a. v.t catch walk/move go come bitter circumcise dry safe journey! that/those climb greet all at home struggle for balance or boast learn.i v. roughly 50 . sacrifice id.t v. well hold Zz ze zighizighi1 (yaghayagha) zighizighi2 v. v.t Web version by Roger Blench (2005) English gloss exchange words with work descend put down (of load carried by a person) Yy yá1 yan2 yanra (ra) (kpo) yanrhe (mọ) (rhe) yárá yavwe yáyá Yéghwérẹ yena yeri yerobuwevwi yẹghrẹ yéré (éyé) yoma yono yoyovwi (yovwi) yọre v.t v.t adv.i v. exp. v. v.t v.t exp. study fine. dem.t v.Urhobo Dictionary A. Ukere (1986) Urhobo wẹnẹ wia wo1 wo2 PoS v. rough adv.i v.t offer.i a.

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