Topic I Introduction to Computer Architecture and Organization




Reading List Slides: Topics1x Henn & Patt: Chapter 1 Henn & Patt: Chapter 2 Other papers as assigned in class or homeworks 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.ppt 2 .

ppt 3 . An understanding of professional and ethical responsibility of a computer engineer (in particular.Topic 1: Outline of Computer Architecture and Organization Ability to apply basic knowledge of computer architecture and organization in understanding overall design flow of a computer. computer architect) 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.

. construction and decorative treatment.. design..ppt 4 .What Does it Mean by ³Architecture´?? ³The art or science or building.´  Webster New College Dictionary ³including plan...the art or practice of designing and building structures.´  American College Dictionary 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1..

the word coined by Fred Brooks 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.ppt 5 .³Computer Architecture´ .

³Computer Architecture´ ± cont¶d ³Computer architecture is the computer as seen by the user´ . we mean the structure of the modules as they are organized in a computer system.Amdhal et al.. (1987) 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1. (64) ³.ppt 6 .´ architecture.Stone. H...

ppt 7 .³Computer Architecture´ ± cont¶d ³The architecture of a computer is the interface between the machine and the software´ .Andris Padges IBM 360/370 Architect 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.

ppt 8 .³Computer Architecture´ ± cont¶d Structure: Organization: static arrangement of the parts (plan) dynamic interaction of these parts and their management (design) Implementation: the design of specific building blocks (construction) Performance evaluation: the behavior study of the system (decorative treatment) 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.

ppt 9 . 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.Architecture (from architect¶s point of view) Instruction set architecture Implementation  Organization: high-level aspects  memory system  bus structure  internal CPU design  Hardware:  logic design  packaging tech.

ppt 10 . but not the conclusion 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.Important Advice Remember: the key is to learn how to evaluate architecture in the context of the technology available Methodology is most important.

ppt 11 .Levels in Computer Organization Concepts of multi-level machine Concepts of virtual machine 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.

ppt 12 .Architecture Disciplines Hardware/software structure Algorithms and their implementation Language Issues and programming models 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1.

Patterson 4/12/2011 \course\cpeg323-08F\Topic1. This principle of abstraction is the way both hardware designers and software designers cope with the complexity of computer systems.ppt 13 . One key interface between the levels of abstraction is the instruction set architecture: the interface between the hardware and low-level software.The Big Picture Both hardware and software consist of hierarchical layers. This abstract interface enables many implementations of varying cost and performance to run identical software. with each lower layer hiding details from the level above. John L. Hennessy David A.

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