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Free Criminal Background Checks

Free Criminal Background Checks

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Learn about Criminal Background Checks and the benefits and drawbacks of Free Criminal Background Checks. Use Free Criminal Background Checks to find out anything about ANYONE!
Learn about Criminal Background Checks and the benefits and drawbacks of Free Criminal Background Checks. Use Free Criminal Background Checks to find out anything about ANYONE!

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Published by: molsted on Nov 28, 2007
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Free Criminal Background Checks

Every day the world is becoming smaller and we get in contact with more and more people. To travel long distances is not a problem any longer and to meet and talk to people via chat rooms on the internet or over IP phones are becoming more and more popular. Times are changing and we meet in new ways. Read on to learn more about the so-called Free Criminal Background Checks…

Not only do we meet people for friendship, dates or even random sex meetings but we also hire people to work for us over the internet. People we, as employers, maybe have never met before and up until now, only would have had to take their own word for who they are and that they are honest, trustworthy people. Would you trust someone you have never ever met to handle business secrets or financial information about you or your company, without doing proper background checks first? I know I wouldn’t…. Free criminal background checks are therefore becoming the order of the day. People are searching ways and means to track criminal records and find the real truth behind people they meet or hire! Free Criminal Background Checks – for everyone? Background Checks are becoming compulsory in the world today. A few years back, background- and criminal background checks were only a professional need for businesses or government offices when checking out the background of the new people they were hiring. That’s not the case today. We may need background- and criminal background checks to check the background of new babysitters, house helps, dates, business partners ,tenants etc. The employee background check is still the most commonly among background checks but doing free criminal background checks on dates and similar is also on the rise. Criminal background checks are a part of a more thorough employee background check. Most of the criminal background checks can be done for free and sometimes even over the Internet. The criminal background checks can include definite details about whether the individual has any criminal record or not. There are however some serious drawbacks to the free criminal background checks. These drawbacks will be discusses later in this article. Criminal Background Checks – the different types. When planning to conduct a criminal background check you have some options. Some websites, or government offices, offer free criminal background checks while some private companies offer more detailed information for a small one-time fee. There are also a few private investigators who offer free criminal background checks on their websites as well. The benefits of Free Criminal Background Checks: They are free :) The drawbacks of Free Criminal Background Checks:

Some records can be found for free on the internet by searching on the state government websites. Some governments also offer these records through their offices. The problem is, however, that very few governments offer these records online and they do not allow public access to most criminal records. If you wish to access criminal records, most state governments require a written application. Also, if you are searching for background information on a person who has lived in more than one state, you will have to search for information in each state’s archives. Another method of getting free criminal background checks conducted is to visit the sheriff's office or attend the courthouse pertaining to the individual in question. It should be unnecessary to say that all this may take up MUCH of your time. We are not talking hours; we are talking days or even weeks. And when you finally get the papers in questions you may end up being more confused and frustrated than when you first started. Often the documents are also out of date or inaccurate. Remember, if you wish to conduct a FULL background check including ALL data on a person, you will have to visit each respective office or website to do the search. Free Criminal Background Checks – Can they be trusted? While free criminal background checks may be working well and are ok in some cases they should not be trusted or used when it comes to decisions pertaining to safety and faith. Free criminal background checks are free for a reason and they are often neither complete nor comprehensive. Sometimes do they even contain false or inaccurate information as they are often out-dated. If you do not want to pay anything before you know if the directory has got any information about the person you are checking, I suggest you go for the free criminal background check firms that offer “free” searches to see if they have any info about the person in question in their archives. These firms, or websites, are not “free” in the true sense of the word but you can search for a background and see what comes up. If you then wish to proceed you can pay a small fee to view the complete details of the results. Free criminal background checks, or background checks in general, can come in handy when you want to find out basic details about an individual. A criminal background check can come up with answers about whether the respective individual is a sex offender or a criminal. Criminal background checks may also provide details about date of birth, marriage records, death records, previous employers and addresses pertaining to the person. These services may be free but if you are serious and want to find true background information it is recommended that you pay the 20-50 dollars it might cost you to get true, accurate and real comprehensive information (this is the average price for a life-time membership!). After testing various similar services, we strongly recommend THIS WEBSITE as they provide the most comprehensive and thorough information. They also let you do an initial search and if you find the person you are looking for in their archives, you can become a member to get full details. They also have a sample report you can view to see how your record will look like.

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