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Published by: Vikneswary Ramanathan on Apr 13, 2011
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Bhagavad-gita that sucinam srimatam gehe yoga-bhrasto 'bhijayate [Bg. 6.41].

You'll find in course of this discussion with Arjuna and Krsna when Krsna will describe about the yoga system, how to act it. This is also yoga system, yoga-sthah kuru karmani. This is karma-yoga. This is karma-yoga. Not this dull body y spiritual beings, we are free, free to act, free to have anything, pure, no contamination, no disease, no birth, no death, no old age y once begun, this process of spiritual realization, one is guaranteed to have next life as human being y yoga-sthah kuru karmani. This is karma-yoga. BUT ANY YOGA TOO The Bhagavata says, Srimad-Bhagavata says, tyaktva sva-dharmam caranambujam harer bhajann apakvo 'tha patet tato yadi yatra kva vabhadram abhud amusya kim ko vartha aptah, aptah abhajatam sva-dharmatah [SB 1.5.17]. This is speech by Narada to his disciple, Srila Vyasadeva, that "You should try, people, to connect them in spiritual life, in conducting spiritual life. It doesn't matter even if he fails to complete the course; still, he's not loser. Still, he's not loser. He..." The whole system of Vedic knowledge, especially the Krsna philosophy... Krsna philosophy -- the whole philosophy. Sanskrit word, Krsna, in a sectarian meaning. Krsna means the Supreme, the highest pleasure, highest pleasure. So now, yoga-sthah. In the previous verse we have been advised to work, continue work, being situated in yoga. And in the next sloka Lord Krsna says, durena hy avaram karma buddhi-yogad dhananjaya buddhau saranam anviccha krpanah phala-hetavah [Bg. 9.49] Durena. Durena: "By force..." Just like unwanted things which we don't like, we throw it aside. "Discrimination is the best part of valor." Simply we have to learn how to discriminate whether we are working on material platform or on the spiritual platform. The whole instruction of Bhagavad-gita is based on this principle, that Arjuna was perplexed with material thoughts. Anything done in consideration of this body... This body means senses. The body means the senses. That means anything which we do for sense gratification, that is material. And anything which we do for the satisfaction of the Supreme, that is spiritual platform. That's all. So we have to discriminate "Whether I am working for sense gratification or whether I am working for the satisfaction of the Supreme?" If this art we can learn, then our life becomes spiritualized. Spiritual life does not mean that we have to change something of these activities which we are, already we are engaged, or our form of the body will change to something extraordinary. And as we have explained, buddhi-yoga means devotional service to the Lord. So on the criterion of buddhi-yoga, on the criterion of devotional service to the Lord, you have to do everything. That is the, I mean to say, technique. That is the technique. Durena hy avaram karma buddhi-yogat, buddhi-yogat. You have to use your intelligence, "Whether I am doing this on the platform of pure consciousness or on the platform of this body?"

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Now, in the beginning you require a guide. Without guide, it is not possible. Anything which you want to learn in the beginning, any art or science, you require a guide. Without guide Just like a small child And this is called dvija, or the second birth. When you catch hold of a bona fide spiritual master just to guide you to act on the spiritual platform, then your second life begins. It is called dvija. So this life is so important that one must begin it. One must begin it. There is no alternative. If a man is intelligent enough, if at all he wants to make his life successful, this must he do.

molded in such a way that in every step or action. EVERYONE WILL UNDERSTAND IT.. 6." Abhigacchet. We haven't got to change anything side by side." This is also spiritual consciousness. I mean to say. ACHIEVE PERFECTION THIS LIFE IS THE OBJECTIVE. I am sorry." Tyaktva sva-dharmam. He's not loser. Sva-dharmam means every particular man has got some particular form of duty. You are not loser. and that next life is not ordinary next life y Sucinam y Srimatam. somebody begins this yoga of self-realization. This is also spiritual consciousness. This abhigacchet is the form of verb which is imperative. human life is guaranteed in the next birth. Arjuna has selected Krsna as the spiritual master. Still. we shall feel the presence of the Lord. And Narada says that "Even after." So Krsna. But they are always spiritually conscious. Bhrasta means one. cultural brahmana family. y y y The. "Yes. now. falls down from the path. The yoga sys. That is spiritual life. This will give you impression. But if we take it up very seriously and go on molding our life in that way. one who is prosecuting the yoga system. Just like the example. Narada says that "If somebody neglects all other duties. That is very nice example. you must seek out a bona fide spiritual master who can guide you. if one takes absolutely unto the spiritual life.5. I did not go yesterday to offer my respect to the Deity. This is also spiritual culture. aim is toward Krsna." Tyaktva sva-dharmam caranambujam hareh [SB 1... This is also spiritual culture. in every step.The Vedas says. the worshiper engaged. this is self-imposed.23].. With your multifarious duties you come here thrice in a week and try to understand.5. Krsna. or the pujari. Sir Padampat Singhania. And even one is unsuccessful. And other is very well polished.12]. This. the big brother. one who does not take up this important path and remain engaged in the so-called duties. then he is given chance to take his birth in two kinds of family. then it becomes quickly successful. half-finished. Srimatam means very well-todo. He's a loser. The successful goes back to Godhead directly. Now. and next day the brahmana. On the contrary. It is very ordinarY. this Singhania family. neglecting. everyone. It is such a thing. You need not change your present occupation. Narada says. Just like we are holding this class. That is called yoga." So the Vedic Upanisad directs that tad-vijnanartham: "In order to be situated. Yoga system means the transcendental process by which we realize ourself. but the idea is that they are spiritually conscious in this way.. He presents. Now. Nobody is dutiless.17]. he's a loser.. How to develop that. yoga-bhrasta. or in order to learn how to act on the spiritual platform. this form of verb is used when the sense is "You must. we shall always remember the Supreme. but for unfortunately he cannot prosecute the task in a nice way. They are doing just like ordinary. "Oh. You have got some duty.2.. So the whole thing is that life should be molded. We have already explained that Krsna. we link up our life with self-realization. he's fined ten rupees. or ten dollars. Here is my fine. One set is srimatam. if he's absent one day to pay respect to the Deity. and sometimes he falls down. sravanam kirtanam [SB 7. "Even sacrificing the so-called duties. MD & LMD. tad-vijnanartham sa gurum eva abhigacchet [MU 1. let us have spiritual culture. the Supreme. there is encouragement that "You are not loser.41]. So I must pay fine. we require guide. TRIANGLE LOVE. yes. Yoga system I have already explained. that impression will never go. Arjuna surrendered unto Arjuna (Krsna)." (laughs) So of course. all other duties. Yes. he goes to collect the fine. Bhrasta. Even you stop coming here. Now. Every particular man. Because you will be given a chance next life. "You must. I tell you the that impression will never go... In the ordinary duty « You'll find in Bhagavad-gita that sucinam srimatam gehe yoga-bhrasto 'bhijayate [Bg." It is a very important point. then he is not loser. I have got some duty.. The aim is. they do not change. . This will not go in vain. That is spiritual life. rich family. You see? And.

. You'll have to meet death. He's not liberal.If you do some practical work. . y Somebody's earning very quickly. You are above this birth. Unfortunately. They are krpana. ALL DIE. Miser. Or somebody's offering body for theft case or some murdering case. and somebody. Won't." Miser. spiritual realization. I tell you. who does not properly utilize it. This is the instruction given.. as Lord Krsna says that. undoubtedly. That is the difference. simply they utilize this body for sense gratification and nothing more.50] Persons who are not for spiritual realization. But the man who sacrifices this body for the purpose of self-realization. they are engaged twenty-four hours. 2. you won't feel fatigued.49] "Don't be miser. Miser.. everyone has to offer his body at the end. You'll find that on the material platform. very nice. We have. if you work more than twenty-four hours. on the bodily conception of life. There is a pandita. This is my practical experience. you'll feel fatigued. transcendental position.. who does not utilize the asset given to him.. transcendental work Arjuna example. One should be liberal. twenty-four hours.. 9. he does not get even sufficient for the maintenance But when you work transcendentally. Buddhau saranam anviccha krpanah: "Don't be miser. he's a miser. This is the highest cause. you don't get this material birth at all. it is very. but before meeting death. Don't be miser. learned man. Sannimitte varam tyaga vinase niyate sati. But spiritual purpose. Don't misuse this great opportunity. for the sake of the supreme consciousness. oh." buddhi-yukto jahatiha ubhe sukrta-duskrte tasmad yogaya yujyasva yogah karmasu kausalam [Bg. Therefore that is real good. Miser means this valuable body. neither good nor bad.. Somebody's offering his body for country's cause. Why don't you give it up for the highest cause? Highest cause. Still. oh. His name is Canakya. old age and so many troubles. Good work Bad work And. but those who are engaged for spiritual realization. [break] . Therefore. if you work for eight hours only.. The opposite word is brahmana. We have already explained in our last meeting what is the miser and what is a brahmana. Even if you do not know any practical work. And that difference is. So spiritual life is so sublime and so invigorating that you won't feel fatigued..as fully spiritualized. This is my practical experience. Krpana means miser. whole life working.. they may be engaged in work for eight hours only. miseries of life. simply you give your reception. durena hy avaram karma buddhi-yogad dhananjaya buddhau saranam anviccha krpanah phala-hetavah [Bg. he's the most intelligent man. you haven't got more than twenty-four hours at your disposal. death. without any effort. Somebody's offering body for the society's cause.

and one should accept such representative of Krsna for his guide.. take for example a lawyer. No.. He is the representative of Krsna. Then. Similarly. as I have already explained to you. and a person who understands these instructions rightly Similarly. What do you mean by lawyer? One who understands the lawbooks very nicely. as it is instructed to Arjuna. he can guide you nicely and for your spiritual life as Lord Krsna has guided Arjuna for his spiritual life.Now. I mean to say. Bhagavad-gita as it is. That guide should be the representative of Krsna. one who understands Bhagavad-gita as it is. actually. that we require a guide. fully conversant with the science of Krsna. that person who takes the shelter of the guidance of a person who is fully. Just like you take a. He's a lawyer. aware. If there is somebody who understands Bhagavad-gita in that way. he is the representative of God. here in the Bhagavad-gita. . We require a guide. as much as Arjuna was guided by Krsna. without any wishful interpretation for his own purpose. then similarly. a representative of law. there are instructions of Krsna.

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