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Refer to the concept of buoyancy. The concept are also related to the Pascal's principle.


The concept also related to Archimedes' principle Equal Volumes Feel Equal Buoyant Forces


The weight of the displaced fluid can be found mathematically. The fluid displaced has a weight W = mg. ( m = pV , W = pVg )

Concept Idea
air pressure to expand the buoyant floater front shoes like a boat wood and thermoplastic polyurethane buoyancy principle

Archimedes principle


Specification Of The Material
Balsa wood ‡As known as Ochroma pyramidale ‡Balsa lumber is very soft and light, with a coarse, open grain ‡The density of dry balsa wood ranges from 40 340 kg/m³ (2.5 21 lb/ft³), with a typical density of about 160 kg/m³ (10 lb/ft³) ‡ low-density but high in strength ‡ Balsa wood is often used as a core material in composites ‡More lighter than foam ‡The base of the balsa wood is carved in a specific shape in order to increase stabliselization between wood and water. Buoyant Floater ‡Use Thermoplastic Polyurethane as a expanded floater. ‡Excellent abrasion resistance. ‡Good in low temperature performance. ‡Very good tear strength. ‡High elasticity and transparency. ‡Shock absorption. ‡Recyclable and cheaper fabrication. ‡Use air as a medium for buoyant floater. ‡Waterproof and good performance in bad condition weather.


Shoe binder

Front shoes

Specifications of design

Moderate Length of shoe

Centre of the shoe

Fin /radar





‡ This project is one of the projects that similar to what will came out in the future. The characteristic, idea, calculation, design, stability are all we describe in detail to make sure that the project of this floating shoes can be a true product in the future

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