Meet Jawbone Your Jawbone has NoiseAssassin, the best technology for eliminating ™ noise when you talk.

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Voice Activity sensor (VAs) earbud

n o t e Both the ta l k and n o i s e a s s a s s i n Buttons are hidden beneath the external face of the headset. The ta l k Button is located at the dimple on the front of the headset. To activate either button, press on the areas indicated above.

Jawbone comes with multiple earbud options and can be worn with or without an earloop. Choose what feels best for you.

note Your headset will pair with 8 devices and can simultaneously connect with 2. • Once pairing is initiated. Once paired. In pairing mode. pa I R I n g W I t H a D D I t I o n a l p H o n E s • Manually put your headset into pairing mode by first making sure your headset is powered off. the indicator light flashes RED + WHItE . . the R E D + W H I t E indicator light will flash for 3 minutes or until successful pairing. For superior performance. • Turn on Jawbone by pressing the • Select Jawbone. Try all the options.1 fInD youR fIt yOu aRE uniquE We have given you 6 earbuds and an optional earloop. • Enter passcode ‘0000’ (if asked). the two devices can then ” connect. ta l k Button for 2 seconds. Your Jawbone headset automatically goes into pairing mode the first time you turn it on. • Hold down the ta l k Button and n o i s e a s s a s s i n Button for 4 seconds until the indicator light flashes R E D + W H I t E . Pick the one that is most comfortable and keeps the Voice Activity Sensor touching your face. Twist your Jawbone headset up so the Voice Activity Sensor touches your face. and you can talk to your friends hands-free. 2 n o t e You can wear Jawbone with or without an earloop.  1 Insert the headset into your ear pointing down. the Voice Activity Sensor should touch your face. • Press the talk Button once to make sure both devices are connected. Earbuds 2 different styles 6 different sizes Earloop sliM style 2 paIR LET’S GET TOGETHER You will need to introduce your Jawbone to your mobile phone by something we call “pairing. • On your phone: ‘Search for New Devices’. to pa I R fo R t H E f I R s t t I M E • Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth® setting.

and then speak a command. a full charge is only 50 minutes away. • Indicator light will turn W H I t E when headset is fully charged. place the Jawbone headset in the socket with the J a W b o n E logo facing upward. n e e d h e l p ? c a l l u s at 1 . the indicator light will be back on. or plug the USB cable into your computer. • There is an 80% charge after 35 minutes. REDIal last nuMbER CallED • Triple-tap • noiseassassin Button. so to speak.7 4 2 6 ) F O R a d d i t i O n a l i n F O R M at i O n V i s i t J a W b o n E .jawbone. • Indicator light will be solid R E D while the headset is charging. When your Jawbone headset is connected to two phones. press Button for 2 seconds. • n o i s e a s s a s s i n o n ⁄ o f f D u R I n g a C a l l Press n o i s e a s s a s s i n Button for 2 seconds. This will also answer an incoming call while on a call. I n I t I at E v o I C E D I a l I n g noiseassassin While in standby mode. Press ta l k Button. n o t e NoiseAssassin is always on by default. • To charge.8 7 7 . Redial and Voice Dial will work on the phone with last active call.• • on ⁄ off Press ta l k Button for 2 seconds. 4 CHaRgE POWER uP! There are many ways to power up your new Jawbone headset! You can use the included wall charger. it doesn’t belong on your face. C o M / s u p p o R t . All you need to know is where to press.com • Indicator light flashes R E D when battery is low. This is great for showing your Jawbone’s NoiseAssassin technology to a friend. Want more options? You can also purchase the official Jawbone Car Charger and other accessories at www. this will answer the call from either phone. and you’ll be enjoying the built-in features in no time. • t u R n o f f t H E I n D I C at o R l I g H t Press ta l k Button 5 times while in standby mode. Either way. • REJECt a Call Press n o i s e a s s a s s i n Button while phone is ringing. n o t e When connected to multiple phones.a l I p H C o ( 2 5 4 . When you turn the headset off and on. • C H a n g E v o l u M E D u R I n g a C a l l Press n o i s e a s s a s s i n Button to cycle through the multiple volume levels. We’ve tucked all of Jawbone’s button functions under the hood. ansWER a Call note 3 talk SPREaD THE WORD If it’s not beautiful. • Charge time is 50 minutes.

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