. gingerbread. waffles and galettes. Customers are entitled to expect the very best from Lotus Bakeries in these specialty areas.MISSION STATEMENT A focus on authentic products from the biscuit and cake world: caramelized biscuits. bakery specialties and pepparkakor biscuits. Products that are distinctive in terms of both quality and customer satisfaction.

OBJECTIVE ‡ Identify an appropriate number of servings they should consume from this food group ‡ Describe the importance of. and select whole-grain foods ‡ Select foods that are made with little fat or sugar ‡ Identify high-fiber grain products . identify.

The most rapidly growing items are dairy products fish processed.SCOPE The growth rate in the food industry has been estimated at 10. sugar. biscuits and confectioneries. bakery items.00 per cent per annum. . fruit juices and other soft beverages.

STAKE HOLDERS Builder Supplier Advertising agency Umair electronics Erectors' Nyar almunium and glass Hazaraha timber store Plumbers Ali hardware .

Milestone List ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Bagh To meet better quality Selection of Alternatives Latest price list WBS Completion Project Completion .

Cost Management Description Buildings: Bakery Total Building Costs $ 85.200 525 5.000 $ 85. Costs Total Working Capital Total Capital Required $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ 2.000 640 $ 17.600 $ 1200 $ 103.000 Estimated Cost ($) Equipment: Oven Proofer Showcase Refrigerator Freezer Used Mixers 20qt Shelves/dollies Additional equipment Furniture Total Equip.600 750 3.800 .400 2.000 560 2.

700 $10.440 total $57.640 .500 $16.Cost of Goods Manufactured 2010 Total Direct Labour Total Direct Materials Manufacturing Overhead $30.

Organizational Structure Board of Directors President/Manager Head Baker Assistant Baker Delivery Person WAITRESS .


i.j k h.g m .e g f.WBS ACTIVITY a)Hiring a building b)Oven step up c)Mixer set up d)Shop set up e)Flooring f)Ceiling fg)Rack h)Display i)Entrance j)Sitting area k)Purchasing raw materials l)Manufactured products m)Display goods EXPECTED TIME 4 DAYS 12 6 40 10 9 16 5 4 12 5 4 2 Immediately Preceding Activity -a a b d d d b c.

c d b start A c d d d d d d .

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