CONTRACT OF LEASE KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: This Contract of Lease entered into this ____ day

of February 2011, by and between Lourdes Arenos and Rosita T. Clores, of legal age, Filipino, and both widow, and resident of the District of Salisay, Dagupan City, and herein after called the lessor, and Leny Ma, likewise of legal age, and resident of the District of Bonuan Gueset, Dagupan City, and herein after called the lessee: WITNESSETH That the lessor of the owner of a parcel of the fishpond land which is more particularly described and bounded as follows: ³A parcel of fishpond land (Lot No. 2755-B of Cadastral Survey of the City of Dagupan, situated in the Barrio of Mamalingling District of Bolosan, Dagupan City. It is bounded on the N. E. by the Anolid River; on the S. W. by Lot No. 2756; and on the N. W. by Lot 3206. Containing an area of Eight Thousand Nine Hundred Forty Four (8, 944) square meters more or less. It is covered by Transfer Certificate of Title No. 89791 of the Register of Deeds of Dagupan City.´ That the lessor hereby agree to lease unto the said lessee the above-described property for a period of one (1) year, beginning February ____, 2011. That for and in consideration of the said lease, the lessor hereby acknowledged to have received from lessee the amount of FIFTEEN THOSAND PESOS (P15,000.00) Philippine Currency as payment for the rentals of the one (1) year at FIFTEEN THOSAND PESOS (P15, 000.00), Philippine Currency, per annum only. That the lessee hereby agree to keep the fishpond land in good condition during the period of lease; That the moment the property is sold during the contract, the lessor is oblige to pay back the remaining months not consumed. That the lessee will terminate the contract and vacate the fishpond. That the lessor hereby agree and promise not to disturb the peaceful possession of the Lessee during the therein the heirs period when it has begun; That the provision of this contract extend to and include the heirs, executors, administrators or assigns; ____________________________ ___________________________ LOURDES TUATES ARENOS ROSITA TUATES CLORES Lessor Lessor _____________________________ LENY MA Lessee ____________________________ Brgy. Captain ___________________________ Caretaker

IN WITNESS WHREOF, we have hereunto set our hands this _______day of ____________, 20____ at ________. REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES ) S.S. CITY OF DAGUPAN ««««««..) Witness my hand and notarial seal on the day and place as herein indicated. DOC NO. _________; PAGE NO. ________; BOOK NO. ________; SERIES OF ________;