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grace cv.

grace cv.

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Published by: Maina Njonde on Apr 13, 2011
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Curriculum vitae




P. O Box 139 CHUKA 0726165089. gnkawira@gmail.com 31st December 1987 Single 25130605 English and Kiswahili


I aspire to work under a challenging environment, in an organization calling for total dedication, creativity, implementation of projects, evaluation and decision making. To put forth my under surpassed abilities and capabilities as I make maximum utilization of available resources to the best of my ability, to meet targets, beat deadlines and be the best with instructions, thus meeting the need of the organization, ensuring absolute customer satisfaction, consequently making the company a better place than I found it. The urge to explore and acquire more knowledge and skills that will help me face challenges amicably and solve problems proficiently.



• • • •

Secretary General of the STEERS AND PEERS club.a club under jkuat deans office offering counseling services to students.During this period, I learnt the major challenges facing the youth today and also understood what it takes to work under diversity of ideas and challenges and how to coordinate and manage them. Miss status JKUAT Taita campus april 2009-april 2010. During this period gained several skills such as leading from the front and being able to overcome crisis .I also mobilized more than 500 students and 30 staff members to be tested and know their hiv status. Successfully completed a participatory peer education course by USAID APHIA II coast and has been a peer educator since.

Took part in the JKUAT ISO 9001-2008 sensitization seminar.

• Evaluation of materials magement on performance of manufacturing firms in Mombasa . Purchasing and supplies management Among the core subjects covered are. O-level.ACADEMIC QUALIFICATIONS UNIVERSITY: 20082011 Areas covered: Completing my degree at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Bsc.to April 2011 378 marks out of 500. PRIMARY: 19942001 Grades obtained: PROJECTS DONE: January. B+ (67 points out of 84) Reverend Ikingi Primary School. • • • • • • • • • • • • • Other supporting subjects: • • Principles of procurement Stores management and stock control Financial accounting I&II Supplies and materials management I&II Purchasing policy and strategy Total quality management Inventory management Distribution and warehousing Clearing and forwarding Materials handling and storage management Business law I&II Logistics in supplies management Research Methodology HIV/AIDS and Organizational behavior Computer applications and Communication Skills SECONDARY: 2002-2005 Grades obtained: Sacred Heart girls High school Kieni.

 I pay attention to detail and yet never lose sight of the big picture. Taking Part interactive one on one sessions on issues affecting the youth. Reading and learning about technological advancements in the Modern world especially in environment.  I am a healthy and hard working person. both in day-today and in challenging situations.  I can quickly assimilate and apply knowledge and information. Assisted in inventory management and stock taking PERTINENT INFORMATION SELF IMAGE  I am highly self-motivated and confident. and IT Traveling and taking part in out-door activities e.I believe that the environment has always been woven in our lives and it is a duty to leave a better environmental legacy INTERESTS than we found. . especially civilizations of the ancient world. industry. • • • • • • Photography especially themes in Nature and Wildlife.  I have excellent verbal and written communication and presentation skills. watching football swimming . Learning about the history and cultures of the world.  I have good inter-personal skills and I relate well with people. As I’m personally interested in the environment and I spend most of my free time conducting awareness and education on keeping the environment clean and the possibilities of a HIV free generation.  I am disciplined.g.  I am flexible and can adapt easily to new situations and environments. modeling and reading novels.  I am capable of logical. scrabble. Playing indoor games such as Basketball and swimming Special interest in modeling and fashion advancements HOBBIES • Committed to environmental service .  I am result-oriented and hence always ensure efficient delivery of goals.  I am a friendly person.WORK EXPERIENCE REFEREES KENYA POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY COLLEGE • Attaché in the stores department. automotives. focused and can work effectively and efficiently under minimal supervision. hikes and camps. Henry Kombo I also love playing basketball. and I am easy to work with under all circumstances. analytical and independent thinking. agriculture.

Chairman business studies and economics department .

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