Light dinner…

Our selection of warm roasted nuts, salt & pepper Sweatshop prawn crackers Crunchy pigs ears lightly coated in our five spice salt Crispy-fried whitebait in chi lli salt, white miso aioli BBQ duck pancakes, spring onion, hoi sin Steamed shredded-pork bun, julienne cucumber (4pcs) Char grilled beef skewers, hoi sin and summer coriander(3pcs) Chairman Ho’s Tsing Tao battered chicken, toasted sesame with mint & chilli dressing Malay corn fritters of carrot, chilli and spring onion(6pcs) Crispy tempura of king prawn tail, mint & chilli dressing(4pcs) Hand cut wedges, sweetened chilli sauce & sour cream Snake bean & golden kaukau wontons, green pea &(4pcs) coriander puree, tobiko roe Venison & braised shitake mushroom spring rolls,(4pcs) pearl river vinegar caramel Pan-seared wild harvest scallops stuffed with tailor made XO on poached iceberg lettuce Tasting plate… A selection of the above to share (for 2) (extra person, add $11) Vegetarian noodle wok box... Hokkien egg noodles, summer vegetables, shitake sauce $8 $5 $3 $6 $8 $10 $10 $3.5 ea $11 $9 $12 $8 $12 $11 $4 ea


Shredded Pork noodle wok box… $10 Hokkien egg noodles, shredded pork-rib, choi sum & shitake sauce