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Copyright 2003 Graham Cooke All rights reserved. Please use this e-book for personal use only. Requests for information should be addressed to: Future Training Institute 6391 Leisure Town Rd Vacaville, CA USA 95687 Website: h p:// E-mail: Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations are taken from The Holy Bible, New King James Version. Copyright 1979, 1980, 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc. Buy the print version of Cra ed Prayer at: h p:// ISBN 1 85240 358 6 Graham Cooke is a speaker and author who lives in Vacaville, California where he is part of the leadership team at The Mission. Graham has been involved in ministry since 1974 and is a popular conference speaker. He also acts as a consultant to churches going through a period of transition to the next level of their corporate call. He is responsible for a series of training events involving intimacy, warfare, leadership development and the internationally acclaimed School of Prophecy.

Crafted Prayer
The joy of always getting your prayers answered

Graham Cooke
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Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke

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There is only one Person I can dedicate this book to – the Holy Spirit. I am constantly amazed at His wisdom, revelation, and power in my life. I love His dedication to, and His passion for, the Lord Jesus Christ. The way He reveals the Son to me has changed my life. His physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual representation of the Father to me has continuously made me more excited and in awe of the great love of God for me.

The time has come for a new way of prayer. Paradoxically, this new method is actually an ancient way of prayer, one in which God’s faithful servants like David and Paul flourished. I call it crafted prayer, and this journal will teach you how to make it a part of your life. The miracles I have seen as a result of crafted prayer are too numerous for me to record. There is such a joy in being able to pray exactly what God wills for a person, and seeing His answer unfold before your very eyes. This type of prayer can transform Christians from living in a persistent widow mindset (Luke 18:1–8) into living in joyous, bride-like intercession. Allow me to explain. I believe God is taking many into a new season of intimate, bride-like prayer. Real warfare in the Kingdom of God is always concerned with the battle for intimacy. This is a time to come off the battlefield and enter a new place of intimate petition. Too many intercessors have become exhausted and too burned out to continue praying the way the Church has been
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Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke

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crafted prayer

crafted prayer

advocating. As we learn to become conformed to God and His nature, and be transformed in our minds and personalities, He will teach us to look beyond the natural into the supernatural realm and see the Kingdom of Heaven at work in every need. It will no longer matter what life, people, or even the enemy throw at us, because we will be able to hear the conversation in Heaven and understand that God is at work all around us. I believe God is raising up an army of Esthers, an army of bridal intercessors, and it is a time to come off the wall and rest in the throne room presence of God – in our secret place in Him. It will be difficult for some people to come out of ministry and move into the discipline of resting in God, but the discipline of rest must be entered; it is a time of laying down ministry to gain fresh intimacy. Don’t pray with importunity, like the widow before the unjust judge in Luke 18, but pray with delight and favor. Don’t pray against the enemy, but let your delighted prayers cause the King to stir Himself and come down. God’s anointing will cause you to intercede with joy so that His glory will fill the earth. What is the glory of God? In Exodus 33:18–19, when Moses asked God to show His glory, God said He would cause His goodness to pass before him. One of the glories of God, therefore, is that He is good!

As bridal intercessors, it will be our joy and delight to pray for the goodness of God to come down so that the Church can learn that we really do overcome evil with good. The Holy Spirit will give us a new strategy for prayer and perseverance; one that contains delight and laughter, and is full of ardent and passionate love, bathed in fresh worship, and birthed out of a deeper intimacy. I believe crafted prayer is part of this shift. As we come and petition the Lord out of this place of closeness, He will be pleased to speak into our hearts His favor and blessing. Not only will our prayers move His heart and hands, but the words we receive from Him will be like a balm of Gilead across the nations, and churches will rise up in fresh favor. The attention of the Church will be taken off the enemy and put on the King of kings. Let us pray that a revelation of the Lord’s love for us would fill our hearts, that we may come into a whole new place of spirituality, a whole new place of walking with Him, where we will be convinced that God loves us, cares for us and is for us – and that He wants us to succeed. Amen! Graham Cooke February 2003


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Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke

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crafted prayer
‘‘And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive,’’ Jesus preached in Matthew 21:22. Why, then, do we seemingly receive so few answers to prayer today? Was Jesus lying to us? Of course not! The issue, then, must be our own – we must not believe what we are praying. Prayer, as it is taught today in most churches, doesn’t work. Most of us have been brought up in a tradition that when something bad happens, prayer must begin immediately. This seems reasonable and even righteous, but on a deeper level, it actually hinders the power of God to work on our behalf. In my experience in churches and friendships, I have seen that when we pray too soon, we usually pray in unbelief. We find ourselves praying out of the shock or trauma of the situation itself, and we pray out of our panic, our worry, our anxiety, and our concern. For example, a church member is diagnosed with a serious illness. Immediately, our compassion rises up

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’’ Prayer. of the billions of people who walk the earth. because every problem we encounter comes with His provision attached to it.grahamcooke. It’s about thanking God because. There is no place for worry or panic in a Christian’s life. Father.’’ God promised. One of them has to go. I pray this. so we switch tracks: ‘‘Oh.’’ God now has to sift through a blizzard of prayer thrown up within a few minutes. and have become our ‘‘Don’t pray to escape trouble. The Bible is clear: Samuel M. We must come before God with thanksgiving. We use a shotgun approach.’’ Doubt attacks us and our prayer shifts again. Even on the toughest days. spraying heaven with every imaginable request. effort to try and find God. ‘‘What is this? Multiple choice?’’ Sadly. God has a plan and a purpose for us. Pray to do wants to do.’’ and ‘‘Father. and you have the power to choose which.’’ Our love for the person involved prompts us to remind God of how valuable he or she is to Him: ‘‘Well. Shoemaker it’s not with prayer that we enter His gates. ‘‘Well. If we are filled with the fullness of God. We shouldn’t be using situation. Father. in the initial stage. ‘‘pray without ceasing. Lord. Lord. that I hath crashed my car. that’s what worth praying for. Nothing else is prayer to find God. in everything give 14 thanks. I pray that. thanksgiving We can thank God first.’’ Paul wrote in 1 Thessalonians 5:16–18. for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.’’ thanksgiving is for. if it be Your will. in every situation. We are called to be the Disneyland of faiths – the happiest people on earth. a storm further thickened if there is more than one intercessor. it’s with thanksgiving. ‘‘Rejoice always. our prayers have stopped being about the person in need. Christians are supposed to be the most relaxed and the most grateful. I thank thee Lord. we behave in ways unlike the world around us. I pray that you might want to think about doing this.’’ we start. Then another thought enters into our mind. You can forgive God for sitting there and thinking. and have begun our own the will of God in every search for Him. is not about speaking. He says that everything works together for those who 15 http://www. ‘‘Well. the joy of the Lord is a force of strength for us. We have Don’t pray to be comfortable forgotten to pray what God actually in your emotions. It’s about listening and reading.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer and we burst into prayer. you know he is a faithful servant. but He is not asking us to become a supernatural masochist: ‘‘Oh. ‘‘I will never leave you or forsake you. Faith and anxiety cannot exist in the same space at the same E-Book Page Number 5 . I pray this.’’ No! What we’re thanking God for is the reality of His presence.

God communicates His ‘‘Thank You Lord. Your word is enough. we ‘‘Sometimes we make praise need to rejoice. It is that attribute of God’s nature that makes it so critical for us to come to a place of thanksgiving. I worship You.’’ know that You’re with me because You said You would be. praying something a prisoner to our emotions like this: ‘‘Thank You that You are rather than a way of with me in this. What are Christians supposed to sound like on the earth? Our voices should be heard. Jim McNeish calls it. ‘‘And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God.’’ David sang in Psalm 95:2. commenting on our life as it unfolds. and that’s enough for me. stream of consciousness conversation. a soundtrack for our lives.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer love Him. When we come 16 before God. He can act on our behalf. Our heart may be all over the place. to those who are the called according to His purpose. All of us have a background conversation going on in our minds. the British psychologist. thinking Sundays or conferences are our times to worship. but there is a central place of truth where we gather – in the goodness of God. If our worship is built on a foundation of thankfulness. Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms.grahamcooke.’’ And once we’ve come into His presence. Head noise. I don’t have to feel Your presence. But worship is a part of every day life. Lewis I know You will. I praise E-Book Page Number 6 .’’ You’re going to work this thing out but C. ‘‘Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving. By entering His presence in the midst of our problem. We need to practice being grateful a lot more than we do. I don’t know how presence to men. Often we fail to worship during the week. stillness Being still opens a channel of communication between us and Heaven. is an internal voice. I don’t know how releasing our inner self You’re going to work it out.S. That promise is a deep well of provision for us. At all times. We also need a plan. for vision without strategy is just wishful thinking. not our prayer. as my friend. God can use it for our blessing and our benefit. we need to be still and listen to the heart of God. It’s similar to a special feature on a DVD: an ongoing. one-way.’’ Paul wrote in Romans 8:28. we must be thankful. Stillness is not 17 http://www. but I to God. Whatever calamity life throws at us. we must have a vision and a passion to be grateful. worshiping God. Thank You.’’ Gratitude is the bedrock of our life and worship. at all times. We need to plan to enter God’s presence ‘‘It is in the process of being worshipped that with our thanksgiving.

as our fortress. God told David. something is shaken. It’s interesting that Psalm 46 began with an earthquake and finished with ‘‘Be still. ‘‘Be still.’’ what has normally happened is that out of the storehouse of words. We need to learn how to use God as our refuge.grahamcooke. ‘‘That makes sense. It is this initial head noise that we convert into ‘‘prayers’’ when we rush too quickly into intercession. It takes discipline to quiet that voice. ‘‘Oh yeah. because rest allows us to hide in our secret place in God. God pulls up the treasure He has already saved in us.’’ Knowledge of God comes through peace and stillness. When we say. and the Lord speaking to us. but he’s not stupid: he won’t chase you ‘‘Peace is the potting soil into the holy of holies – the very of revelation. When the Lord speaks to us. but you must do it. something happens.’’ Only God can talk about stillness in the midst of an earthquake. and Scripture we carry in our spirit. it’s an event. there is always a dynamic residue of His presence which remains with us – it is a signature moment! In Psalm 46:10. God has selected something previously said to you and brought it back into your consciousness. If the enemy 19 http://www. meditations. and we come to God’s door under the weight and panic of the circumstances facing us. and know that I am God. So there is a difference between the Lord speaking in us. The devil hates you with a malevolence and malignancy that is unimaginable. ‘‘Be still. When God speaks. conversations.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer about getting somewhere E-Book Page Number 7 . and the whole earth was created. 18 something is created and produced. ‘‘Oh. only God can say. and when God speaks. although that often helps. When the whole landscape of your life is shifting beneath your feet. how will we ever find peace in the fight? Rest is our best weapon against the enemy. we pray in our own strength. God wants to send us into battle. as our high place. we are the complete opposite of God. but if we don’t find stillness beforehand. His presence is profound. We speak often and are rarely still – in fact.’’ It was a word that brought a profound sense of the presence of God to David in what were difficult circumstances. God spoke to me. thoughts. That’s the Lord speaking. because God is with you. And you can do it. and know that I am God. something is imparted. He spoke once.’’ we think. as our secret place where the enemy cannot touch us.’’ God punctuates His silence with words. Like a computer user loading a file. When He speaks to you.’’ presence of God – because he knows John Paul Jackson who he’s going to meet there. God is always still and He rarely speaks. but about stilling that voice in your head. Because we have not stilled ourselves.

I don’t why I did it. and these Orcs are constantly chasing me. He loves to 21 http://www. across meadows. I reached for my sword and I heard a voice: ‘‘Be still. ‘‘Grae. I’m just going to step into that secret place and learn to live there. I’m exhausted. almost transparent. at the limit of my strength. through rivers. ‘‘be still. up hills. There is a secret place set aside for each one of us. He doesn’t even know how to locate you. like a river around an island.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer cannot find you. and I braced myself for death. ‘‘Grae. God is love and in His love He has set aside a place where you can live in Him no matter what. It was like they had never even seen me.’’ the voice chuckled. It looked like a shower rail. I’m running.’’ I put my sword back. The Orcs got E-Book Page Number 8 . The enemy broke through into the clearing and came at me. I once had a dream about secret places. You have to lose your ability to worry and be anxious if you’re going to walk with God. he cannot hurt you. chuckling. material. I could see right through it and could see the enemy getting closer and closer. I felt arms wrap around me and God’s voice whisper in my ear: ‘‘It’s okay. heart hammering in my chest. unbelievably.grahamcooke. they parted and flowed around me. and then. It was one of those dreams that seemed to last for days. desperate stand. yapping like dogs. it renders us invisible to the enemy’s sensors and attacks. I turned around and watched as they ran into the distance. And all I heard in my heart was. they looked a bit like those evil Orcs. even through a desert. down into valleys. even if it kills me. I moved for my sword again. You have to lose your ability to panic if you’re going to walk with God. and my hand again twitched toward the sword.’’ 20 So I put my hands by my side and waited. He can run right at you and not even see you. ‘‘Be still. when I got into it. I woke up from that dream and I meditated on it for days. Suddenly. I saw something shimmering so I ran towards it. suspended by itself and covered with this thin.’’ Our secret place is like a Star Trek cloaking device. ‘‘What was all that about?’’ I asked. I thought. with my sword in my hand. inexplicably. I just had the oddest impulse to stand inside it.’’ They came right at me. God has provided a secret place in Him for you. I began to scan the land ahead for a place to fight and make a last. ‘‘Be still. there’s nothing from the enemy that can actually touch you. I was being chased through what looked like the African bush by a band of thirty vile and evil warriors. Be still.’’ the voice said.’’ My panic subsided until I heard them just a quarter of a mile away. when you’re in your secret place. If you’ve seen The Lord of the Rings. In the distance. I’m never going to be anxious again.

they can fully enjoy life. Then rest in your 22 http://www. whatever we ask. these He also glorified. secret place. who can be against us? He who did not spare His own Son. He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. these He also justified. We find this principle in Romans 8:26–39: ‘‘Likewise the Spirit also helps in our weaknesses. because He makes intercession for the saints according to the will of God. Prayer. this stillness.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer teach people where that place is. And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God. is finding out what God wants to do and then asking Him to do it. Stillness is the precursor to rest in the Lord. What then shall we say to these things? If God is for E-Book Page Number 9 . this secret place of God. we need to meditate. Now He who searches the hearts knows what the mind of the Spirit is. we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him. to those who are the called according to His purpose. whom He called.’’ To see your prayers answered. It is this rest. and whom He justified. because when His children get into their secret place. that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. in its simplest form. a spiritual discipline drawing us into a continual experience of His presence. For whom He foreknew. He hears us. Moreover whom He predestined. but delivered Him up for us 23 how to get answers Before we pray. our experience of God is limited. ‘‘Now this is the confidence that we have in Him. but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered. Ask the Lord this question: ‘‘What is it that You want to do in these circumstances?’’ Then listen and wait until the Lord answers and directs you how to pray. and meditate on His Scripture and words to you. For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought. that if we ask anything according to His will. John wrote in 1 John 5:14–15. Without stillness. And if we know that He hears us. It doesn’t matter what comes against them – they rise to the challenge. these He also called. enter God’s presence with thanksgiving and worship. it releases what the Bible calls unceasing prayer. One of the best ways to get a fix on God’s heart for us is to read His Scripture. which releases unbroken communion with Him.grahamcooke.

If I was to say to you that. Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation. nor any other created thing. what are we doing? We are not praying.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer all.’’ The Father says to the Holy Spirit. Who is my friend at this point in time? Who is my tutor? Who is my comforter? What’s His name? The Holy Spirit! Only He can help me with my weakness in prayer. Suppose I said to you.’ Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. and He’s praying for you. while I knock about the earth. shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.’’ and then I turned around and left the room. Now that you know you have a Person dedicated to improving your prayer life. trying to find an answer. nor things present nor things to come. Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died. don’t you want to work with Him? The Spirit helps us to pray by revealing the will of God. you would chase me: ‘‘What? 24 What’s the word?’’ Of course you would want to know the word. or peril. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life. or E-Book Page Number 10 . not sure of how to pray for myself. how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things? Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies. but praying with 25 http://www. Ask Me to do it. Him to do it!’’ Jesus is at the right hand of the Father right now. and furthermore is also risen. too. nor angels nor principalities nor powers. ‘‘The Lord has given me a really brilliant prophetic word for you. or nakedness. we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter.’’ So He prays for me in the will of God. the Holy Spirit is interceding for you according to God’s will. ‘‘What’s He praying?’’ and ‘‘Do He and the Holy Spirit agree?’’ Paul’s words are powerful: ‘‘For we do not know what we should pray for as we ought. In all likelihood. When we pray in line with what the Holy Spirit is doing.’’ you would ask. or distress.grahamcooke. but the Spirit Himself makes intercession for us. ‘‘By the way. it’s human nature. ‘‘This is what I want for Graham. or sword? As it is written: ‘For Your sake we are killed all day long. what would your ‘‘Prayer is finding out what question be? ‘‘What’s He praying?’’ of God wants to do and asking course. right now. who is even at the right hand of God. nor height nor depth. who also makes intercession for us. we haven’t been very concerned with what He is praying. traditionally. or famine.’’ The Holy Spirit helps us to pray in our weakness yet. And if I added.

No medical help was available. first-hand. as it involved a friend of mine. I have seen this power work. if David stood his ground in peace and refused to see the people as enemies. During a period of awful oppressive activity against the mission. 27 http://www. That supernatural event would open doors that were currently unimaginable. For too long. and his family and congregation threatened. There are times in the prophetic ministry when words we receive for others must stay in the throne room. Prayer is asking God to do the very thing He’s telling you He wants to do.S. At other times. David felt compelled (his own words) to offer to pray for the son of his antagonist. That is not what prayer is for. The end result of this particular scenario was that David found favor with the Lord. Without this vital treatment. The regime David was living under (which I cannot divulge for security reasons) was actually opposed to missionaries. is the softest pillow prayers where we Pray Until on which to rest. time after time. in prayer. ‘‘Submission to God’s will ‘‘Enough!’’ Sometimes they are P. we know we’re praying what He wants. In this instance. However. The Lord indicated that David would be attacked physically and beaten. His car would be stolen. only permission to intercede for him.grahamcooke. 26 I had no freedom to prophesy these things to E-Book Page Number 11 . a painful death would be the end result. when the Lord showed me. we pray until God tells us to stop or until we have an assurance that He has heard and will act. One example hits especially close to home for me.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer the answer.H. During an intense interrogation. a formidable adversary. what David would go through in the next season of his life. David (not his real name) was a missionary in Africa. One of his leading opponents. his church and medical clinic ransacked. then the Lord would give him favor with God and man through a particular opportunity to minister powerfully in the supernatural (something David was not noted for in his ministry!). had a first-born son who was diagnosed with a serious disease. we have been satisfied to use prayer to try and find God. David was summoned to face his great rival. We must learn to pray until God says. I crafted a prayer for David and interceded before the Lord until the burden lifted.U. it saw them as servants of western imperialism. they are more powerful when converted into crafted prayer and spoken to the Father than when put into prophetic language and ministered to human beings. and that He will answer. It comes with a confidence in our heart that because we’ve heard the will of God.’’ Unknown Something Happens. in all of this.

He definitely knew that the peace of God. humility. On the other. no one felt compelled to exercise authority over the situation. he has no clue about what the end result would be. God has fashioned a man of courage. But I have prayed for you. Out of oppression and adversity.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer Needless to say. Simon! Indeed. knows the ‘‘ . David is tolerated and even encouraged in his ministry to that people group.’’ and presumably can craft prayers that will align himself with God’s greater purpose. His fear. and power.grahamcooke. conviction. All of the things I felt prompted to pray for in this circumstance have happened. God has produced a work that cannot be denied or stopped! When I shared my initial perceptions and my crafted prayers with David. however. There are precedents in Scripture for this type of situation. .’’ whim of this despotic character (who has not changed!). especially for his family. now I go bound in the spirit to Jerusalem. . He has moved into a level of supernatural gifting that has resulted ‘‘God allows in His wisdom in an evangelistic breakthrough for what He could easily prevent the work. the mission was saved. which passes all understanding. that your faith 29 http://www. he simply would not have endured the struggle. not knowing the things that will happen to me there. Although still living at the by His power. and David is now being resourced by his erstwhile opponent! The change in David has been remarkable. the Lord revealed and confirmed to Paul the dangers awaiting him. saying that chains and tribulations await me. Interestingly enough. Through these circumstances. Consider Acts 20:22–23: 28 ‘‘And see. would prevent anxiety and guard his heart (Philippians 4:6–7). Paul. Satan has asked for E-Book Page Number 12 . key ministries do not rescue God’s people from will of God for his time in Jerusalem legitimate struggle. ‘Simon.’’ On one hand. that he may sift you as wheat. the boy was healed. it was more powerful to him than an actual prophetic word. heavenly dialogue The other scriptural insight that is compatible with this type of situation is found in Luke 22:31–32: ‘‘And the Lord said. If I had told him sooner. except that the Holy Spirit testifies in every city. would have dominated his faith. he would have become fearful and distressed.

it was going to make him strong enough to be a help to his brothers. we can learn what at the conference table. He recognized that it was important for Simon Peter to struggle through to a deeper place of faith and relationship.’’ Unknown God’s will is for a situation and. If Jesus is sitting at the right hand of the Father. Isaiah listened 31 http://www. The Western Church.grahamcooke. However. we 30 downgrade the Holy Spirit’s power in our life – what can a bird do. in my belief. strengthen your brethren. We picture a large figure of authority (the Father).’ ’’ Jesus could have simply taken authority over the enemy and prevented the situation from actually happening. In what might have been the most significant moment of Peter’s life.’’ Jesus said. and the Holy Spirit is there. praying according to the will of God.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer should not fail. because of who He is in us. God wants us to know what He is praying. strengthen your brethren. Don’t you wonder what they are saying about you in any given situation? What’s the conversation in Heaven over your life right now? By ‘‘There will be no peace as exploring and seeking out this long as God remains unseated heavenly dialogue. and know that this attack of the enemy wasn’t going to stop him. and to understand that there’s nothing out there that can beat us. in Heaven. sitting at a round table. and when you have returned to Me. By listening in to the conversation in Heaven. It’s a fascinating way to live. He wants us to find joy in our situation.’’ Peter got to live. has a flawed understanding of the Trinity. interceding. what we should be praying. Jesus went to Simon Peter and explained that Satan wanted to sift the disciple like wheat. there was a different plan and conversation unfolding. after all? I greatly prefer the Eastern Church’s view of the Trinity: three equals. we learn that a single situation can have massive repercussions on a number of people. By seeking the conversation in Heaven for ourselves. and when you have returned to Me. a medium figure of grace (Jesus) and a bird (the Holy Spirit)! Inadvertently. by extension. Satan wanted to beat him. but. talking. Jesus told him what He was praying for: ‘‘That your faith should not fail. ‘‘But I have prayed for you. Simon had to discover something profound about himself and also the love of God for E-Book Page Number 13 . and wants us to be supremely confident in doing His will. In fact. because it allows us to rise above our circumstances and pray in line with a God who adores us. we embark on a great spiritual adventure. then there must be a conversation amongst the Three going on. be significant. where we are conformed to the will of God.

and by seeking out His will before we pray. We just pray without ceasing.’’ God will reply. It doesn’t matter how long it takes for the situation to resolve itself.’’ The answer may come in another E-Book Page Number 14 . We look at Uncle Cedric or Aunt Jean and God gives us a prayer for them – not just for the single issue they’re facing. 33 http://www. whole prayer. An intercessor like that already knows the outcome of the time he or she has invested in prayer. Amazingly. ‘‘Use that as a base. God gives us greater favor to pray out His will. and the Holy Spirit will lead you to a particular passage. Then we still ourselves. proclaiming and declaring God’s will. we will find that God is working in the most unlikely people and the most difficult situations. so they pray with joy and excitement. He longs to release His children from worry and fear. I suggest looking back through your journal. or considering prophetic words that have already been given to you.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer to the conversation in Heaven and discovered the will of God for himself (see Isaiah 6). God has given you a book full of His words. Sometimes we ask God to say something He has already said.’’ Paul told the Thessalonians. Suddenly.’’ you’ll say as you read it. . . in a dream or an impression. He shows us His works-in-progress. finding and resting in that secret place He has set aside for us. ‘‘Yes. God will reveal Himself to us in a number of ways. but a complete. because My heart’s in that for you right now. and praying it out. and then pray without ceasing. We can actually use ingredients from older prophetic words in our prayer.grahamcooke. ‘‘I know You . Unceasing prayer comes when a person has found the will of God and prays until the situation reflects what He wants to do. guys. we enter God’s presence with thanksgiving. our prayer is about all of the other stuff God is 32 doing while He’s waiting for that moment to come. He desires to show us what He’s doing in a situation and in our lives. How do we listen in on that conversation in Heaven? First. He hungers for us to pray what He is praying. ‘‘Hmmm. He wants us to know what His will is. our prayer lives are electric with excitement and we can’t drag ourselves away from intercession! ‘‘You need to rejoice. We become a prophetic voice in that circle. We have Scripture because it tells us what the heart and mind of God is in certain situations. God is very generous and the kindest Person I have ever met. As we prove ourselves faithful in the little prayers and issues. You can’t just do one thing!’’ God is always doing fifteen or twenty things around our lives. It’s like a Heavenly cheat sheet. ‘‘What else are You up to?’’ we ask God.

. Whatever has made you feel small can be turned around with the right weapon. This next season. Child.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer crafting our prayer Prayer is not meant to be used like a fisherman’s net to trawl for the will of God.’’ Paul wrote in Romans 8:29. I have set this next phase of your journey aside for the purpose of you walking in simplicity and adoration of Me . to give you a have the answer to that prayer. predetermined thing I want you to become in every situation. every attack is allowed and designed to teach you to become more 35 Crafted Prayer My child. and the Lord is saying to us: ‘‘If you will follow the way that I ‘‘I know the plans I have want you to pray. Only look at everything through the eyes and a heart of a trusting child. . as our prayers change us to be more like Him. ‘‘For whom He foreknew. We grow in confidence in the will of God.’’ God. and that brings us into a place of faith and proclamation. Remain childlike and simple in your walk with Me.’’ Every obstacle. enjoy! 34 http://www. Through them I will teach you to smile. We have decided to follow the process that God has ordained in the circumstances He has allowed to unfold. through Jeremiah will grow in Me. There is a predestined. we use prayer to pray the will of E-Book Page Number 15 . there is a pathway that enables you to become more like Jesus. He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. to laugh and to enjoy the power of your Sovereign Lord. In every situation.grahamcooke. . every problem. You are My special treasure. A part of your prayer initiative is to find what it is that God wants you to do to become more like Him. my precious one. this is not an equal fight! Every small thing I give you is a significant weapon against your adversary. I want to give you more of Myself. There is always an area of our life where we need to become more like Christ. but you future and a hope. everything will start to fall into place for you. Instead. I want you to enjoy these experiences I send to you. The odds are always in your favour. . the weapons of your warfare are more than a match for the enemy. you will not only for you .

whatever things you ask when you E-Book Page Number 16 . There are no Great Depressions or stock market crashes. principalities. height. I’ll understand what you mean. Fortunately. Crafted prayer is a wonderful tool.grahamcooke. Write your prayers out. Pray like this. take time for thanksgiving. Prayer is prayer to God. tribulation. and depth. Prayer is about certainty. Everything in God’s heart wants to tell you. whatever we ask will be given. Then we craft a prayer that covers the whole issue. even when we’re so lost we cannot put a prayer into words. and expect a provision. things to come. God is so good that He will look at us. Write them with your friends. death. As Christians. Sometimes our emotions are present with our faith. over and over. ‘‘Just groan. nor angels nor principalities nor powers. There is no difference between an anointed prayer and an unanointed prayer. things present. condemnation.’’ When we pray in the will of God. ‘‘This is what I want to do. they’re not. and inspiring one another. When we craft a prayer. life. in fact. nor height nor depth. we must stand in the midst of the problem. take time to study the Word. peril. and say. knowing God’s promise. persecution.’’ I am convinced.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer like Jesus. We can look at our situation. believe that you receive them. Everything is useful to our growth in the spirit because God is for us in every situation. until you feel it seep into your heart. Heaven is listening to our 36 prayers. There should be boldness in our hearts when we pray. our crisis becomes an opportunity for God to work. nor any other created thing. Nothing. 37 http://www. exposure. and bring our heart into line with what God wants to do. he answers a few verses later: ‘‘Neither death nor life. learning from one another. helping one another. angels.’’ God can and does interpret our groans. that all of the things Paul mentioned are actually designed to reveal God’s love for us. distress. Then commit yourself to praying the crafted prayer.’’ Jesus said in Mark 11:24 ‘‘Therefore I say to you. and you will have them. nor things present nor things to come. famine. All things work together for good in the economy of God. I promise. the sword. That’s why every problem comes with a provision attached to it. Look at the list of what cannot separate us from the love of God: accusation. shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. ‘‘Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?’’ Paul asked in Romans 8:35. It doesn’t matter how big and powerful the thing against us is – God has made us more than conquerors. other times.

It’s our identity. In fact. may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the width and length and depth and height – to know the love of Christ which passes knowledge. We must be a confident people and know that God is for us. making you great. that He would grant you. The Church is condemned to victory! It’s time to use prayer to turn the tables on the enemy. to Him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all E-Book Page Number 17 . depressed. we can wear him out exactly as he has worn out the Church. weary. from whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named. bold. because you walk with Him who knows and sees and does everything. exhausted. This is who we are. In fact. No weapon fashioned against the Church will prosper! God’s power is here. forever and ever. and your vengeance is that every attack the enemy throws at you will be turned around by God and used to bless you. No one could stand against God’s greatness in them. being rooted and grounded in love. Your understanding of who God is for you will grow until you’re filled by it. discouraged. 38 It’s a promise that is found in Ephesians 3:14–21: ‘‘For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. our inheritance.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer The whole point of crafted prayer is that it releases God’s greatness in you. We can make the devil tired. and you have more confidence than you know what to do with. our destiny. Isaiah 61? You have favor with God and man. We have to get our hearts and minds out of a poverty mindset of spirituality and into a place where we understand that the majesty of God and the majesty of His Church is the same thing. according to the riches of His glory.grahamcooke. that you may be filled with all the fullness of God. and nothing can come against us. Where is this place of vengeance and favor that Jesus spoke about when He read His inheritance word.’’ God said. you can be so 39 http://www. and in need of psychiatric care.’’ God wants you to be strengthened with power through His Spirit. that you. ‘‘Every place where the sole of your foot treads. I have given it to you. Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think. to be strengthened with might through His Spirit in the inner man. We are the people of God. He dreams of you being confident. What is the glory of His inheritance? The glory of Israel going into the Promised Land was that God’s presence went with them. according to the power that works in us. and joyful.

we would be victorious. once and for all. but we’re all too content to be chickens. born to proclaim and declare His greatness and His goodness. We must shake this weakness off. we can flip over a piece of paper and shoot back. We’re not arrogant or overbearing. Many of his psalms are crafted prayers. again and again. ‘‘Is that all you’ve got?’’ He says. God’s will is that Christ would dwell within you. ‘‘Just bring it!’’ We have made allowances for losing. a passage David wrote after the prophet Nathan came to him and exposed his adultery with Bathsheba and his hand in the murder of Uriah the Hittite. I love persevering in prayer. Who would you rather have on your side – a thousand people who can’t kill one. In our little bodies. God has said it. His children are supposed to be eagles. it has become a pleasure. and overwhelmingly confident. but we are called to more than that. Ephesians 3:14–21 is a prayer about identifying with the Father. a Man who is incredibly powerful. or one person who can kill a thousand? We are too used to mediocrity. nothing worries Him. I love that faith remains in me when I pray the things God has told me I can pray. for example. The joy of the Lord truly is our strength. One person with the Lord is always on the side with the power and the victory.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer full of God that no one around will be able to stand in unbelief. Here is His prayer right here!’’ I love crafted prayer and the comfort the Holy Spirit packages with it. Crafted prayer brings us to a confident focus on God so that the enemy cannot trap us in fear and E-Book Page Number 18 . If we could just learn to walk with God in the way that He wants. In Christ. but cheerful and confident in God’s provision for us. Take Psalm 51. and being strengthened by Him on the inside. David’s journal Prayer was a similar pleasure for David. which we refer to today as the book of Psalms. to thinking in small things. there can be the confidence and anointing to take an entire community for God. not a chore.grahamcooke. we are God’s 40 champions. but a good fight is one that we win. rooting you in His love. We are meant to be an inspired people who live in confidence. Nothing fazes Him. He is so full of joy that He even sings over His people. We have met Jesus. Fullness is our destiny. soaring on the wind. ‘‘Well. He looks at the enemy and laughs. deeply intentional. but emptiness is our crutch. The enemy always uses the same line first: ‘‘Has God said?’’ With a crafted prayer. 41 http://www. as we can see in his journal. thank you very much.

Against You. ‘‘He needs to know that I’m going to block out his transgressions. broken. and he definitely needs the joy of his salvation restored. He needs to know that I have compassion for him. And my sin is always before me. have I sinned. who is feeling ashamed and E-Book Page Number 19 .’’ That’s the conversation in Heaven. listening to what God wants him to pray: Have mercy upon me. According to Your lovingkindness. I was brought forth in iniquity. And blot out all my iniquities. 42 According to the multitude of Your tender mercies. I can give him a clean heart. cleansed and purified. David.grahamcooke. looking at David. The Father. He needs to learn about loving kindness. and I shall be clean. You desire truth in the inward parts. Blot out my transgressions. You only. And done this evil in Your sight – That You may be found just when You speak. Imagine the conversation the Trinity is having. Behold. And cleanse me from my sin. Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity. sat down and began to write his prayer. He needs wisdom from here on high. O God. Behold. And in the hidden part You will make me to know wisdom.’’ It goes on. 43 http://www. He needs to learn that there’s truth in the inner man. His heart is broken. Create in me a clean heart. he needs to understand My grace.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer Imagine for a moment the conversation that was going on in Heaven over this situation. Wash me. Purge me with hyssop. And in sin my mother conceived me. you know. And renew a steadfast spirit within me. He needs to be washed. He needs to be restored. That the bones You have broken may rejoice. and he is worried that God is going to remove the Holy Spirit from him. and I shall be whiter than snow. ‘‘Well. Son and Holy Spirit are seated at a round table. David is humiliated and feels about an inch high. For I acknowledge my transgressions. and I’m not going to take the Holy Spirit away from him. And blameless when You judge. a steadfast spirit. He wants to be cleansed. Make me hear joy and gladness. O God. Hide Your face from my sins.

45 http://www. And uphold me by Your generous Spirit. trying to kill him. and using that as a refuge. He needs to know that if he calls out to Us. be merciful to me! For my soul trusts in You. We see another of David’s crafted prayers in Psalm 57. I will save him. And in the shadow of Your wings I will make my refuge.’’ That was the conversation in Heaven.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer Do not cast me away from Your presence. rarely sleeping in the same place twice. He shall send from heaven and save me. others are watching for him. Throughout the countryside. And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. and see if you can spot the exact moment the prayer turns into a crafted psalm of thanksgiving. Until these calamities have passed by. I will cry out to God Most High. Be merciful to me.’’ Eventually. He’s hanging out in caves. I want to give him a steadfast heart. ‘‘Let it be done on earth. I am with him and I am against his enemies. but he needs to truly know that I want to be his protection and his refuge. the Trinity is sitting at their table. because that will bring him confidence. As Jesus prayed. That’s what crafted prayers do when they are prayed in confidence.grahamcooke. David received an answer to his prayer and was set free from his sin. Now read this crafted prayer of David. To God who performs all things for me. 44 ‘‘David needs to know that I am his refuge. also looking to ingratiate themselves to King Saul. talking. Let’s teach him how to use these circumstances to bring himself to a place of exaltation. You cannot pray in the will of God with confidence and not have your heart turned towards praise. David is hiding in caves. when Samuel himself prophesied it would happen? What is the conversation in Heaven over this issue? Again. as it is in Heaven. but Saul was still chasing him around the wilderness. At the time. He needs to learn how to use his circumstances to awaken praise and worship in his life. He had been anointed king by Samuel many years before. David was not yet E-Book Page Number 20 . O God. Who can David trust? Why is it so hard to become king. Restore to me the joy of Your salvation. Do you see how all of the key words from the conversation in Heaven have found themselves in David’s psalm? There is symmetry between what God wants to do and what David prayed. There is mercy for him. He’s leading a ragtag band of mercenaries. some of whom would love to turn him in and collect Saul’s reward offer.

Let Your glory be above all the earth. They have dug a pit before me. Be exalted. For Your mercy reaches unto the heavens. When I returned home. My heart is steadfast. but he had completely deteriorated. presumption It is not. who was deathly ill. Let Your glory be above all the earth.s. My soul is among lions. O God. O God. above all. ‘‘Is this life or is this death?’’ We must first understand His will. above the heavens. I went to see George. O God. my heart is steadfast. God shall send forth His mercy and His truth. we cannot write a crafted prayer out of presumption. 46 The psalm takes its turn into thanksgiving at the line. He was going to die. my glory! Awake. the Lord showed me that George’s time was ending. me. It is part of our inheritance to be. I will praise You. part of our inheritance to be presumptuous of what God’s will is. secure and confident in the will of God. above the heavens. however. I lie among the sons of men Who are set on E-Book Page Number 21 . O God.grahamcooke. He looked at me and asked the most difficult question of his life: ‘‘Don’t b. among the peoples. My soul is bowed down. Whose teeth are spears and arrows. Into the midst of it they themselves have fallen. I will sing and give praise.’’ I gently and lovingly told 47 http://www. O Lord. Grae. Am I going to live or die?’’ ‘‘Have a great death. Awake. lute and harp! I will awaken the dawn. And their tongue a sharp sword. We must ask the tough questions. surrounded by his loved ones. George (not his real name). And Your truth unto the clouds. His church and family had been praying and praying. He was in a bed.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer He reproaches the one who would swallow me up. traveling. Be exalted.’’ It is the destiny of every Christian to have their prayers answered. even if we don’t initially agree with it. ‘‘My heart is steadfast. I had another friend. I will sing to You among the nations. They have prepared a net for my steps. my heart is steadfast. The first question we have to ask in any crafted prayer is what God’s plan is. While I was away.

’’ he replied. George met with the people on his list. ‘‘Grae. George had asked everyone to wear Hawaiian shirts. George made up a list of 24 people – friends. It was huge. George suddenly sat bolt upright. There was no black. into a different place with God. Our natural inclination will be to pray for what we think is best. We must resist that presumption and discover what God’s will is. 49 http://www. he told her how excited he was to see Jesus.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer him. George was also silent for a few moments. which had grown from the size of a pea to almost the size of a tennis ball.’’ There was every shade of prayer that one could imagine. so they pumped John full of medication. others were cursing it. The 24th person on his list was a veteran nurse who he asked to come and sit with him during his final hours. each accepted Christ. I walked in and slammed into a wall of unbelief. Death had become George’s stepping stone. God wasn’t going to heal George. but the two had entered into a fellowship of suffering. in fact. There were more than 200 people in this prayer meeting. co-workers. Nurses and physicians began to ask to stay with him because they loved being there. I drove a hundred miles to see him. neighbours. the atmosphere in the room changed. and God.grahamcooke. but no unity. a testimony Crafted prayer didn’t just work in David’s time. They were afraid to operate at first. George had led 24 people to Christ during his final days. Severely weakened. Some were binding and casting this thing out. but she E-Book Page Number 22 . It took some convincing. they talked about life. it works today. literally and physically. there was a prayer meeting for him in his church. and a peaceful heart. It was his final moment – he died thereafter. Immediately. and some were praying ‘‘If it be Your will. and nurses – who he wanted to see. His attitude brightened. do something. One by one. and pressing in on all kinds of things. He was having blackouts and epileptic fits. His funeral was a lively celebration of the life of 48 a man who changed people’s worlds. There will be times when it will be difficult to craft a prayer. George’s family was horrified. One by one. When I heard about his situation. With a huge smile on his face. The doctors were baffled by its size. there was much grace in the room. I’m going to have the greatest death you’ve ever seen. That night. That night. My friend John had been diagnosed with a brain tumor. death. She fell to her knees and accepted Jesus. and sat stunned. The nurse was stunned by the whole experience.

by faith. ‘‘They don’t know what I want to do. As words were repeated. The atmosphere in the room had changed. write it down. He doesn’t speak to you in whole sentences. Another 51 http://www. I put a check mark beside them. Again. the group came back together. They have clung hours that night.’’ I said. and form them into a prayer. but in key words and phrases.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer ‘‘Father. with faces smiling broadly. They marched in like an army. ‘‘Anybody have an approximate to that first sentence?’’ I asked. some of the words had as many as twenty-five ticks. ‘‘Anyone else get that first sentence?’’ I asked. ‘‘Okay. The group gathered the next evening and I explained that we needed to do nothing but worship God in order to change the atmosphere in John’s house. giving everyone half an hour. full of excitement and confidence. ‘‘Find yourself a quiet place in the house or the gardens and so on. just in your spirit. I walked around the room and found thirty-five people who were just being still.’’ He E-Book Page Number 23 . Just be still before the Lord and let God breathe on you. ‘‘what do You want me to do?’’ ‘‘I want you to walk around and just find out right now. Eight or nine people waved their hands. starting with thanking to me all my life. in his house the next evening. with these people.’’ I said. and Abraham Lincoln eventually stepping into a place of ministering to God. By the end of it. so there was no time to waste. An hour later. what on earth is going on here?’’ I asked God. ‘‘When you’re learning how to hear the Lord. we met and began worshiping God. and just sit before the Lord and ask Him what He wants to do for John.’’ I wrote down the first person’s opening sentence. I called John and told him that we needed to have a prayer meeting.grahamcooke. meditate on the words. I stood up and handed everyone a piece of paper 50 and a pen. People were almost jumping on their seats. ‘‘Let’s meet again tomorrow night. moving into praising Him. Faith in the room shot up another notch.’’ I said. ‘‘Well. Whatever comes into your conscious mind. eyes bright.’’ I said.’’ I said.’’ He said. The end of John’s life was drawing close. Taking those oft-repeated words and writing them down again. ‘‘We’re going to come to a place where God will tell us what He wants to do for John and His tumor. ‘‘I remember my mother’s prayers and they have always We worshiped for more than two followed me. we went around the room and wrote the key words and phrases on a flip chart. one sentence at a time.’’ When everyone came back.’’ God. After an hour. I asked the intercessors to go back to their quiet place. just discern those who are waiting and listening. ‘‘we’ll start reading them out loud.

’’ We wrote out a prayer and came to an agreement that this is what we would pray. We came to his home the night before the doctors had scheduled him for surgery and prayed in complete confidence. That night. He began to minister to the people who were supposed to be ministering to him.’’ We recorded the prayers onto the tape. The more we prayed.’’ he answered. and the more relaxed and peaceful his home became. ‘‘I better let these guys pray or they’re going to kill me. many of whom were unbelievers. ‘‘How can you be like this?’’ the nurses would ask.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer six people put up their E-Book Page Number 24 . you felt 12 feet tall. and you have to pray it with whatever faith. But when you come to pray. intensity and faith on the 91st occasion as we did on the first. you must listen to this tape and come in at that same level. and then we’re going to pray this same prayer. 52 ‘‘Okay. asked John how he could live like this. By the end of the evening. It was the fourth straight day we had met. and John would tell them about Jesus. We found it incredibly enjoyable. Hearts were so intense that I thought to myself. moving on the hearts of his family and nurses. We went through the whole exercise and found that most people had put the words and phrases in the same order. This is very important: there is one thing to pray – and one thing only. The same level! We’re going to pray. ‘‘We’ll worship the Lord for an hour or so.’’ I said. the more God did: the more confidence John had. intensity and power that you possess. we prayed the prayer once – just to keep people from exploding – and set another prayer meeting for the next evening. His family. At the end of the evening. and when you come to the next prayer meeting. You could feel the intensity grow. one by one. because perseverance in prayer is about praying at the same level of passion. ‘‘John. ‘‘Now we’re going to pray until God tells us to stop. you 53 http://www. because He’s worth it.’’ We actually prayed for John 73 times. What happens with most of us is that we start off praying in our fear and panic and we give God so many choices that the situation overwhelms us. you have to totally let your heart and your faith lift before God. when you go in tomorrow. John’s faith grew to the point that he began to proclaim what God was going to do. That night at John’s house. after everyone had a turn. ‘‘I know what God is going to do. power. We end up losing heart and quit praying at all. passion. the room was hopping. I had a tape recorder and transcripts of the prayer ready. but it was like a picnic. I think God didn’t heal him immediately because He wanted to accomplish all of these things first.grahamcooke.

the medical staff added their explanation: ‘‘We know that he belongs to a strong. ‘‘There’s absolutely nothing.’’ On his medical records.’’ the doctor said.’’ he had said. For whom He foreknew. but finally they did it. ‘‘Not only is there nothing there.’’ My favorite part of this story was what John told the doctors moments before they gave him the final CAT scan. these He also called. these He also justified. It took some convincing. with crafted prayer taking care of the problem. tell them I’ll pay for it.’’ The next morning. they put John in a cab and took him across town to another hospital. Now. he said.grahamcooke. There is no operation here. not some future heavenly state (when we’re all going to be changed in a twinkling of an eye. praying community and we put this down to an act of God.’’ John replied. Moreover whom He predestined. 54 It is not just about my personal good but about people around me seeing something of God in my circumstances. This is where we can start to become prophetic.’’ ‘‘We’ve already done about a dozen. ask for a CAT scan. There was nothing there. lucky thirteenth.’’ We are ‘‘predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son’’ in this current set of circumstances. anyhow!). Thinking the scanner was broken. 55 http://www. ‘‘Ask for a CAT scan. and whom He justified.’’ Our circumstances are not just about the situation being resolved. Again there was nothing.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer need to ask for another CAT scan. Again John was scanned. Romans 8:28–31 tells us that in every set of circumstances there is a pre-determined path for us to follow that is guaranteed to make us more like Christ: ‘‘And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God. John went in and asked for one more CAT scan. whom He called. It is also about us being changed! We are learning to have increased confidence that things will work out for good (see Romans 8:28). When we know what God wants to do for us. that He might be the firstborn among many E-Book Page Number 25 . we can then turn our attention to what God wants to do in us and around us to others. When he came out. these He also glorified. ‘‘Don’t submit to the knife. we are free to pursue the wider purposes of God in our situation. If they don’t want to. ‘‘You’re not going to find anything there.’’ I said. He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son. This passage talks about the here and now. but there doesn’t seem to be any trace that anything ever was there. ‘‘I told you so.’’ I said. to those who are the called according to His purpose. ‘‘Well.

We are now free to be conformed to the image of Jesus. What are the things that the Father wants to freely give us? There may be more for us to inherit in this present crisis than we realize. they read the people of God. He became more confident and peaceful. The questions we must ask as the situation unfolds are. Work colleagues. people will often speak against you and criticize you. We are free from the stress of the situation to begin to interact with God personally to increase our intimacy and devotional walk. friends. over time. in confidence. The medical staff was astonished! They began asking searching questions about the Lord. and faith. His family radically changed through watching him grow in his new persona and faith. Crisis now 56 becomes an even greater opportunity to see the majesty of God.’’ as we would like. We are learning how much the Father is for us. In a ministry like mine. we must not be disheartened. Often the reason for the wait regarding the answer is because we are learning to wait on Him. Why did we have to pray 73 times for John over five months? What else was happening as we prayed without ceasing? He changed.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer A crafted prayer is not a magic formula. He lost his ability to worry and be nervous – things that had characterized his life before. ‘‘What is it that God wants to be for me now that He could not be at any other time? What is God doing in me to make me more like Jesus? What else is God doing through me to the people around me as I go through these circumstances?’’ We must begin to see the wider purposes of God at work. It will take a process. In an average month. according to Romans 8:31. to be answered. crafted prayers develop our character There are prayers that God has given me in my life and ministry that have absolutely saved me. His unshakable peace shook them all up! People don’t read the Bible. and the answered until all of God’s wider objectives have situation does not change as quickly been achieved. We must not be double-minded (see James 1:5–8) but have a confident conviction of God’s nature to us. to pray with joy. I’ll receive several letters disparaging my ministry. ‘‘A prayer may not be If we pray. These are the ‘‘all things’’ of Romans 8:28 that we have typically missed in past situations. the answer will come. These letters 57 http://www. so learn to persevere. neighbors. peace. You are praying God’s E-Book Page Number 26 . and some church members were shaken by the quality of his faith and his confidence.grahamcooke.

’’ I pray. There are days when I pray with passion and faith. with thanksgiving. getting twisted.’’ I pray that and then read the E-Book Page Number 27 . I can just sit down. ‘‘Rejoice in the Lord always. and the peace of God. I am helpless against the riptide of their words. We should have a joyful. and my enemies. open my prayer book. Usually. The Lord is at hand. Prayer is not rocket science. I reach the end of the prayer and a smile breaks out on my face. my sons.’’ He said in Matthew 7:7. Keep me from people who speak about me. He guaranteed that our prayers would be answered. and start to pray. but disciplined. and you will find. because it produces faithfulness in us. Let their hard words chisel away my roughness. in the secret place of Your presence. forming Christ. which surpasses all understanding. and it will be given to you. It is a few sentences that have become the first place I retreat to. seek. knock. approach to God. It doesn’t matter 58 how difficult a situation is. but in everything by prayer and supplication. will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. I have crafted prayers for my wife. I’m weary of being misunderstood. It saves me from getting angry. Change my heart to speak with Your love and sculpt my life through these situations. my church.’’ We must combine our supplication. rejoice! Let your gentleness be known to all men. I cannot defend myself. God wants us to be confident in prayer. I use a prayer until the situation changes. I have a crafted prayer. ‘‘Father. let your requests be made known to God. ‘‘I’m tired of the ungracious scrutiny of others. It’s no wonder that more than half of the prophetic people I started out with 30 years ago have had a nervous breakdown. Refresh my heart to look on them with love. dear Lord. and live in rejection or bitterness. To deal with these letters. our need to know 59 http://www. and days where I just pray with whatever I can muster. I accept this part of Your cross. Again I will say.grahamcooke. my friends. Hide me. and then put it into a filing cabinet. I have a book full of crafted prayers that I’m still praying. left the ministry. my daughter. Paul wrote in Philippians 4:4–7. getting resentful. and getting bitter. Be anxious for nothing. how to craft your prayers Jesus was the One who taught us the most about prayer. and it will be opened to you. but not to me. criticizing everything that I am. ‘‘Ask.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer can be savage.

Then He might supplement that with Scripture or pictures. I give You thanks that You are with me and that You are for me. Dad? What are we doing? What’s going to happen?’’ After a few minutes. teach me Your paths. ‘‘I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. God reminded me of these day trips when He was teaching me about prayer.grahamcooke. And I listen. recover from all of us. I praise You for this situation. Paul wrote in Philippians 1:3–4.’’ He would say. When we don’t know how to pray. I have a plan. with thanksgiving. and then ask Him questions: " " " " ‘‘I want you to know. I know You have a plan and a purpose for me. with all of the necessary provisions. and just go. and a confidence will begin to rise in your spirit.’’ 61 " " " ‘‘ E-Book Page Number 28 . You’re up to something . we should enter God’s presence with thanksgiving. that I may become conformed to the image of Jesus in this situation. what are You up to?’’ ‘‘What’s happening here?’’ ‘‘What is it You want to do?’’ ‘‘I know You. I ask You to show me Your ways.’’ And then I’m simply still. what is it?’’ ‘‘What does that look like?’’ ‘‘What’s the plan. I wouldn’t tell them where. Today. 60 http://www. I would often take them out on day trips. ‘‘Grae. He will give you key words and phrases and a sense of His objective. with the destination marked. waiting for Him to speak. show me Your will. always in every prayer of mine making request for you all with joy. And I meditate on God. when they were younger. Write everything down. which drove them to ask endless questions. as it comes to you. Prayer should be a joyful experience. oh Lord. I would give them my map. a peace will fall on you. As you do. my supplication looks like this: ‘‘Father. Show me Your will that I may confidently and joyfully co-operate with You. ‘‘Where are we going. well. .Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer how to pray for a specific situation. Father?’’ ‘‘What do You want to do?’’ Supplication reminds me of something I used to do with my children. We would pile into the car. .’’ So I would worship and ask God to show me His ways and teach me His path. to give my wife a chance to. His answers have become the foundation for all of my crafted prayers. ‘‘What is it? Where are we going?’’ I’d answer back impulsively.

On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. I try to be childlike in my confession of faith: ‘‘God said. It’s time for joy to return to our prayer life. with nervousness. happiness fills our heart. compare notes. intentional. purposeful. I can be sure that I am not quenching the Holy Spirit when I use crafted prayers. The Bible is a great example which you do not know. If all we have is off-the-cuff spirituality.’’ Jesus was telling His disciples that when their faith was tested and their hearts began to fail. God is prepared and well-planned. When a person knows what God is going to do. with unbelief. Yet it is when we are planned. How do we pray when our heart gives out? How do 62 we remember what we prayed yesterday? True spontaneous spirituality arises out of a heart that is soaked and prepared by a relationship with the Holy Spirit. rehearsed and have written our revelation down that we are released to truly be spontaneous. with doubt. with fear. this spontaneity makes us inflexible to the Spirit. we have prayed with E-Book Page Number 29 . and rehearsed. as if God abhors planning. as intercessors are able to encourage one another. we will never mature in our faith. they can’t wipe the smile off their face. Spontaneity has become an unnecessary crutch for the Spirit-filled Church. there were just two simple commands to follow: Love Me and love the person next to you.’’ Jesus did the same thing in Matthew 22:37–40: ‘‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart. through Jeremiah of that dedication to order. For too long. we know how to pray with depression all too well. As a Church. As Jesus said in Matthew 18:19–20. purposeful.’’ God. And the second is like it: You shall love your neighbor as yourself. and with all your mind.grahamcooke. and seek answers together. Knowing that God is intentional. a Book which took centuries of divine planning and purpose. Simplifying our faith is also helpful in prayer. Yes. but He also wants us to be ‘‘Call to Me and I will show you great and mighty things planned. Prayer is a paradox – two apparently conflicting ideas contained in the same truth. In fact. with all your soul. I believe it. Crafted prayer works especially well in families and small groups.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer When we know how God is going to answer our prayer. 63 http://www. we must return the compliment. We have relied solely on being spontaneous. This is the first and great commandment. God wants us to be spontaneous and move freely in His will. that jolly well settles it. but prayer with joy is the experience we are destined to have.

’’ Together. 64 65 http://www. I will teach you how to stand on the word of your God. .Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer ‘‘Again I say to you that if two of you agree on earth concerning anything that they ask. and stand against and you shall prevail. Know that you are being watched over and protected. I have put a sword in your hand and confession and proclamation upon your lips. we can discover and pray into what God wants to do through every situation. full of passion and power. prayers – Pray Until Something Happens.U. and provide marvelous answers and strength in your time of need. stand up.grahamcooke. These are P. I am there in the midst of E-Book Page Number 30 . prayed fervently. aligning our request to God’s will. Throughout the rest of this journal. it will be done for them by My Father in heaven. There are prayers you need to write about your family and your friends. stand upon. For where two or three are gathered together in My name. Therefore I say to you . Learning to stand My child.H. Crafted prayer is about intention. There are prayers that you need to write about your current circumstance. either individually or in a group. You are learning to stand in the Presence of God and those I send to assist you. and create a journal of your own prayers. so at the same moment you stand on the evil one. These prayers will be sustenance for your prayer life.S. I strongly encourage you to work through this book. you will find numerous exercises and examples to help you write your own crafted prayers. You will begin to understand both the Power that is behind you as well as the Power that is within you. in this next season I am going to radically change your perspective. . it’s a prayer that God gives you permission to pray. What is an effective prayer? Very simply. Know that as you stand on My word.

confident men and women God has destined us to be. When we know God’s will. ‘‘I want to know Wonderfully. It’s as if they have hit the mother lode and have begun to prophetically proclaim God’s will for the situation they are praying for. we’re praying with the are details. done correctly. we’ll have slipped into proclaiming the greatness and wisdom of God. will stir up a spirit of boldness in our lives. There is nothing like the rush of faith and adrenaline that happens when a person is praying and suddenly shifts gears into proclamation. The confidence of the Holy Spirit fills us. Our prayer lives can be the most richly rewarding part of our walk with God if we just take the time to enter His presence with thanksgiving and to still ourselves until 66 we can rest in His secret place. This spirit of proclamation is part of our DNA as a Christian.grahamcooke. It is time to use prayer as a weapon – we must grow up in our intercession.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer conclusion Prayer. we’re not praying to God’s thoughts. we are free to follow the process God has ordained for us in the circumstances that He has allowed. and we can craft a prayer which will be answered. becoming the joyful. Before we know it.’’ Albert Einstein answer. Because we know what God wants to do. we enter into a certainty of the outcome. and we become God’s voice in a specific E-Book Page Number 31 . The rest get an answer. 67 http://www. Then we can ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to us what the conversation in Heaven is over our situation.

Jesus Himself. The word will set you up to discover what you’re going to experience during the next stage of your journey of faith. but He will put it in your heart. and God wants you to know what it is. As a son or daughter of the Almighty. this word is fulfilled in your hearing. It may be two or three passages of the Bible. returned to civilization and went straight to a synagogue. it is important to ask God for an inheritance word. God will give you an inheritance word. These are usually passages of Scripture that He highlights and asks you to meditate on for long periods of time.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy appendix 1 inheritance words When crafting a prayer for yourself. you have an inheritance. after spending 40 days and 40 nights being tested in the wilderness (see Luke 4). ‘‘Today. 69 This half-page is intentionally blank http://www. if He hasn’t done so already.grahamcooke.’’ He E-Book Page Number 32 . He opened the Scriptures to Isaiah 61 and proclaimed it as His inheritance.

Read it and re-read it. I found the bookmark and returned to Psalm 91. When you receive a passage. But it shall not come near you. ‘‘This is your Bible right now. Nor of the destruction that lays waste at noonday. study it. My God. You must come into this so I can do what I want to do. Look it up in Bible commentaries.’’ I remember that after three months of reading the same sixteen verses.grahamcooke.’’ the Lord said. Even the Most High. Only with your eyes shall you look. Study it. Research the original language. Because you have made the LORD. Every ounce of revelation is yours to E-Book Page Number 33 . I want you to read it. You shall not be afraid of the terror by night. 71 http://www. I need you to get this. ‘‘Grae. so use it for all it’s worth. ‘‘He is my refuge and my fortress. Memorize it. And under His wings you shall take refuge. in Him I will trust. memorize it.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer and it is your inheritance. I was desperate for a little bit of Timothy. Many years ago. This psalm is everything I want to show you. Ask for it. I flipped to the New Testament and immediately my eyes went out of focus.’’ 70 Psalm 91 is a powerful passage: He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. This passage is part of the conversation in Heaven about you.’’ Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler And from the perilous pestilence. Nor of the arrow that flies by day. ‘‘I want you to study this and I don’t want you to read anything else in Scripture for the next nine months. And see the reward of the wicked. through Psalm 91. He shall cover you with His feathers. God gave me an inheritance word for the next phase of my life. His truth shall be your shield and buckler. Take it apart. don’t read anything else for a while. ‘‘Grae. your dwelling place.’’ God told me one day. Nor of the pestilence that walks in darkness. And ten thousand at your right hand. A thousand may fall at your side. Everything in that psalm is yours to experience. and my eyes went back to normal. I will say of the LORD. ‘‘What did I say to you?’’ the Lord chided. Ask God to illuminate His truth in it. Then write a crafted prayer about it. piece by piece. asking for the things that have been laid out as promises in your inheritance word. if you can. who is my refuge.

God has allowed Satanists and the occult to come against me. he introduced himself. He will be to you like the hound of Heaven – you cannot get away. I will set him on high. With long life I will satisfy him. spoke with the flight attendant.’’ I’ve written several crafted prayers out of this passage. For He shall give His angels charge over you. I had held his eyes the whole time. ‘‘My whole coven has been given a commission to curse you to death. time after time. ‘‘Is that it?’’ I said.’’ he said. sovereignty. my health. Nor shall any plague come near your dwelling. therefore I will deliver him. A Satanist once took a seat next to me on an airplane. I was hoping this would be another such situation. 73 http://www.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer No evil shall befall you. you’re not really here to curse me.’’ I looked at him – he was dressed like a successful businessman. His eyes became hooded and his voice low and sibilant. He shall call upon Me. I smiled. and my ministry. ‘‘Let’s hear it. feigning disappointment. the Lord will turn into a blessing. take a deep breath. ‘‘I’m a Satanist. You shall tread upon the lion and the cobra. ‘‘Okay. and start again. ‘‘The last Satanist to curse me was much better. to learn how to live in God’s refuge. because he has known My E-Book Page Number 34 .000 feet. with a specific assignment to curse 72 me. Lest you dash your foot against a stone. So why not think about it for a while. and seen God. to lure them into a trap He has set – for them! Psalm 91 was a test for me. The young lion and the serpent you shall trample underfoot. Every word you say against me. and majesty. To keep you in all your ways. You’re hear to listen to the message that the Lord is pursuing you with love. How do you like those apples?’’ The Satanist got up. ‘‘You are here because the Holy Spirit has an assignment on your life. It was interesting how his face and language changed. And show him My salvation.grahamcooke. In their hands they shall bear you up. ‘‘Actually. I will be with him in trouble.’’ I said. he ceased. When we reached our cruising altitude of 35. I will deliver him and honor him. Finally. and I will answer him. turn back the attacks of the enemy.’’ He declined. The Lord really used his words to bless me. I continued the conversation. ‘‘Because he has set his love upon Me.’’ He proceeded to curse me.’’ I said.

com E-Book Page Number 35 . to think into that. Father. the young lion. I knew that God has promised me that no evil shall befall me. that You would give us inspiration and insight into that word. so that we are established in the inheritance that You show to 74 us. and I pray that You will enable us to study. and the serpent. I thank You that You’re only acquainted with grief. the cobra. 75 http://www. In Jesus’ name. I ask that You should show us our inheritance for the next stage of our journey. reveal our inheritance in word form and inspire us to seize it. to be expanded. Let’s pray together that God will give you an inheritance word. and that I will trample the lion. Father. Bless his heart. Holy Spirit.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer and switched seats. Bring us into an experience of that word through the circumstances that You allow. we are the most confident.grahamcooke. That is the power of an inheritance word made into a crafted prayer. We represent Your Kingdom of joy. Amen. Raise us to higher level in the Spirit. so that our hearts would be filled with Your confidence and certainty. I pray. Of all people in the earth. and to go deep in who You are. I pray in the name of Jesus that You would give us a spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of You. because I knew my inheritance. We’re the happiest people on earth because of who You are. So I pray. that You are the happiest person that lives. Help us to grow rapidly. to meditate on Your word. I thank You. I had confidence in what God was going to do.

com E-Book Page Number 36 . but alive to You’’ (Romans 6:11). 77 " " " " http://www.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy appendix 2 crafted prayer in the Bible There are many prayer triggers in the Bible. ‘‘Help me. ‘‘Control my life by Your Spirit’’ (Romans 8:10). ‘‘Help me put to death the deeds of flesh that Your life may reign in me’’ (Romans 8:13). crafted prayers that have been handed down by God through the ages. a sinner’’ (Luke 18:13). ‘‘Set my mind on what the Holy Spirit wants today’’ (Romans 8:5). These are prayers that are earthed in Scripture and get an automatic yes and amen. ‘‘Let me be led by the Holy Spirit today’’ (Romans 8:14). Father.grahamcooke. to count myself dead to sin. " " This half-page is intentionally blank ‘‘Be merciful to me.

I want to challenge you to sit down with a group of friends and seek God for crafted prayers for your life. Lord: to live in Your house and behold Your beauty’’ (Psalm 27:4). exercise Over the next few months. " " " 78 79 http://www. Let me love You with all my heart. soul. Lord. asking Him for what you want in your life. mind and strength’’ (Mark 12:30). If there is a stronghold of sin in your life. so how do I beat it? What is the prayer I can use to release the power and presence of God in my life?’’ Write a prayer about your own relationship with God. ‘‘One thing I ask. O God. ‘‘Renew my mind. ‘‘What is it I am supposed to be praying in this situation?’’ Find out what the Lord is doing in each area. Lead me in the way everlasting’’ (Psalm 25). Go through every area of your life and ask E-Book Page Number 37 . Teach me Your paths. pray ‘‘This thing has always beaten me. ‘‘Let me hunger and thirst for Your righteousness’’ (Matthew 5:6).Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer " ‘‘Show me Your ways.

until you are as confident as you can be that you have the mind of God on how to pray. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to accomplish first in the situation. His ways be reading and meditating on relevant Bible passages (2 Timothy 3:14–17). Be thankful to God for what He has already done (Philippians 4:4–7). 12. 6. Clarify and simplify the current area for crafted prayer. 4. Write them down. Write down any further insight you receive. Seek to discover what the Father. Romans 12:14–21. Begin to worship God as your thanksgiving brings you into His presence (Psalm 100). craft a prayer that includes the key elements (words. 80 7. Be thankful to God for His promises towards you (Jeremiah 29:11–14).grahamcooke. As God leads you. Take your crafted prayer back to the Lord. John 17. Review and meditate on crafted prayers in the Bible (Matthew 6:9–15. 11. Gather the thoughts and words that God gives you. In the place of stillness. 2. Ephesians 1:15–23 and 3:14–19. Take these thoughts and words back to the Lord and pray for further clarification. 1 Timothy 2:1–2). ideas. Steps for an individual 1.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer steps to crafted prayer General preparation (Ecclesiastes 5:1–7) 1. Son and Holy Spirit are praying for this situation (Hebrews 7:23–25 and Romans 8:22–30). Come to a place of stillness inside – prepare your heart to listen to God (Psalm 46). continue to pray and proclaim with confidence what God has shown you until resolution comes. 9. and second. 3. 8. in you through this time. His purposes. Move into a time of proclamation of what God will do based on your faith in who God is and your understanding of His will. 2. Keep ‘‘updating’’ your information about God’s love. and phrases) that God has made known to you. Ask for confirmation or alteration. 81 E-Book Page Number 38 . if necessary. Accept the fact that God will do things in His own time and His own way! 14. Don’t rush or push. 13. 5. 10.

Begin to worship God as your thanksgiving brings you into His presence (Psalm 100). 5. 7. Come together and share the words and phrases you believe God has revealed to you. 3. 14. 82 11. Individually. Move into a time of proclamation of what God will do based on your faith in who God is and your understanding of His will. Together. 12. 2. until you are as confident as you can be that you have the mind of God on how to pray. Also ask Him what He wants to accomplish in your life. and phrases) that God has made known to you. Seek to discover what the E-Book Page Number 39 . enter that place of stillness and craft a prayer that includes the key elements (words.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer Steps for a group 1. if necessary. Be thankful to God for what He has already done (Philippians 4:4–7). 8.grahamcooke. Take these common thoughts and words back to the Lord and pray for further clarification. Son and Holy Spirit are praying for this situation (Hebrews 7:23–25 and Romans 8:22–30). 10. as God leads you. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to accomplish in the situation and in the life of the group or church through this time. Accept the fact that God will do things in His own time and His own way! 15. Come to a place of stillness inside – prepare your heart to listen to God (Psalm 46). Identify any that have been received by a number of group members. Don’t rush or push. continue to pray and proclaim with confidence what God has shown you until resolution comes. 9. Take your crafted prayer back to the Lord. Write down any further insight you receive. Write them down. ideas. 4. 83 http://www. Clarify and simplify the current area for crafted prayer. Ask for confirmation or alteration. Individually gather the thoughts and words that God gives you. 13. Be thankful to God for His promises towards you (Jeremiah 29:11–14). 6.

Son. Bring your list of thoughts and words to the Lord and pray for further E-Book Page Number 40 . 9. 7. Accept the fact that God will do things in His own time and way. 3. Begin with thanksgiving and worship. and Holy Spirit. 5. 2.grahamcooke. 84 85 http://www. continue to pray and proclaim with confidence what God has shown you until resolution comes. Ask to be shown what is the desire and prayer of the Father. 8. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to accomplish in the situation. As God leads you. Come to stillness inside – prepare your heart to listen to God. 6. Write down any further insights you receive. Enter that place of stillness and craft a prayer that contains the key words and phrases you have received. Clarify and simplify the current area for crafted prayer. Take your completed crafted prayer back to the Lord for clarification. Move into a time of proclamation of what God will do. 4. 11. 12. Gather the thoughts and words that God gives you – write them down.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer crafted prayer worksheet – individual 1. 10.

Write down any further insights you receive. 9. Ask to be shown what is the desire and prayer of the Father. 4. Gather the thoughts and words that God gives you – write them down. Which are common to a number of you? E-Book Page Number 41 .grahamcooke. 12. Begin with thanksgiving and worship. 2.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer crafted prayer worksheet – group 1. 6. Ask the Lord to show you what He wants to accomplish in the situation. Come together and share the words and phrases you believe God has revealed to you. 5. and Holy Spirit. 3. Individually. Come to stillness inside – prepare your heart to listen to God. 10. and yourself. Clarify and simplify the current area for crafted prayer. Take these common thoughts and words to the Lord and pray for further clarification. Accept the fact that God will do things in His own time and way. 11. 13. Son. enter that place of stillness and craft a prayer together. 7. Together. 87 86 http://www. Take your completed group-crafted prayer back to the Lord for clarification. as God leads you. group. continue to pray and proclaim with confidence what God has shown you until resolution comes. Move into a time of proclamation of what God will do.

Put on a worship CD for a few minutes. If you have a stray thought. 4. There will come 88 a point when your thoughts will be under control. the time you most need stillness is when everything is chaotic around you. Slow your breathing down. casting down arguments and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. If your thoughts wander. Sing along. Inhale and exhale deeply. 5. Find a comfortable place.grahamcooke. you might suddenly think. Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 10:4–6: ‘‘For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal but mighty in God for pulling down strongholds. and being ready to punish all Christ disobedience when your obedience is E-Book Page Number 42 . ‘‘I need milk for the kids tomorrow. Try this exercise in being still: 1. 6. 2. Just be silent before the Lord. you train your mind to be still before the Lord. Ironically. Peace is like having an equalizing pressure inside of you which keeps you from being crumpled by outside pressure.Crafted Prayer by Graham Cooke E-Book Version Do Not Copy crafted prayer crafted prayer stillness exercise Being still is a vital part of hearing the conversation that is going on in Heaven over your life and situation.) By chasing your stray thoughts down. turn it into something positive. bring them back to God. 3.’’ 89 http://www. bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ. (For example.’’ Turn that thought into a prayer of thanksgiving for your children and God’s provision.

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