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P6 Reference Manual

P6 Reference Manual


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Primaverea P6 Project Management - Referene Manual
Primaverea P6 Project Management - Referene Manual

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Published by: saluthomas on Aug 29, 2008
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You can specify the monetary unit or base currency used to store cost data
for all projects in the database, as well as the monetary unit or view
used to display cost data in windows and dialog boxes.

Only a user with Admin Superuser privileges can change the
base currency and define additional view currency types.

The exchange rate for the base currency is always 1.0. If you select a
different currency than the base currency to view cost data, the base
currency value is multiplied times the current exchange rate for the view
currency to calculate the values displayed in cost and price fields.

For example, if the base currency is U.S. Dollars, the view currency is
Euros, and the exchange rate for Euros is .75, a value of $10 stored in the
database is displayed as 7.5 Euros in cost and price fields in windows and
dialog boxes. Similarly, if you enter 10 Euros in a cost or price field, it is
stored in the database as $13.30.

When you enter values in cost and price fields, they are always
displayed in the view currency.

Use the Currencies dialog box to set up the base and view currencies.

Indicates the currency is the
base used to store cost data

Defining Administrative Preferences and Categories 47

Primavera - Project Management

If you are upgrading from a previous version of the Project
Management module, you should set up the base currency in
the new version before you start adding and changing projects.

Define a base currency The base currency, by default, is U.S. dollars.
To define a different currency as the base, choose Admin, Currencies.
Select the base currency, then, in the General tab, type the currency’s ID,
name, and symbol. The exchange rate for the base currency is always one.
Click the Appearance tab to further define how the currency is displayed.

If you want to view costs in the old base currency, you will need
to add it to the list of available currencies.

Add a view currency Choose Admin, Currencies. Click Add. Specify
the currency’s ID, name, symbol, and exchange rate, and indicate how the
currency should be displayed.

Separates whole values from decimal
values in the currency display, for
example, 500.5 or 500,5

Separates groups of digits in
the currency display, for
example, 300,000 or 300-000

Indicates how many
decimal places to
display, for example,
none (70), one (70.1),
or two (70.14)

48 Part 1: Overview and Configuration

Primavera - Project Management

Type an ID that clearly
defines the currency type.

Enter the universal symbol
used to identify the

Choose Edit, User
Preferences, then click
the Currency tab to
select the currency used
to view costs.

Enter the current global exchange
rate for the currency.

Setting User Preferences 49

Primavera - Project Management

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