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Turning Car Streets Into Our Streets

This winter, a steering committee composed of community leaders and local residents will guide the process of developing a complete streets ordinance and non-motorized transportation plan. This ordinance will focus on creating street networks that accommodate different transportation modes for people of all ages and abilities. The non-motorized transportation plan will establish a vision for multimodal transportation and recommend strategies for wise investments in transportation infrastructure that will promote public safety, health, and environmental benefits. For many decades, investments in roads have strongly favored automobiles at the expense of other modes of transportation. Recent research has found that 28% of all metropolitan trips are one mile or less, and that of these trips, 65% are made by car. A Complete Streets Ordinance and non-motorized transportation plan will ensure the development of more balanced roadways that serve the needs of cyclists, pedestrians, the disabled, and others for whom driving is not an option or desirable. Not only does a network of multi-modal transport promote the health of residents and the environment, it creates choices and opportunities for travel that are not possible on existing roads. In our efforts to best meet the needs of the public, your input is crucial. Through a series of workshops over the next couple months, we invite you to share with us your transportation needs, concerns and ideas. We also invite you to take the online survey at s/7L8KL9H. With the support of the community, we are confident that we can develop a Complete Streets ordinance that sets our community on the path to safer, healthier transportation options.

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Existing condition of local road

Local road with multi-modal transportation infrastructure


Charter Township of Lansing 3209 W. Michigan Avenue Lanisng, MI 48917

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Upcoming Public Events
Nonmotorized Transportation & Complete Streets Townhall Meetings Wednesday April 13, 2011 at 7:00PM, Plymouth Congregational Church (2001 E. Grand River Ave.) Thursday April 14, 2011 at 7:00PM, Lansing Township Offices (3209 W. Michigan Ave.)
For more information, visit or contact Matt Brinkley at (517) 485-4063 or
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