Aristotle was an ancient Greek philosopher/scientist.

He used science to figure out how the world functioned and many of our currant theorys still come from some of his. His father was a doctor so Aristotle was brought up in a scientific atmosphere and like his father Aristotle grew to love biology. Aristotle was also taught by Plato, a student of Socrates so this would be where his interests in philosophy derived from. Aristotle was an excellent student but when Plato died he was not chosen to become the master of the school so Aristotle left Athens and went back to his home town in Macedon where he became tutor to Alexander the great. Alexander and Aristotle became great friends and when Alexander travelled he would sent back plants for Arisotle to study. However when Alexander beccame king Arisotle went back to Athens to start an academy of his own to rival that of Plato's. Both schools were successful for hundreds of years. One of Aristotles main interests was classifying plants-to take the chaotic natural world and impose a man-made order on it. Arisotle also liked to have order in the people and he created a classification system for the government and monarchies that we still use today.

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