Social Media/Marketing Internship Position The Bridge Project is a community outreach initiative of DU’s Graduate School of Social

Work and is seeking motivated individuals to help bring them into the technological era in order to connect with the greater DU community and its extended network. They are offering two 6-month social media/marketing internships. Background on The Bridge Project: The mission of The Bridge Project is to provide educational opportunities for children living in Denver’s public housing neighborhoods so they graduate from high school and attend college or learn a trade. The Bridge Project seeks to achieve this mission by building a “bridge” into lower income, public housing neighborhoods and providing children with the tools and support necessary for success in school. The Bridge Project was established in 1991 through a collaboration involving community representatives and faculty members in the Graduate School of Social Work at the University of Denver. Inspired by Chancellor Dan Ritchie’s vision that the University of Denver strive to be “a great private university dedicated to serving the public good,” community and faculty leaders developed a program aimed at reducing educational barriers, increasing educational opportunities and improving learning outcomes for children and youth living in Denver’s public housing communities. The project’s mission and goals are based on data indicating that as many as 90 percent of youth residing in Denver’s public housing developments fail to complete high school. The Bridge Project uses several integrated program components to enhance educational skills and outcomes for children, youth and parents who participate in the project. The first Bridge Project neighborhood center was established in Denver’s North Lincoln Park Public Housing Development in 1991. Due to the subsequent demolition of the North Lincoln location, the Bridge Project moved into South Lincoln Park community in 1993. In January of 1998, a second site was opened in the Columbine Public Housing Development; this was followed by the addition of a third location at the Westwood Public Housing Development in the spring of 2001. The Denver Public Housing Authority provides space for each of the Bridge Project sites. Renovation, equipment, and program costs are provided through private funds and in-kind contributions from the Denver community.
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Internship: This will be a great opportunity to learn about the work of The Bridge Project, and make an impact to help the organization better deliver on the mission. This is an unpaid position that students may be eligible to receive credit for. Qualifications: Ideal candidates should have experience, prior knowledge or interest in the following areas: o Marketing/social media utilization o Website management o Inter-cultural communication o Knowledge and/or experience with non-profits Desired skills and abilities: o Excellent writing skills o Strong organizational skills o Ability to work independently o Commitment to learn new programs o Ability to multitask o Outgoing and able to connect with other students o Willing to take initiative Potential candidates should provide a cover letter with application outlining previous experience and reason for interest in the position. o Students lacking aforementioned experience should provide information about why they are interested in the position and how they will contribute to the Bridge Project. Time commitment: o Six-month duration. o Ideally 5-20 hours per week (flexible).  Possibility of increased hours over summer quarter. Location: o The Bridge Project’s office is located inside the Graduate School of Social Work at 2148 S. High St., Denver, Colorado. o Community outreach work will be performed throughout the University of Denver campus and the organization will be flexible with social media work performed offsite.


Internship Duties: 1. Update Facebook page. [] a. Gain an additional 500 friends to start and encourage friends to suggest the page to their friends, concentrating on University of Denver students. b. Post to Facebook page weekly with open ended posts that encourage dialogue. c. Add pictures of past events, promote current events and add testimonials. 2. Create and update the following social media websites: a. Twitter [] b. Jumo [] c. Facebook Cause [] d. Linkedin [] e. Tublr [] f. Vimeo [] 3. Create listservs. a. Gather contact information and create multiple listserv groups. b. The multiple listservs may be as follows: i. Donors ii. Volunteers (mentors, tutors, etc.) iii. Potential Volunteers/Donors 1. School of Social Work, Education, etc. 2. Alumni of Bridge Project 4. Send out e-newsletters monthly using the listserv groups in order to promote events, publicize testimonials, provide updates, etc. 5. Update website. a. Promote current events and feature past events. b. Add donor appreciation page with links to participant organizations. c. Add videos, photos of events and programs. d. Add awards/acknowledgements. e. Links to all social media sites f. Add newsletters and annual reports as PDF files. g. Add testimonials from donors and student success stories in blog form. 6. Promote and coordinate fundraising events. 7. Create additional events to include students at the University of Denver along with current Bridge Project students (suggestion: annual play put on by students or some type of craft or food sale. 8. Foster links affiliations with other DU schools and programs such as Korbel, Daniels, and Morgridge. 9. Build relationships with on campus organizations/programs such as Pioneer Leadership, Civic Engagement and Service Learning, and Americorps. 10. Additional tasks may be added as needed.


Interested candidates please send cover letter and résumé to Lisa Mueller at with subject line Social Media/Marketing Intern Position.


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