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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - User Guide

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - User Guide

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Published by: david_kubera on Apr 13, 2011
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Your new subnet is automatically associated with the VPC's main route table.The subnet needs to have
its traffic routed to the Internet gateway.This section describes how to create a custom route table with
the necessary route and associate the subnet with that table. For more information about route tables,
see Route Tables (p.103).

To create a custom route table

1.On the Amazon VPC tab of the AWS Management Console, go to the Route Tables page.
Your VPC's route tables are listed.

2.Click Create Route Table.
The Create Route Table dialog box opens.

3.Make sure your VPC is selected and click Yes, Create.
The new route table is created and appears on the page. Notice that it has an ID (e.g., rtb-xxxxxxxx).

4.Select the check box for the custom route table.
The lower pane displays the route table's details.

5.On the Routes tab, enter in the Destination field, select the Internet gateway's ID in
the Target drop-down list, and click Add.

6.On the Associations tab, select the ID of the subnet and click Associate.

API Version 2011-01-01

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide
Update Routing

The subnet is now associated with the custom route table. Any traffic leaving the subnet goes the Internet

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