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Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - User Guide

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud - User Guide

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Published by: david_kubera on Apr 13, 2011
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To apply a network ACL's rules to a particular subnet, you must associate the subnet with the ACL. An
ACL can be associated with multiple subnets; however, a subnet can be associated with only one ACL.
Any subnet not associated with a particular ACL is associated with the default network ACL by default.

To associate a subnet with a network ACL

1.On the Amazon VPC tab of the AWS Management Console, go to the Network ACLs page.
Your VPC's ACLs are listed.

2.Select the check box for the network ACL.

API Version 2011-01-01

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud User Guide
Working with Network ACLs

Its details are displayed in the lower pane.

3.On the Associations tab, select the subnet to associate with the table and click Associate.

A confirmation dialog box is displayed.

4.Click Yes, Associate.

The subnet is now associated with the ACL and is subject to the ACL's rules.

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