Dear interested artist; Thank you for your interest in participating in Alfresco!

, Kutztown¶s annual Plein Air Festival and exhibit. Kutztown is a treat for the visual artist and all who enjoy the unique and endangered beauty of small town America. A busy University town surrounded by rolling Mennonite farmlands, Kutztown offers something for everyone. Enjoy capturing historic buildings on canvas? We offer a range that extends from old silk mills and iron foundries to restored Pennsylvania Dutch log cabins and barns. For those who paint the bustle of human busyness and interaction, we offer children at play in an idyllic tree-filled park and animated diners at outdoor cafes. For the landscape artist we have preserved farms, alleys and side streets, marshes and creek-side walking trails. A week is not enough to capture the potential of this visually rich and historic town. Alfresco! is a fundraising event of the Kutztown Community Partnership, a community driven non-profit organization dedicated to the economic revitalization and preservation of downtown Kutztown. By participating in this event you are helping to achieve their goals while promoting Arts in the community and raising awareness of Plein Air painting. Some added features for 2011¶s activities: y Upon having your canvas stamped, you will receive a wonderful hospitality bag, complete with information about Kutztown (where to shop, where to park, where to eat lunch), specials and some goodies to welcome you to our town y As in years past, KCP will sell tickets to the Plein Air Reception. The cost of the ticket will be applied to art sales as payment. This will prove to be a helpful incentive for people to buy once they are at the reception y This year¶s Art Festival will include food vendors, a request made by artists and attendees alike Please review the enclosed Information and Entry Form and respond by April 28th for early registration. Check the website at for updated notes on schedules, special events, maps, and directions, and please feel free to call me at (610) 6830744 for further information. Thank you, and see you µen plein air¶!

Joanne Lapic Plein Air Coordinator Email: Phone: (610) 683-0744

324 West Main Street, Kutztown, PA 19530 ‡ ‡ 484-646-9069 ‡

Kutztown¶s Annual Plein Air Competition Information & Entry Form
Alfresco! will be held from May 6-13, in the uniquely charming Borough of Kutztown, Pennsylvania. Entry into the competition is open to all US artists over 18. Early registration fee is $25 if postmarked by April 28. After April 28th, registration will be $35. Please make checks payable to the ³Kutztown Community Partnership.´ Canvas stamping and Artist¶s Gathering will be held at the Kutztown Area Historical Society (Normal Ave and Whiteoak Street) on Friday evening, May 6 from 7-9 PM. Light refreshments will be served. Artists may have as many canvases or papers stamped as they wish, but they may only enter two works for judging in the competition. Plein Air painting and drawing will take place between Saturday morning, May 7th and Friday, May 13th. Artists may paint as little or as often as they wish in that week, with daily check-ins at 324 W Main Street. Plein Air artists will work within the physical boundaries set by the committee within the Borough and surrounding areas. All works entered in the competition must be created at least 75% en plein air and may not utilize photography for completion. On May 13th all artists and a guest are invited to a Collector¶s Preview Party/Artist¶s Reception, where judging will occur. At least $1,000 in prizes will be awarded that night. All artwork will be available for sale with 25% of sale price donated to the Kutztown Community Partnership to further their downtown improvement efforts. All artwork must remain on display and for sale on Saturday, May 14th, with public voting for the $100 People¶s Choice Award at Kutztown¶s annual Art in the Park Festival. After May 14th, KCP is making arrangements with local businesses and organizations to continue to display works for another week or two. More information on these arrangements will be available at the canvas stamping on May 6th. Artists will not be required to display art after May 14th, but the increased exposure and publicity will certainly help to draw additional sales. Quick Draw contests will be held at May 14th Arts Bash with individually sponsored prizes of cash or gifts valued at $50 to $100 per Quick Draw. Plein Air artists may participate in these fun and frantic events at no additional cost. Advance registration for Quick Draws are encouraged as there are maximum participants established for each event. Quick Draw information will be posted on our website as it becomes available. Something we would like to add to this year¶s marketing is a page to our website with artist bio¶s. With your registration form, please send us a one or two paragraph bio with information about your education and accolades you have accumulated. Finally, please provide KCP with the contact information of three of your frequent buyers. We want to market this event to people who buy art work and feel that by attracting people who already know the participating artists, we stand to grow our pool of buyers. KCP will safeguard this information and will not distribute it to anybody else. It will only be used for marketing the 2011 Plein Air competition. Please, support your fellow artists so that we can attract more buyers and expand the market for this event. Early Entry information must be postmarked by April 28, 2011. We¶re looking forward to your participation!

Entry Information
Artist Name ____________________________________________________ Address ____________________________________________________ City, State, Zip____________________________________________________ Email ____________________________________________________ Phone (home) _________________________ (cell)______________________ Website ____________________________________________________ Facebook __________________________ Twitter___________________ For early registration (by 4/28), please enclose check for $25.00 made payable to:
Kutztown Community Partnership 324 Main Street Kutztown, Pa. 19530 Attn: Alfresco! Entry Agreement (required for participation) By entering Alfresco!, Kutztown¶s Annual Plein Air Festival and exhibit, I affirm that I have read the entire prospectus and by signing this entry form I agree to be bound by all terms outlined in it. All works entered in this competition must be created en plein air (outdoors) without the assistance of photography. I understand that I am expected to participate in both the plein air competition, the exhibit and sale. During the dates of the competition I agree to not sell any work done during the Festival unless I pay 25% commission to Kutztown Community Partnership. The paintings I exhibit must be priced with a retail price commensurate with my normal pricing structure. A commission of 25% on all works sold will be retained by Kutztown Community Partnership and all sales will be handled by their representatives. Images of work that I enter into the competition may be used by same organization for publicity purposes. I also understand that KCP will photograph artists at work, taking care to guard the nature of the art work until after judging occurs. Photographs will be used to market Kutztown and the Plein Air festivities Signature______________________________________________________Date_________________________

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