Public Affairs Office Pacific Partnership 2011 Onboard USS Cleveland Public Affairs Officer (N00PA) Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet 250 Makalapa Dr. Pearl Harbor, HI 96860-3131 (808) 471-3769

Facts and Figures for Tonga
Commander’s Mission Statement:
• • • Build and strengthen our partnership with the country of Tonga, and our alliances, partnerships, and relationships with Australia, New Zealand, France, Canada and Singapore Plan and conduct Humanitarian Civic Assistance and other civil military operations to build capacity for essential and sustainable services Enhance Joint, Allied and Partner interoperability and capabilities in coalition operations and disaster response

• • All of the U.S. Armed Forces are represented in Pacific Partnership this year. o 760 USN/40 US Army/33 USMC/2 USAF Civic Assistance projects will take place in o Tuanikivale (MEDCAP), Makave (ENCAP), Utui (ENCAP), Taoa (ENCAP), Utulei
(ENCAP), Talihau (ENCAP), Neifu (MEDCAP at Hospital, Center of town), Hunga (MED/VET), and Falevia (MED/VET).

All of our projects are done by the request of the Tongan government and will be done with Tongan professionals through Subject Matter Expert Exchanges.

• • • • • • • • 50 Australian Military Personnel 4 Canadian Military Personnel (CLE) 268 New Zealand Military personnel 12 Civilians 8 ENCAP Locations 10 MEDCAP Locations 7 VETCAP availabilities $ 4 million projected cost.

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