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April 12,2011
Sheriff Paul Babeu
Pinal County Sheriffs Office
971 Jason Lopez Circle, BId. C
Florence, Arizona 85232
Dear SheriffBabeu,
I appreciate the work that you have done on the Maricopa County Sheriff s Office administrative
investigation wherein Chief Deputy David Hendershott, Director Larry Black, and Captain Joel Fox
are named principals. I look forward to our meeting on April 13, 2011, when you will provide, for
the first time, a comprehensive overview of the administrative investigation factual findings. Based
on our discussion, I understand that I will receive a copy of the draft investigation report at that time.
It is my intent to promptly review the report to determine whether or not further investigation is
warranted; once the investigation is concluded, I will decide what employment action will be taken
regarding each of the principals.
While I understand and share your interest in making the investigation findings public as soon as
possible, I have been advised by the Maricopa County Attorney's Office, Civil Services Division,
that we must be mindful of the rights of the principals in this administrative investigation. For
example, certain statutes covering law enforcement officers, such as A.R.S. sec. 38-1101(K), prevent
disclosure of an administrative investigation until a classified employee has exhausted his appeal
rights. Additionally, one or more of the principals may have a constitutionally protected liberty or
property interest which may be impacted by the outcome of this investigation. As a result, we may
be precluded from discussing or releasing all or portions of the investigation report until these
employees have received the due process to which they are constitutionally entitled.
Once again, I thank you for your service to this Office. I look forward to our meeting on Wednesday
and to concluding this matter in the very near future.
\\ Sincerely,

Joseph M. Arpaio

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