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Before you Vote, REMEMBER!

Examples of the Harper Governmentʼs Contempt for Canadian Democracy

• Prorogation of Parliament 2008: (which cost $130,407, 733) unprecedented in Canadian history, was used here to escape scrutiny in Detainee issue. •Eliminating/Reducing Funding for Political Watchdog Organizations: Canadian Policy Research Network slashed, budget for Parliamentary Budget Office cut (2009) •Stacking the Senate with Conseratives while government prorogued.

•Afghan Detainee Issue: The refusal to release the uncensored documents on the Afghan Detainee Issue was a violation of the Canadian Constitution.

• Conservative Party in Contempt of Parliament: First citation in Canadian History.

•Firing Nuclear Watchdog/reopening Chalk River Reactor: President of Canadian Nuclear Regulatory Agency, Linda Keen was fired by Gary Lunn (Minister of Natural Resources) for her report on safety issues at the Chalk River Reactor. *Improper Campaign Monies “In and Out Affair:” (2006) allegations of $1.3 million being illegally used in the election campaign.

•The Harper Government then called an election, violating their own “Fixed Dates Elections” legislation.

•Harper government made huge cuts to 3 important grant-making agencies for science: Canadian Institute of Health Research, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, and Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council. They implemented $35 million in cuts to the National Research Council, one of the most highly respected science agencies in the world.

•Conservative Committee Chairs given 200 page guidebook advising them how to manipulate and even impede important committee proceedings in the House.

•Harper Government ignored Majority Vote Resolutions passed in the house: •returned Iraq War resisters to USA against rulings in Parliament to support resisters. •Harper Government ignored House Resolutions not to have bulk water on the NAFTA discussions.

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