written by mary kate kroliczak

REVISION 1045 Scripped scripped.com April 13, 2011 Copyright (c) 2008-2011 mary kate kroliczak All Rights Reserved

INT. HOUSE EARLY MORNING Jack, a middle aged man, routinely begins his day by diligently ironing his clothes. He staggers down the stairs, shoves his feet into his shoes and grabs his dog's leash from atop the banister. The dog comes running. He gently acknowledges his dog by giving him a slight pat on the head. Before heading out the door he glances in the mirror, a hint of a white collar sticking out above his jacket. He quickly combs his hair. FATHER JACK (murmuring under his breath) Where has my youth gone? INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING Priest unlocks the front doors to the church. Mrs. Giavanni enters. MRS. GIAVANNI (in a very provocative voice) Good morning Bishop. BISHOP AL Good morning Mrs. Giavanni. How are you this lovely morning? Bishop Al leads Mrs.Giavanni into the Priest's offices. EXT. STREET EARLY MORNING Jack stumbles along the street as his dog pulls him towards the park. An ambulance comes roaring past him and blows garbage over his freshly polished shoes. Jack lets the dog off his leash and eagerly approaches the corner coffee shop. The sound of a couple arguing in the background can be heard. INT. COFFEE SHOP EARLY MORNING Leah perks up in her seat at the sight of Jack. She smiles widely. LEAH Good morning Father! The usual? FATHER JACK Yeah the usual. What else is new? LEAH Lovely morning isn't it?

2. FATHER JACK Indeed it is. LEAH Read the news lately? FATHER JACK I try to stay away from all that. It's too depressing LEAH Yeah, it's an awful reminder. Remember when this neighborhood was safe? FATHER JACK Yeah, it wasn't all that long ago. LEAH You have a good day, Father. You too. FATHER JACK

Leah slumps onto the counter and gazes at Jack as he crosses the street. INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING BISHOP AL (to Mrs. Giavanni) So I suppose you've come to repent your sins? MRS. GIAVANNI You could say that. Mrs. Giavanni crawls over the desk onto Bishop Als lap. INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING Father Jack enters the church and takes a deep breath. EVA (organ player) Good morning Father! FATHER JACK Good morning!

3. INT. HALLWAY NEAR OFFICES EARLY MORNING Father Jack approaches the hallway. The sound of a woman moaning echoes through the hall. A chair falls back and two people can be overheard giggling. He stops and listens for awhile. He turns and walks back to where the organ player was. INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING FATHER JACK Do you know why the office door is locked? EVA No, but it's been locked all morning, Father. I figured Bishop Al was in there since I saw his coat hanging up in the lobby. INT. HALLWAY NEAR OFFICES EARLY MORNING Father Jack turns and starts walking quickly back toward the office doors. He stops for a moment and reaches above the door where he keeps the spare keys. The woman's moan grows louder. He approaches the door, slips the key in quietly and gives a slight knock as he swings the door wide open. INT. PRIESTS OFFICE EARLY MORNING Jack closes his eyes in hopes they will not be burned by the sights of infidelity. Sure enough he opens one eye to see Mrs. Giavanni with her legs up in the air and Bishop Al trying to cover them up with Sunday vestments. BISHOP AL Jesus Christ, Jack, do you think you could knock? FATHER JACK Oh dear, first you commit adultery, now you use the Lord's name in vain. What's next Al? INT. HALLWAY NEAR OFFICES EARLY MORNING Father Jack slams the door. Takes off in a rage. FATHER JACK (to EVA the organ player) Could you send the Janitor to the office? It needs to be disinfected immediately. Also, open the confessional I'll be ready in 5 minutes.

4. INT. PRIESTS OFFICES EARLY MORNING MRS. GIAVANNI Oh Al do ya think he's going to tell? BISHOP AL (sighing) I don't know, I just don't know MRS. GIAVANNI Well what are we going to do if he tells? Antonio cannot find out. And the children... What will I tell them? BISHOP AL Don't worry about all this. I'll take care of everything. INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING Father Jack enters the confessional booth. FATHER JACK May the Lord be in our heart to help you make a good confession. SETH Bless me, Father, for I have sinned. It has been 25 years since my last confession. FATHER JACK That is quite some time. What are your sins? SETH (sniffling) I don't know what came over me, but I, I committed adultery against my wife of 20 years. I just don't know what to do. Father Jack rolls his eyes FATHER JACK Now, now calm down. This adulterous act has been committed out of weakness. I want you to be truthful. 20 Hail Mary's 20 Our Fathers. And now the Act of Contrition. Jack grits his teeth. The sinner and Father Jack recite the Act of Contrition

5. SETH Thank you, Father. Thanks be to God. Jack slams the confessional window to his right. When it's closed he takes a deep breath. INT. POLICE OFFICERS CAR EARLY MORNING Officer Smith, a young black man that is about to start his very first shift working the beat in South Philadelphia. His partner, Officer Duncan, a 15 year veteran of the force, sits patiently reading the Philadelphia Inquirer. The cover reads: POLICE COMMISSION, Pending Investigation, Six Murders in Two Days. OFFICER DUNCAN (his face disgusted) Can you believe this shit!?! The media is always on our ass about solving these crimes. They're relentless. OFFICER SMITH You know what burns me up? We lost two officers last month, we're just human. If the community wants us to do a better job why don't they stop committing crimes? OFFICER DUNCAN I hear ya! The amount of shit that goes down in this city. They wouldn't be able to come up with the man power to solve it all. Fix it all.. The two cops get interrupted by a call from dispatch DISPATCH We have a suspected robbery at J&A's convenience store. Three suspects in black sweatshirts hood up with tan pants. They're all about 5ft tall. Suspects are to be considered armed and dangerous. OFFICER DUNCAN Alright looks like we got our first mission early today! OFFICER SMITH Alright let's go get them!

6. INT. CHURCH EARLY MORNING FATHER JACK (talking loudly to himself) These people.. all I am is their therapist. Doesn't anybody have any respect anymore? I need a new line of work. He turns to his left and opens the confessional once again. FATHER JACK May the Lord be in our heart to help you make a good confession. ADAM Hey, I don't really know what I'm supposed to do here.. I've never done one of these things before. FATHER JACK Well, you repent your sins. Jack holds back his laughter. ADAM Geez, where do I begin. I wouldn't exactly consider myself a saint. Do you think God will get mad I'm in here. Like he's not going to raise his scepter of doom and blast me with a strike of lightning, is he? FATHER JACK No, you see when you come to confessional to repent, God forgives you for all the sins you've committed thus far. ADAM Wow, that easy huh? I wish everyone was as forgiving as the big man. FATHER JACK We all can forgive. It's the forgetting that becomes difficult. ADAM Yeah, I bet you won't forget this confessional. So I guess I'll start with when I was ten I stole a dirty mag from one of those (MORE)

7. ADAM (CONT'D) corner carts. Then when I was eleven Jack interupts. FATHER JACK You don't have to start from the beginning; just sum up the most recent. ADAM Uh, well to sum it up I owe the government a large sum of money as well as several bookies around the tri-state. I frequent the washy washys, I'd steal from a blind kid to get my next fix. INT. OFFICERS CAR EARLY MORNING It begins heavily raining. OFFICER SMITH I think I see them! Stop! Let me out! I'll chase them down. EXT. PARKING LOT OUTSIDE THE CHURCH MID AFTERNOON Officer Smith gets out of the car gun drawn. The rain is coming down in thick sheets. The sewers are clogged. The streets are flooding. Don't move! OFFICER SMITH

MICHAEL That guy has a gun! Run! OFFICER SMITH I said don't move! Teenagers go running down the street. God Damnit! OFFICER SMITH

Officer Smith runs after three suspects. Officer Duncan calls for back up. The three suspects and Officer Smith round the corner. He slips on the wet pavement. Officer Smith falls to the ground. POW!!! His gun goes off. Tommy falls to the ground. Two other suspects keep running.

8. OFFICER SMITH (speaking into his radio) Send a bus we got one down. Officer Duncan comes running up to the suspect. He checks for a pulse. OFFICER DUNCAN (shaking his head sorrowfully) Nothing, he's gone. He's a baby gotta only be in high school. Officer Smith slowly gets up. OFFICER DUNCAN What happened? We need to get our stories straight. OFFICER SMITH I was running and I had my gun drawn and I slipped and fell and when I landed my gun went off. INT. CHURCH AFTERNOON Father Jack and Adams confession get interupted by commotion outside the booth. MICHAEL Mom! Mom! Where are you?!? MRS. GIAVANNI Whats wrong? Why aren't you at school? MICHAEL Tommys shot!!! What! NO! MRS. GIAVANNI

BISHOP AL What's all the commotion out here? Michael, Mrs. Giavanni, Bishop all go running to the street.


MRS.GIAVANNI (screaming at the officer) Nooo why did you do this! He was a good boy! He was only a baby!

Officer Smith holds his head in his hands. BISHOP AL Take Mrs. Giavanni inside! Somebody call an ambulance! OFFICER SMITH (voice quivering in disbelief) I was following the description. OFFICER DUNCAN Oh Lord what the hell! OFFICER SMITH I just followed the description I didn't know they were children. I just reacted. INT. CHURCH AFTERNOON Father Jack hears screaming and comes running out. Blood washes down the street with the rain water. EXT. CITY STREET Jack approaches victim. He checks for a pulse. FATHER JACK (whispering into the victims ear) Perpetrators Saints of God, come to his aid! Come to meet him, Angels of the Lord! Receive his soul and present him to God the Most High! May Christ, Who called you, take you to Himself! May angels lead you to Abraham's side Receieve his soul and present him to God most High! Give him eternal rest, O Lord, May your light shine upon him forever! Ambulance arrives. Jack hangs his head and walks through the

10. pouring rain back to his house. INT. CHURCH MORNING Jack arrives to the church to help set up mass for a memorial service. People start arriving carrying trays of food. FATHER JACK Looks like the entire neighborhood's here BISHOP AL Yeah, so about yesterday morning. FATHER JACK Now is not the time, Al. People start settling in their seat. Bishop Al begins his sermon. There is an interuption from the crowd. ADAM Why does it take a tragedy to get us to come together? BISHOP AL Please, Sir. Contain yourself, we have a family in mourning. Father Jack approaches the man. ADAM Answer my question Bishop! You are supposed to know all the answers. Well, since you and God are so much alike. FATHER JACK Sir you're going to have to leave. ADAM Fine then I'll see you all in hell. The church goers spout off side comments. Mass continues. INT. LOCAL PUB NIGHT Jack walks to the corner pub to grab a bite to eat. JOE How are you doing this evening Father? What can I do for ya?

11. FATHER JACK A glass of Shiraz and a menu please. JOE No problem coming right up. You look beat. FATHER JACK I am. I just spent the day at the church. We had a memorial service for Tommy Giavanni. JOE Antonio's son? FATHER JACK Yeah, real sin. Ran away from the police in a suspected robbery. Turns out it was a case of mistaken identity. No shit! JOE

FATHER JACK Just another day in Philadelphia I guess. JOE Always something. You look like you need a vacation. FATHER JACK Yeah. Ironically my cousin Sue, you know the one who married Jimmy Smits, asked me to come to spend the weekend at their house in Albany. I'll probably take her up on that offer. Adam enters the bar sits a few seats down from Jack. ADAM (to Jack) You gotta light? FATHER JACK No, I don't smoke. ADAM Of course you wouldn't. You're a priest.

12. FATHER JACK Yeah, that and it kills. Adam chuckles. ADAM Yeah, so does stress. Looks like you know what that is. Jack laughs back. Adam cracks a smile. Jack continues to eat his dinner. Adam kindly blows smoke in his direction. FATHER JACK Do you mind? I'm trying to eat. ADAM Yea I do mind I'm trying to smoke. FATHER JACK What is your deal? First you interrupt my Mass and now you totally disregard the fact I don't want your disgusting smoke blowing in my face while I'm eating dinner. ADAM Like I said, I have no respect for human life. FATHER JACK Oh so you're the one with dirty magazines, hookers, and terrible habits. I'm sure your mother is really proud of you. ADAM Yeah well she wasn't so great herself. FATHER JACK Ah, the product of your environment. It's never too late to-Adam interrupts Jack ADAM Save it I don't want to hear it. Jack looks at Adam with disgust.

13. FATHER JACK Well it's about time for me to call it a night. ADAM What's the matter Father? Can't hang? Jack looks down. FATHER JACK No, I have to prepare a mass for tomorrow. It was a pleasure meeting you. ADAM Likewise, see ya. INT.JACKS HOUSE LATE NIGHT Jack enters the house, slamming the door shut. He takes a seat on the couch. He bows his head. He grabs the picture of his mother off of the coffee table. FATHER JACK Why me? Why did you choose me. Jack suddenly turns and picks up the glass topped coffee table and hurls it through the kitchen.He begins screaming frantically. He then drops to the floor and begins to cry. EXT. CITY STREET - NIGHT Adam stumbles out of the local bar. He uses the fence along the playground as a guide. He slumps onto a swing, he reaches into his pocket pulls out a needle and a bag of black tar heroin. He begins rummaging through the scattered litter looking for a can. INT. JACKS HOUSE - NIGHT Jack picks himself up off the floor proceeds to the kitchen to clean his mess. He grabs a large piece of glass it cuts his hand open. Blood begins to flow rapidly down his arm. Shit! JACK

14. EXT. PLAYGROUND - NIGHT Adam rolls up his sleeve, wraps his belt around his arm, slaps his veins, prepares the needle. ADAM Come to Daddy! INT. JACKS HOUSE - NIGHT Jack runs to the bathroom and wraps his hand in a towel. He gathers items and shoves them into a large bag. He pats the dog on his head and leaves the house, leaving the front door ajar. JACK Fuck C'mon I don't have time for this. EXT. PLAYGROUND - NIGHT Adam lets out a gasp as his body tenses. He begins to chuckle. ADAM That's the stuff. He goes limp. INT. BUS STATION - MORNING Jack approaches the woman at the counter. JACK One way to New York City please. CASHIER That'll be $17. Jack grabs his ticket and takes a seat on the bench. Adam arrives at the bus station. ADAM Ticket to New York CASHIER That'll be $17 Adam reaches into his pocket. ADAM I know it's in here somewhere Adam fumbles around for his wallet. The cashier continues to file her nails.

15. ADAM (embarrassed) Sorry, rough morning. Slept through the alarm you know...? Cashier continues to file her nails ADAM I got it. Here you go. CASHIER Sir, it's $17. You only gave me $11 ADAM Look, I'm not from around here. This all I have. I live in New York and all my money is there. CASHIER Sir, I cannot issue you a ticket without the money. I'm sorry. Have a nice day! Adam slams his hand on the counter. ADAM God damnit! Why can't you just give me a ticket? I'll mail you the rest when i get home! Jack, intrigued by the confrontation, turns around and notices Adam. He quickly pulls the newspaper up to cover his face. Adam slowly walks toward the bench. He peaks over Jack's shoulder. ADAM Ah ha! I knew it was you! JACK Knew it was me what? Sitting on a bench? ADAM I know we don't get along much butttt... can I get 6 bucks? JACK Get along? We barely even know each other. And NO! ADAM Come on Father, help a brother out!

16. JACK If I give you $6, will you go away and never call me Father again? ADAM I can't make any promises but i'm pretty sure you don't want to go where I'm heading. Jack reaches into his pocket and gives him a ten. ADAM Thanks man. You won't regret this. JACK (murmuring under his breath) I'm sure I will. The bus approaches and everyone scrambles for the door. INT. BUS MORNING Jack takes the window seat directly behind the driver. He places his luggage on the seat next to him. Adam comes running up to the bus he flicks his cigarette right before he steps on. Blowing cigarette smoke out of his mouth as he says ADAM Is this seat taken Father? JACK I thought I told you to leave me alone. Removing Jacks bags from the seat, Adam shoves them into the carrier overhead. ADAM I know but I do owe you ten bucks plus I figure we can use this time to get to know each other. JACK And why would I want to do that. ADAM Well I think I'm relatively interesting.

17. JACK Just sit down and don't talk alright. ADAM Whoa, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I've been meaning to ask you. What happened to your hand? JACK Don't worry about it's nothing. ADAM C'mon you had to have done something? JACK Seriously, leave me alone. Jack turns towards the window pulls his jacket around him and closes his eyes. Adam reaches into his pocket and pulls out a candy bar. He begins to figit with the wrapper. JACK Give me that! ADAM No! Its mine! I bought it! Jack snatches the candy bar from Adams hand. JACK You owe me so now its mine. Jack puts the candy bar in his pocket and falls back to sleep. An hour goes by Adam trys to steal the candybar from Jacks pocket once again. The bus driver begins to swerve in and out of traffic. The candy bar falls to the ground and slides to the back of the bus. ADAM Great, look what you made me do. Adam stands up and begins to proceed to redeem his candy. LEON Sir, please sit down while the bus is in motion. ADAM Yeah, whatever man I gotta get something.

18. LEON Sir, please sit down! ADAM One fucking second buddy! The bus veres off to the side of the road. LEON Thats it sir, get off the bus. ADAM What, get out I'm just trying to get something give me a break. LEON We have strict policy on patrons standing on the bus. ADAM Alright I'm sitting just keep going we're almost there. LEON I'm sorry sir but you must exit the bus! Jack wakes up to all the commotion. JACK Whats going on here? Why are we stopped? ADAM This asshole is kicking me off the bus. Apparently you can't stand. JACK Well, I guess you need to get off the bus then. LEON Do you know this man? ADAM Yea were going to the same place. LEON Both of you off the bus! JACK What! I don't even know this man! We're not going to the same place! Leon points to a sign above listing the rules of riding the bus.

19. LEON Don't make me get up. ADAM Alright alright I'm getting off the bus. Don't get your hernias in a bunch. JACK Unbelievable. LEON Oooo you better run boy! ADAM Alright. C'mon Father We'll catch a cab. Both Jack and Adam exit the bus. EXT. STREET AFTERNOON JACK You are unreal. I'm now going to miss my train because of you. ADAM When is your train? JACK It leaves in an hour. I made it so that the bus would drop me off at Penn Station and I could leave straight from there. No waiting. ADAM I'm sorry I'm sure you can take another train. JACK No, I can't that was the only one for the day! Jack looks down at his luggage. JACK What the... it's broken. ADAM Ooops, sorry. Must have got caught in the carrier. JACK Sorry's not going to cut it!

20. ADAM No need to get all angry take it as a blessing in disguise, Father! JACK Where is the nearest hotel? I'm getting a room! ADAM You won't be able to afford a room in these parts. We're smack dab in the middle if Tribeca. Ritzy. You'd be better off getting a room in one of the boroughs. Fine! JACK

ADAM I wouldn't do that if I were you. Unless you wanted to go score some blow or pick up a hooker. JACK Well, since I'm neither interested in that what do you suppose I do? Sleep on the streets! ADAM Well you're in luck. I happen to live right over that bridge! JACK Great! How do suppose we get over that bridge? ADAM We take the L silly! Jack and Adam begin to walk towards the subway station. Jack is dragging his luggage with one bum wheel. The bickering continues. JACK I'm assuming you're going to add this to the ten dollars you already owe me. ADAM I'll make it up to you later. After I work. Okay?

21. JACK At this point I don't really care I just want you out of my life. ADAM We'll see about that. The two men enter the train. INT. ADAMS HOUSE NIGHT ADAM mind the place. I'm never plus I only pay hungred a in New York. Let me tell you pretty darn good.

Don't here, month thats

JACK Yea I guess so. You hungry? ADAM

JACK Yeah I could eat. ADAM Lets go see what Mary's cooking upstairs, Alright Who's Mary? JACK

ADAM That would be my aunt. JACK Wait, wait, wait. You mean to tell me that you're living in your Aunts basement. Jack laughs out loud. JACK This can't possible get any better. ADAM Hey it's a roof over my head. Besides this used to be my mothers house. The two men head up the stairs into the kitchen. Sauce is boiling over the top of the pot. The cat is scratching at the window.

22. ADAM Hey Mare! Where are ya? MARY Quit your yelling! I'm in da living room! ADAM Get in here we gotta a visitor. What? MARY

ADAM Just come into the kitchen! Mary comes hobbling into the kitchen. ADAM Auntie this is Jack. He's a Priest. What? A PRIEST! MARY ADAM

MARY Oh how ya doing? Go sit dinner will be ready in a few minutes. ADAM (talking to Jack) Sorry she's a little hard of hearing. The three sit down for dinner. JACK I want to thank you for dinner Ma'm. What? MARY

ADAM He said thank you for dinner geez! Clean the wax out of your ears.

23. MARY You want some dessert? I've been saving this pie I bought at the Spring festival for a special occasion. JACK Sure why not. Jack looks down. ADAM Nobody wants your disgusting freezer burnt pie thats been in there for years Mare! Adam cuts Jack off before he can respond. ADAM We have to go I've got business to take care of. The two men exit the kitchen and head down the stairs back towards Adams room. INT ADAMS HOUSE NIGHT ADAM Alright, I'm heading down to the bar. You wanna come? JACK Nah I've had enough of you today. Plus I have to catch an early train tomorrow. ADAM It'll be fun! JACK No I'm quite alright!Geez. ADAM If you change your mind I'm on the corner. Adam leaves. Jack rumages through his bag for his toiletries. He takes a seat on the bed.

24. INT. BAR NIGHT Adam enters the bar takes a seat in the corner. TONY Before you even sit at my bar let me see your money Adam. ADAM I'm good tonight T I swear. TONY Hand it over I'm not playing. ADAM Don't be such a baby. TONY Oh, by the way see that guy over there. ADAM Yeah, what about him? TONY He's been looking for you. ADAM Whats he want? TONY You know I don't ask questions. Adam walks towards this man. INT ADAMS HOUSE NIGHT.

Jack begins to paces back and forth. He is restless. He sits down and tries to read a book.Becoming frustrated with the uneasiness he gets up and begind to dress. INT. BAR NIGHT ADAM I heard you were looking for me? Yea C

ADAM What do you need?

25. C Well you see, you owe my brother a large sum of money. ADAM Whose your brother C Don't worry about that. He's got a job for you. You meet this guy you pick up a package you bring it to me. No questions. ADAM What do I get out of the deal? You live. Fair enough. C ADAM

Jack comes walking through the door. ADAM Excuse me for a moment. Adam walks towards Jack. ADAM So it looks like you've come out to play huh? JACK I couldn't sleep. Adam and Jack begin slamming drinks. C approches Adam at the bar. C (to Adam) Don't forget about our deal. Meet me a Lenny's at 7P.M. sharp. Or else. C walks away. JACK What was that all about. ADAM You know those bookies.

26. JACK


ADAM Yeah,atleast this time they offered me a deal instead of just whacking me. JACK Maybe you should stay away from those guys. ADAM Not that easy when you have habits to support.Bartender another round on me. JACK You know maybe you're not so bad after all. ADAM Haha you gotta be drunk. JACK Yeah, speaking of drunk I have to use the restroom. Jack gets up to use the restroom. Adam leans over waits for him to close the door. He reaches into Jacks coat and pulls out a twenty. He pays the bartender and slips outside for a quick cigarette. INT ADAMS HOUSE NIGHT.

The two men come stubbling down the stairs. Jack falls. Whoa buddy. ADAM

JACK I don't think I 've ever drank this much. ADAM Welcome to Tuesdays, and Wednesdays, and Thursdays... Fuck it, it's every day! They both laugh. Adam enters the Bathroom closing the door behind him.

27. ADAM (talking through the bathroom door) It's ashame you're leaving so early tomorrow we were just starting to have fun. Yea fun. JACK

Jack plops down on the bed face first. ADAM Hey next time you come visit we'll go lady hunting. JACK (slurring) Lady good one. ADAM Do you promise if I tell you something you won't get mad. Jack trying to pick his head up. JACK (slurring) Promise. ADAM I'm going to say this much. When I first met you, you weren't what I was expecting. Ya know I'd imagined you so much different. Different. JACK

ADAM I always wished I had met you earlier. Maybe my life would have turned out better. Maybe you would have guided me into the right direction. Adam pauses. ADAM I dunno, I guess,(pause)I guess I'm just trying to say I just wish Mom didn't put you up for adoption Adam cringes waiting for a response. He slowly opens his eyes and peeks his head out from behind the bathroom door.

28. Jack is sleeping. ADAM Well, so much for telling you the truth. Adam throws a blanket over Jack grabs his coat and heads out the door. INT. ADAMS HOUSE DAY

Adam is standing in the hallway outside of the door. He grabs his kit and starts to prepare his needle. ADAM Come on why won't you light. He keeps flicking the lighter. ADAM Light God damnit! The lighter flicks on. ADAM Yes! Thats right. The lighter melts the heroin. Adam prepares his needle. He flicks the bottle. Presses down the seringe. Jack opens the door. JACK What are you doing out here? Adam trys to hide whats he's doing. ADAM Nothing just smoking a cigarette. JACK What the hell is that Adam? ADAM Nothing don't worry about it. Gimme that. Jack lunges toward Adam ADAM No! Mind your own business. Why do you care what I do with my life. JACK

29. JACK Don't think that I'm that naive. I saw you last night. I saw the track marks the first time we ever met. ADAM Why don't you just go on your merry way already. JACK Please. Save it. You're killing yourself. Jack lunges once again. The two men begin to wrestle. Adam slips Jack falls on top of him. The needle penetrates Jacks neck they continue their struggle. ADAM You're asking for it buddy. Adam pushes the seringe deeper into Jacks neck. Jack lets go. His body begins to shake. His eyes go wide. ADAM Look what you made me do! Jack begins to murmer something. Fuck! Adam is pacing with horror. ADAM Fuck, fuck, fuck I think I just killed him. Why is my aim so good! Jesus Christ what do I do! Jack lets out a gasp. ADAM I'm dead I killed a fucking Priest! Fuck! Jack begins to moan. ADAM Yo man are you alive c'mon say something. Jesus. Say something already. Jack struggles to say something but collapses to the floor. ADAM

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