to know Him/ to be like Him/ to make Him known

Growing in Christ

Unit 6 & 7
Memory Verses ____ Lesson 1 Assurance of Salvation ____ Lesson 2 Assurance of Answered Prayer ____ Lesson 3 Assurance of Victory ____ Lesson 4 Assurance of Forgiveness ____ Lesson 5 Assurance of Guidance


November 21, 2008


____ Lesson 6 Putting Christ First Lesson 7 His Strength

What are some privileges that God has given to you? Spiritual gifts such as being able to teach and to encourage well; a very eclectic, expanding sphere of influence

What are some responsibilities that God expects from us? Discipling and sharpening my parents, my siblings, and my friends; to welcome strangers and friends alike; to be cool even when I want to overheat in frustration

What has God promised to do if you put His interests first in your life? Has this ever happened to you? God will provide everything I need: the Lord has answered so many of my prayers, including salvation for my parents, and guidance in my career (e.g. study programs and research areas) and relationships; of course this has happened!

What did you pray about in applying Matthew 6:33? (p. 34) Relationship with a certain girl; success in my housing application; writing my term paper well; finding a good pair of pants

What are some things that you face that you cannot do apart from Christ’s strength? To be graceful, merciful, trustworthy and accountable with my gay brother in Christ

What do you think the joy of the Lord means? Transcending context such that whether I make a million dollars or I lose a million dollars, whether on the tram in the morning or on my feet in the rain, I’ll be content and satisfied.

How have you experienced the strength of God in the past? Overcoming my hate of Hong Kong by being able to forgive and to ask for Hong Kong people’s forgiveness for my arrogance

What are some weaknesses or inabilities that you struggle with? (Talk with your prayer partner about this)

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