To: From: Dawson Date: Re: April 13, 2011 SMS Library Media Program Evaluation O.S. Hall A.

A review and evaluation of the SMS Library/media Center was conducted by a SMS review team consisting of the two media specialists and two faculty members. The review team utilized the Georgia Department of Education Library Media Program Self Evaluation Rubric in assessing several target indicators (Student Achievement and Instruction; Staffing; Facilities, Access and Resources; Administrative Support; and Staff Development). Evidence as evaluated by the review team rated the majority of the indicators as exemplary in the areas of Staffing, Administrative Support, and Staff Development. The areas of Facilities, Access, and Resources and Student Achievement and instruction were rated as proficient. Action Steps: • One of the ways in which we can improve the performance of the media center is to increase the use of GALILEO. Presently the media center’s performance is considered proficient because all teachers are informed of GALILEO at the beginning of each school year, and are sent the changes in password on a regular basis. This also needs to be sent to all students. To maximize the use of GALILEO, students must be trained to use this service. Through my course I was exposed to the different features of GALILEO. Students can find critical resources for their academic development, and even use the databases such as Novelists to find books that are appealing to them. Staff members should be trained to use GALILEO, and this training should be documented. Moreover, staff members should be encouraged to document the number of times they have used this database and encouraged their students to use GALILEO for research purposes.

It has been a pleasure to be given the chance to serve on this review team. I look forward to meeting with you and the other members of the SMS Leadership team to discuss other ways to enhance the SMS Media Center.

Juanita Douglas

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