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Secret Technology They Want To Ban!
HYDROGEN GENERATOR! 50 year experience with "stoke gas"..HHO is a technically incorrect term in the field of chemistry, you would do better to refer to it as "2H2O=>2H2", a stoichiometric mixture of H2 and O2! Disclaimer: This is NOT a how to page. I am only sharing what I have found works for me. This HHO information is for entertainment purpose only! I dont build to sell any HHO water to gas products of any kind its only a hobby! You are responsible for anything you do with this info. Be careful! Make sure you take precautions, and don’t assume we have mentioned everything! We are NOT responsible for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages to your properties and life. We strongly suggest that anyone do a lot of research about HHO Hydrogen Generators for your own safety. The bottom line is use common sense, no glass jars, and wear safety goggles when making hydrogen unless you are prepared to feel the atomic power of hydrogen, and ready to ride a bottle of hydrogen to glory. Water4Gas

The ideal home HHO system uses a low engery solar laser process to 'shake' the hydrogen and oxygen from the water subjecting it to laser and ionization which actually, after the combustion takes place, has a very slight amount of radioactivity.
The HHO system is humming the home seems lighter and some how we have nullifyed gravity. I wondered from the glare of the Digital Control

Panel is this HHO system some kind of a UFO technology.

The time has come to say goodbye to the Mason Jars, PVC pipes, and other Containers designed to hold your plates in an submerge Hydrogen Generator. Those things are old news, history, kaput. While they did have their time and place, they have become virtually obsolete. Plagued with problems like overheating, Current leakage and a host of other dangerous factors. The simple pencil type Laser Hydrogen Generator using water that doesn't require any type of Catalysts (additives) used in standard HHO production today. “Cold” HHO benefits are phenomenal!

only 20% goes into getting the desired effect. it must be made and that takes ENERGY. More energy than you get out of it. When H2 adn O2 burn you get one of the hottest chemical fires you can get. In other words of the energy you pump into a H2 generator. H2 cannot be mined. Typical H2 stripping techniques from water are only %20 efficient. To get around this engery lost A low level simple cold laser is fired into the water to find the resonant frequency (of 22ghz in our test set-up) and spin of the atoms are .This system it is possible to do the work with a laser-voltage! A pulsing potential difference at the correct resonant frequency of 22ghz is all you need to blast water into HHO gas! HHO is a mix of gaseous oxygen and hydrogen.

this process also creates chloride xxxxxx Poison xxxxxx. our car project died. futher test it was to unstable to be effective used in cars. . simple put the Original lab test results was interesting. All i can say to them is Rest in peace save yourself some money about using laser's in cars the Hisenberg Principal of Uncertainty has been applied. The research on Home Heating and Cooling HHO-Laser Technology countinues by a few diehard enthusiasts very carefully in the garage.determined for HHO via laptop USB cable-hardware / software. LABORATORY CHAT: After compliants from goverment funded laboratories. that I have given away secret information found only in Research Laboratory's. Then the magnetic Resonate lasered water impart excess HHO energy at the ionic bonds of HHO gas.

Any other material will rapidly deteriorate under the conditions found in electrolysis. lab generation uses platinum electrodes.2. Priced this metal recently? Try $2000 an ounce.000 USD HHO Generator Plates: One needs to make the water conduct electricity to make the two gasses. or other 'noble metals' will make electrodes that last. Platinum is a recombining catalyst and why its used in fuel cell applications. including stainless steel. PARTS I HAVE USED IN MY HHO DRY GENERATOR! SHOWN AT THE TOP LEFT OF THIS PAGE . It is not used up. so at the end it can be sold again.


Direct combustion Boiler Water Vapor Tower Heating And Cooling. This means that it is difficult to control the flame. The problem with burning hydrogen is the combustion velocity. Indeed. Catalytic hydrogen burning . hydrogen was a major constitute of the old town gas Lamps" such there is a detailed knowledge base " as regarding its combustion. The jetting on the boiler must be modified and the hydrogen/air mixing closely regulated. It was found that burning hydrogen in a conventional boiler has been done many times and is a proven method of obtaining heat from hydrogen. as high pressures are required.

Catalytic burners consist of a porous palladium/platinum plate (Palladium loves to absorb hydrogen) or Porous Zirconia plate attached to the hydrogen source. diffuses in the pores and reacts catalytically to produce heat. is proven technology . The hydrogen enters the plate.A another way of producing heat directly from hydrogen is by means of a catalytic burner. This method has several advantages. notably that the combustion temperature can be closely matched to the desired temperature and that flameless combustion is invariably safer than flame combustion. This method of heating using hydrogen has been used in several experimental installations and. again.

HOME UNIT TEST: There is no venting of heat or gases to the outdoors creating a 100% efficiency rating OF 60Kbtu @ 1 gal H2o/2hr compaired to propane at 91.LITHIUM metalic! It does not breach the laws of thermodynamics. the result is the release of hydrogen and the formation of an alkaline solution being a hydroxide of the lithium. When this reaction takes place. Extracting hydrogen from water very simply by introducing lithium metal. With the proper regulation of pressure of water you can . HHO gas is not pure hydrogen and thus in its monotomic state as 2 seperate hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom it has a much higher tempeture rate of 15k degrees than pure hydrogen at 3k degrees.500 btu's @ 1 gal/1hr.

A Pulsating Width Modulator device to decrease the amp draw at a frequency of 22ghz this keeps the HHO system cooler and increase the production of Hydrogen.. .NEGATIVE CONNECTION ) & PURE PLATINUM ANODE ( + CONNECTION ) Project animate gif shown at the top left of this page. PAIRED WITH A TITANIUM CATHODE ( .efficiently heat a home through ambiance and heat through a ventless fireplace application. Welcome To The New Generation HHO Dry Cell Home Generator.

The voltage between each plate is easily controlled and is uniform across the entire cell stack. more efficient running generator. The result is a cooler. and seems to have eliminated the edge voltage leaking typical with plate cells. meaning its not immersed in the catalyst. Bubbler/Mix Tank? . This isn't as complex as it sounds. It is technically known as a isolated series cell design. This design eliminates current leakage by isolating each plate pair from the next. the fact that liquid does not cross the plate edge boundaries has caused the phrase to be named as such. Though not technically dry. Its a Dry Cell. Why use a Reservoir.HHO " RY" D CELL. but its the future for HHO generation. has a smaller size.

By using an external Reservoir. with a reservoir/bubbler a few . Bubbler/Mix Tank to your system! Some of the simple wire or coil HHO units of past and today could be maded much safer. The Reservoir. The Reservoir. You can’t go wrong by adding a Reservoir. Bubbler/Mix Tank also acts as a dryer/cleaner that can help remove the catalyst chemicals from your Hydrogen gas. Safety is the utmost concern when adding a Hydrogen unit to your vehicle. keeping them from reaching your burner.There are many reasons you should use an external tank. Bubbler/Mix Tank allows a longer time between maintenance or service. Bubbler/Mix Tank if there ever was a flashback into your unit it would flash into the tank and not your precious Hydrogen convertor/generator.

add-ons and magnetic field alignment for increased production meaning all the current flows through the cell in only one direction. WE . BE SURE TO VENT YOUR HHO CELL PROPERLY TO OUTSIDE AIR. WARNING !!!. You would have a cooler and better Dry-like hydrogen hybrid generater. THE ELECTROLYSIS OF COMMON MIX'S WILL PRODUCE BOTH CHLORINE AND HYDROGEN GAS AND OTHERS THAT ARE VERY DANGEROUS. FAILURE TO DO SO MAY CAUSE AN EXPLOSION FROM THE HYDROGEN GAS AND CHLORINE GAS CAN KILL YOU.


so I understand why some people dodge them.LITHIUM CAN SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST CREATING A FIRE THAT IS VERY DIFFICULT TO PUT OUT (ADDING WATER ONLY GENERATES MORE FLAMABLE HYDROGEN GAS) Answering Questions about HHO designs ect are a legal mine field. a car unit should never have over a 5 amp . A home unit requires a water line connection and standard 220 volt ac conection w/50amp breaker 8k watts.. Info about Simple car hho units and more complex Home Heating And cooling units.

You may want to sell your designs or units so from the start think safety first by installing all the safety hardware and gauges you can think of on even the small units for control. if your dash or control panel doesn't look like a F16 Cockpit then you don't have enough saftey gauges. most people get good mileage gains on this low output as Hydrogen burns at a 115 octane. To much Hydrogen can burn a hole clean through cylinder pistons and burn up cylinder heads if too much hydrogen is deployed into the engine's intake .draw. One LPM max output .Car at 5 amps is what you aim for with this in mind.

thus lowering the cell voltage needed to push thru a certain amount of current and increasing the efficiency slightly.Mesh vs Plate theories. Wire . Pulsing (PWM) .manifold.or modulation of the input voltage waveform could increase the performance further. The key is to keep it as safe as possible and get maximun output for minimal amp draw. . as it is known that in the beginning of each pulse larger current flows than in the steady state condition.

Wire or mesh Is more efficient and can produce smaller more stable amounts of HHO at 5 amps and with a few changes the older units can be converted to the new DRY HHO technology. and creating heat which is essentially just wasted energy. They are many builders designing large HHO output generators producing a minimun 1/2 TO 1 LPM . being unstable... Plates produce more HHO But have the disadvantage of drawing to many amps.

A temperature thermo switch install in the HHO unit so that you can observe the operating temp of the unit. .per-liter size of engine. install Two check valves on each cell unit. Flash back/killer most of these don't work. HHO DRY cell is a bubbler (water filled tank) to prevent back-fires and delivers dry hho.05/min air liters . Flow thru meter type .05/3 LPM/AIR stainless steel connections.. some of these HHO units With large stainless steel plates aren't safe and given time will surely destroying the engine with all kinds of gunk and corrosion from the dissolved SS plate metals.

Do not be impressed with anyone that tells you there unit can draw 10-30-60 amps..ON/OFF common 20-30 Amp Relay. making more beleivers everyday. for cars the high output HHO units 10-30 AMPS and be on are very high maintance. and the engine wear is greater. all amperage over 7-10 is simply wasted energy with most of the HHO units designed for car engines and you can get into a . These are some of the things i've learned over the years. The little simple 5 amp clean output HHO units just keep on going. not safe.

A Catalysts (additives) must be used in HHO production for cars: Catalysts to start with use a small amount.lot of problems with water vapor. bear in mind that a cold start may be at . and explosions ect.05 amps and gradually increase as high as 5 amps depending on which catalyst is used with a proper designed HHO unit.thermal runaway. melted wires. . increasing gradually until your goal amperage is reached. while others are not consumed. and only water needs to be added. Some catalysts are consumed during HHO production.

Red devil lye available at most grocery stores is a electrolyte that isn't used up in the electrolyte process.KOH. think what it would do to a aluminum engine. because sooner or later there may be a fluid leak into the intake manifold from a over filled HHO and one type of mix used makes the popular potassium Hydrogen this will desolve a aluminum Cola can in five minutes. More than likely using a HHO system they will be a engine blowback (spark) causing a manifold explosion when you . They are several devices for cars that are going to cost you "extra" and should to be install. "Potassium Hydroxide".

NEVER LEAVE KEY ON without engine running since HHO will still be producing!!! Monitoring the temp. So that you don't have a over-heating thermo melt down. IMPORTANT Note on so-called "flash arrestors": The idea of "arresting" or "checking" a Hydrogen flash . The explosion is cause by unvented Hydrogen gas leaking from the HHO generator into the manifold when the engine is shutdown or the HHO unit was left on after turning the ignition switch OFF.turn the ignition key ON blowing the intake manifold off the engine. followed by electrolysis hot mix water splashing all over the wiring and everything else under the hood.

These are not designed for HHO and are potentially VERY dangerous. Additionally. There are many of these devices made available.(explosion) is absurd in our opinion.000 feet per second. some suggest simply adding . however burns somewhere between 10. but you should realize that the idea for these devices was borrowed from welding technology. Typically. The gases from a welding torch burn at a speed of around 330 feet per second. these devices are some sort of tube stuffed with a "baffle" material such as Bronze wool. This kind of explosion is not so easily "arrested". Hydrogen. 000 and 40. These devices have been found to fail as much as 3 out of 10 times.

a very workable and much safer device is the pressure-relief type device.more "stuffing". Fortunately. Never. The problem with this is that as the moist gas passes through the "filter". This is an absolutey essential safety device for your HHO system. should you put HHO under pressure in car units. HHO flashes so quickly that it will not ignite other materials in it's vicinity. the flow begins to restrict putting back-pressure on the HHO gas. under any circumstances.) . Therefor. sometimes called a pop-off valve.(You should never intentionally ignite HHO.

Don't let the term "DRY" fool you. .The new generation of HHO generaters hydrogen cell tank design is a circulating system in which the water travels from the reservoir/bubbler through the cell and then back into the reservoir. it's not literal. No water pumps are needed. Only add distilled water 1/2 way to the inside your 2nd bubbler container to remove any electrolyte vapor from the HHO gas before injecting it into the engine air intake. Plus a Secondary Bubbler/Dryer Completes the "Drying" process of output gas before injection and Acts as flash-barrier in case of accidental ignition.

All of this is accomplished WITHOUT the use of any pump. Unlike other hydrogen generators that bath the fuel cell in the same hot container. it forces the hydrogen back up and into the bubbler tank reservoir located above it where it is then pulled into the engine's intake system via elbow fitting and a ID clear hose located at the very top of the bubbler tank reservoir. making it run cooler and more efficiently with less amperage draw on your . Once the electrolyte fluid enters the fuel cell/generator.The fuel cell/generator receives electrolyte from the bubbler tank reservoir by means of gravity feed. dry cell generators separate the electrolyte container from the fuel cell/generator.

HHO electrolytic's can possibly ruin your engine.charging system. Do not hook up any HHO generator to the vacuum line going to the manifold of your engine unless your intentions are to junk it. this device draws constant power from your car's electical system when .. Remember. Your engine can cost thousands of dollars to replace. These units are very compact. and mount where others cannot. AVOID HHO SYSTEMS for your car: which draw more than 7 amps of power because it will shorten the life of your alternator.

Most car alternators are rated at from 100 amps maximum but will operate at only 50 amps. Any power draw over 7 amps in addition to all the other electrical circuits being used on you car will strain the alternator and cause premature failure. The maximum temperature is 158°F and melting point is 176°F.the car is in operation. Engine compartments alone can get over 200 degrees. 1/2 the maximum amperage on a constant basis. All the cars other circuits pull around 50 amps before adding a HHO system. . Note: PVC pipe for HHO containers..

www.) through 12/31/2014 VIST MY OLD HHO WEBPAGE ITS USED NOW AS A INFO GUIDE OR HHO DICTIONARY FOR MORE ADVANCE BUILDERS. anyone seeking to follow any instructions or advice contained within this website should be advised to seek professional advice beforehand. .com does not represent that the information displayed on this page or links is authentic in anyway. or brain storming. Please note that any advice given on this site is deemed to be personal advice. think-tank.zteck.IRS tax credit (Fuel Cell Motor Vehicle Tax Credit.

.com.1997-2010 ..SURREAL Alien Engineering-UFO Technologies Dedicated to experimentation and Prototyping. A Place Where Some Will Evolve. ZTeck.

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