Finite Automata & Regular Expressions: finite state systems, Non-Deterministic Finite Automata, Finite Automata with E-Moves, Regular Expressions, Two-way finite automata, Finite Automata with output (12) UNIT II Properties Of Regular Sets: The Pumping Lemma For Regular Sets, Closure Properties of Regular Sets,Decision Algorithms For Regular Sets, The MYHILL – NERODE Theorem and minimization of Finite Automata (12) UNIT III Context Free Grammars: Context Free Grammars, Derivation Trees; Simplification of context free grammars. Chomsky Normal Form; Greibach Normal Form; (12) UNIT IV Pushdown Automata, Properties of Context Free Languages: The Pumping Lemma For CFL’s,Closure Properties of CFL’s; Decision Algorithms for CFL’s (12) UNIT V Turing Machines: The Turing Machine Model, Computable Languages and functions, Techniques of Turing Machine Construction, Undecidability: Properties of Recursive and Recursively Enumerable Languages; Universal Turing Machines (without any reference to undecidable problems), The Chomsky Hierarchy: Regular grammars, Unrestricted grammars, Context sensitive languages. (12) TEXT BOOK 1. John E Hopcroft & Jeffery D Ullman’ ‘Introduction to Automata Theory & Languages and Computation’, Narosa Publishing House. REFERENCE BOOKS 1. Cohen, ‘Computer Theory’. 2. KLP Mishra & N.Chandrasekharan, ‘Theory of Computation’, PHI.

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