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Instant Notes in Immunology, 2nd ed. 2005, Pg

Instant Notes in Immunology, 2nd ed. 2005, Pg

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A large number of textbooks in immunology are now available which are good reference books for
those interested in more detail. In addition, specific detailed information can often be obtained
through the WEB and through specialist journal databases, including Medline, PubMed etc.

General textbooks

Abbas, A.K. and Lichtman, A.H. (2003) Cellular and Molecular Immunology, 4th
edn., W.B. Saunders Company, Philadelphia, USA.
Janeway, C.A., Travers, P., Walport, M. and Shlomchik, M. (2001)
Immunobiology, 5th edn., Garland Publishing, London, UK.
Kuby, J., Goldsby, R., Kindt, T.J. and Osbourne, B.A. (2002) Immunology, 5th
edn., W.H. Freeman, Oxford, UK.
Playfair, J.H.L. and Lydyard, P.M. (2000) Medical Immunology for Students, 2nd
edn. Churchill Livingstone, Edinburgh, UK.
Roitt, I.M., Brostoff, J. and Male, D. (eds.) (2001) Immunology, 6th edn., Mosby,
London, UK.
Roitt, I.M. and Delves, P. J. (2001) Essential Immunology, 10th edn., Blackwell
Scientific, Oxford, UK.
Sharon, J. (1998) Basic Immunology, William and Wilkins, Baltimore, USA.

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