z.,'ITir. RNA n O!iA.L TRXalll'1..t2., FO!' Tli!p i!:.OS1!C1.l!'l'ON Oi' 1'£",SONS R,ZSPONSl:JlLt reiB .. ss::ruous "'IOl.A!'I~NS os [NT £RN,.;TI'OI'/c",l :i;)MAN!TARIA N i.J\.~" .COM.HITTi.\.D IN iHE U<'l.ruTOR,Y OF 1'H!l:FORr.,t'aR YUG;OSw,,1;I'IA SINCF.1791

<2\25!-\6rs l{A;TIONS tJN1ES


ll:RlBVN,l.1,.. IN"f'::MATION; .. L CaARCE DE POl.!:'.-<SVl'r':RZ US PtRSONN tsl'RtsUMTJ!.S ;;USPONS).'aL£S

tiE. V!Ot,t,:rrol'ls ~m.ft. .. vss D1;.I .orton mn::F.tv..TIO"lAl.. :m.JMAN1ThtRt CO,!\'iMlS'aii SllR:t..£ !~AAtiOt..~ 'j)t; t..'EX:~'!OUGOs.t.,tVIE DEPv1S l!l~~

FAX No.: 8942

To: 'Patrick Lopez Terres, Chief of investig,atio 115

fAX, No.: 858:6

TEL No.:

TEL. No .. :

R~ir.: RP/79/03

DATE: 30 October 20Q3


T .. J../FA.'C





F'ollowlng the visit on. 23 October 2i003, I met Mr, Paul Coffey, Director, Department of Justice, UNivHK yesterday eveni!l8 (29 October}. Please find enclosed:

a .. 'The A'lbenian issue.

Please flnd, enclosed the relevant material received from Phot.ographs, ot the location wi!! be pfiOvlded tater

b. Viler Crimes cases - Pr~~trlal- UNMiK Please find the current list.

Marxed Annex tA'

DOJ rslating to this iSSUE ..

e. Information regardjng UNMtK W,ar Crimes arrests Marked ,4.nnex 'Gi

Please find the i.?,equ~s: for ihs Cono'Jct ctan Invssiigatbfl.




I i,e·, , .. , 'T~ \Jf In \I¥:C£. '. ~~irk:1 . ...,i1.r1:1+";:

.. I 1 IlJ;lF'~4I'C","""",L'1h .. e ''''


.0 3

',1011cF gil' CQI.:li=ID~Nfi,~j!.Ji'! _ .. _

Thiz;. tac;siMUn ~fl~il:siGr.~!jrltains: Unil~tl N'i1itJ.~rt5, 'prr3prt.at1l 1)' inlcmli'l;;!~io11, t.tul,l is .. ~:ii~4 .Qlrlil1;Jiln,U\l1 a;ifQ(!e.g~lly pcN11~~eci, ilndi LS inl2!1d!2::i t~fi.:11I I~ the ~se. ell, I:!jfil!:!a'i~ 01 (h", U,nl()ed N~'lf!;lr.:; >!::'Idler I.;"~ riO! rned ~6i"e~1 .nereof. Any li_tl"-YIhGrF.;tidJ d!:;clos"IJle. (;ri p)"il:lg. (lII/..rib'Jtia,n C~ Ilt'l2~ U~ 2 J;jJ \1' .. -8

I, ~~;m~tlc-n .1W:,r~'Jn IS !;'lrlttfy prcnlbiled .. 11" 'feu 1l~1I!: ~:7"OnE~US'~" r~eeiv"d tl'Ji'Si f~.!;l:;;i:J;1i'iC v.ll'nsmi-!:$! 0 n.; pIe ~:;¢ nolJfy 1M U nlt;G N:J l gn> imrr,e.Cill.l=ly.

-_ - - - - - -- -

1":1 ufChj!l?!ci .. 1. U17 JWTh!;: Ha£~t. P.O, BQ.': D838, 2;01 ~W 1'h~ E:;:;;uc, Nct..'1er):lJ .. ds

{e:·,I1~r',:;1,:1'';\:-',~.~,,::.;.r~r iiles'~'~"':~OO:;~ _'i'9 _lii .. ciCfC l


-_J: .~.:






Beginning in mid-1999 (and possibly e2Ili.e!}]betwe~il IOU and 300' people were: abducted' and taken bytruck and Val to detention facilities iT'lor near the northern fUba.nian towns of Kukes and TrQP~j e. Most 0'[ thesepeople were Serbian men from Kosova taken captive between.Iune and October 1999 .. B€>gi.!1IliIlg in August 199~\ some of these captives (24-] (0) weretraasferred from northern Albania to secondary detention. facilities (private homes and rough industrial 'Compo1:.Eds)jl1' centl;al Albania, mat" iy nsar the town of-Burrel (or Burreli) .. about LO kilemeters southwest of Kukes, Captives were also moved to detention. facilities near Peshkopi, about 50 kilomet:::rs east of Burrel.

Tb"t;;, captives taken to centra! Albania were again. moved, in small groups~ to a private house 50illh<l! Burrel that was setup as a makeshift clinic, There: medic.a:iequipn1em and personnel were used to extract body organsfrom fue 'cap"J:vt!s.viho then diad., Their remains were buried nearby. The organs were transported to Rinas allport near Tirana (apprnximately 7 5kilo,m~te:rs SQ8.fuw~st of B~"1'~I) and. flown. abre ad, Oilier captives taken to tae house/clinicnear Bu.:.+~l included a sraaller number of females D:O'.!Il KOtKiVO> Albania and eastern Eill'Cipe. The Iast delivery of c~pt:ive8 to the house/clime was reported

in spring or early $'UIItll'~eE' of ;200n . ,

In addition to captives taken to Albania alive, an unF .... nown number ofoumes 'or Serbian civilians killed in Ko~ovo were transported to Alba..nia and buried to remote locations,

This summary is based on interviews with ~t least eight sources, all ethnicAlbanians , from KQSOVO or Montenegro wac served in j:...\e K050VC ;Li.be.ratio;J: Army, FOII!' sources directly participated in the transport of at least 90 ethnic Serbs ami otbers to detentien facilitie..s in.northern and central Albania. Ofthesel~e~ sources deliveredcaptives to

6e house/ clinic SQUID of B urrel, t,,).I,O sources claim to-have participated in the disposal of human remains near the hOUSE; and one source c!a~ms to have tnrrticiDakd in the delivery of body par"~ and! or organ..s toRiaas airnort near Tirana, N OD~ of tbe, sourceswitnessed '

1 -- . ,.. '-, • ..- - ---.~.- -,-~-.. ..---- . ',,-" -

the medical operations.

ACCO'Jrdi.TIg to all sources: ('J.e transports and surgical proc ednres were carried out with die kncwIedgeanolor active urvolvemeat ofmid-Ieveland senior KLA officers as well as doctors from Kosoveand abroad, Tile operation was sU"OiDoned bv men with !ID~S to Albanian secret police operatives of the fcn:bller goye~~nt ofs~lih Be-isn;a ....


;:.' :i.:.~,,:~~~ ~

.- '..,':1


The house 'where the organ extractions allegedly took place is located 14.3 & kilometers south of'Bu; rel, al approximately 4.] .32.49 N and 20.0'0.19 E. The, house is slruated ic the h,ami~ of Knrteshi, which is locatedsix kilometers west ofthe main read connecting Buzrel ru.'ld K106 (Klosi). The junction for the dh-t read to Kurteshi is; apPlo,um.atdy 8.57 kilometers south of the first 'bridge south of Burrel,


OUI' scurcesbsve requested that their identities be withheld. They are iden'tified by mrmber:

L A.n ethnic Albanian from southwestern Ko.s,QVO W~D served. as a driver and Iew-level flehter it! th~KL,A during the war. Claims to have dli:ec.tly 'Om;LitiDa~d in tr6l'!Snorting captives from Ko'sQVQ and

"'_ <If- JZ:" ~

others to detention facilitiesia northern tlf1~d central Ajb~a..·

2. An @tl:!.,i1.i:C .J.JhaaiSill from northwest Kosovowho joined the Kl.A in I 998 and served mainly as a low-level fighter and driver, Claims to have directly participated in. trans-porting captives from KO:iQVO

aJ.1.d others to detention iacilitie;sm norJ:i.em andcentralAlbania e!HQ in dispo,si:a.g human remains 0:;& the house/clinic south of Burrel.

4. ill. ethni c Albanian from MOilteo.egro " Served hI. the KLA as a platoon ecnnnander, Claims to ha".;c directly

participated in. the 'burial of S~biw"1 ~,ivHj;;;n~ in Kosovo E!Ii.d in transporting ca:.pt~ves:from. Kcscvo to nortnern Albania.

3.. A n ethnic Albanian. tram 'ilOi"'Lh,,'Yest Kosovo who wss a. driver and security guard asslg;o.c;d during th~ 'war to a. regicaal KLA headquarters. Claims to have d:irGctiyparticipat~d in transporting c,aptiv~s from Koscvc ~.nd ethers to d9.teri:tioni'ac.ilities in northern

and. central Alb WEt 2JlG. in disposing human remains near the h'OU3eJdinjc south of Burrel.

, ,

5. ArL. ethnic' !'l.1banienfram Kosovo who was a mid-level logistics operative in the lCLA. Claimsdirect koowledge ofthetransport 'Of ~ __ .Gaptiv'rutfror.rtKosovp tQ.!lorfuem and. central Albania. His direct.

rQIe remalns unclear. -. .,~~, , -.....,:_~ .-~.

6. P..ti etlmlc Albanian from. Prizrenwho was detained b~i the KLA and accused ofccllaborating v.rliT,h Serbian <.".:uIDD::rities. He was held. ,along\!lith hiabrether at the KLA base. iu Kuxes, He was released and returned to Prizren ;a'i~er the war (rus brother die,a in detention in ~~:U_kes). Claims tohave seen. Seibiat, eaptives being h~ld at the KLA base in Kuke s and !! hem-d."that some Serbs were being ta..l{e,,_""l to B urrel,

.. '.',: -,

:"';0-' •.

7. }..n ethnic Albaaianfrem Montenegro who served as a . ow-level soldier in th:;;: tCLA. Claims toO have seen Kosovo Serbs in p.rivate detention facilitii!S in .. northern Albania.

8. An ethnic Albanian c~trrolic who s,e::rvedunder the b:l:e Commander Drini. C]8 '7"'t'!S indirect knowledge oft.i:.e transport of captives from Kosovoto northem Albania ..

The list below contalns the names of c.aptivts reportedly taken to Albenia,

L Vlastimi\i' Stevanovic, See.TI. L, Kosovo by sources #2. and ~1 emcng a STPuP of

S eros transported from a village near Su.va Reka to Albanie in late July 01'

early A ugu..<fL;, 1999.

2. Dragan Jacimovic, Seen in Kosovo by source ft.2 insame group of Serbs

ttru:L~orted from, a .vn~ . .?g:e near STIva Reka to Albania in late Jcly or

early August, 1999.

3. Zlatko .. Antic. .. Seen in KQso\IQ by source #2 among a group ofSerbs

transported from ~ location near Prizren to Albania :n July or: August

1999. Source #1 saysafriend ~5 O'S:!l.W Antic among a. group of

captured Sezbs but believes f..ntlc mayhave ·be,_,"l1Jrilkd.p:ci.o~ to

reaehins .... .Jbani;:'J

.. •. :;,. . ' .. _,

4. S ird S,:1l V itosev ic, S een by source #; 7 i.!l detB!:!tioIJ, facilities near

~fOp;:)je i.fJ.l.a_t~ JrJly or early AUg'n.-st 1999,

.5. Gradinrir M ajma.re\!'1c. S eenby source #7 ill detention f1!c;ilities

neal:' Tropoje ;':'": late July Dr early Au:gus:~ 199:9,

6. Dr-agolJub Slavkcvic. Se'e.:r:. by SOU!f;C: #7 in detention facilities

near Trcpoje in late July or eaxly August 1999,.

7, Mladen Vasic, Seez; by50urce #7 in d;;tention facilli-;;ies:aear

T repoje in late July or e~r1y Au..gt:.9t 199'9.

8" lY'iileta Djuldc, Seenby sO"urGe #7 'in d~tentipnfecilities near

Tropoje m late July or early A1jgl.1st 199'9.

9. Pera Ristie .. 8e:OOlby source #7 in detentionfacilities near

. .'!!o£Clje in Jatt..Ju1y or esdy .. .6.2-!gJ!fJ.J99.9 . " _ .. ~. ,~~--- ,-~~

1 D. Sladja.r:La 'Fan, Seen by a frie.nd of scu:te#.l in a detention

facm~ in Peshkopi in September or October, 1999. Source #1 says

he saw a wcman who resembled Fan in Albania and believes sbe was talte.!l to the

house/clinic s'olJ.tb of B·.r.:::e:L '

~. bf·3Cr


specific rolesinthe operation. 'Il:>is"W<1:'5 due in. part.to fearsthatthe if.t[Or:tn81lij'Llt! could be traced back to them. Howeyer. feur sources who :say t.~ey directly

particlp2:1ed in transports g!l. ve these accounts .

.This mcm re'Cr:tllspart~dpaang in three shitxments of capNves and humar; rem.Cl.tns fi-Qm Kosovo £0 northern .4.lbcmia and fW..'O d~UverieQ of C'tYJ~fV8$ to a h.OHsr;/dfn~c in ct!.i1trCr.l

Albania" '

1\0-1;- first delivery frcrn KOSQVO W<5.S around July 2.0,ili.e second was around July 23 and the 1 ast one was in early A'J.gU:st. On me moming of July 20 (PI us or minus OIl~ ci.a:;,i) I was in atown neez my villag~i'east ofPej a. I came to see- my su.pe.ricli' FA, He said he was asked by RZ to get a driver for some job, 1 knew that tbis.,grO'up (orr~gQ:n:g ") WBlS dsagereus for they were well known fbr Idlling Serbs in

Pasino Sel(L.~j tb..z:t tL!;'~t!l ourtownhad r'-O Serbs_ I was told ! would have ill driv ~ a truck from F'ej a to Prizren. PA told me' to do the j o b,

k,ee.F rny mouth shut and iorget about tM;,e:t~sk so T could live to reach

old age_ Lwas give!!, a. druty dirty 8.M-B" The freezer ll:.-rit_(lli the container) didIl.~t work. I drove frCimPeja to Prizren, 80kIn,- I drove for anhcur aud a half, PA wasthe anly oue with me 'on the truck, .s1..ft:er arriving 1I! Prizxen he t,:Jld me to turn toward SlUV,a, b~eka_ I drove I 5rn;J:jures.. \V ~o assed by Liuto glav arid then eulle d .oWl' B:.n1 afrer

... ,"" -- .,.,

Lj~JtQglav. Ljuto~lav is between S1Jva R~'k2!_<::I!d Prizren, I turned right. There WE-,:=; one bi~

f"ue~ floor home enthe right side a:!l:a there;[ turned right a:nd drove betweea 100 to 2.00ITL!here. were thi:.rt;" pri;:;cners there, b~lllding OD!S. wcman, waiting for

'us an d 10 KLA soldiers, The prisoners obviously had, a long w~. Th.ey

were dusty tat"1d. dh-ty and . .'l om.€: cfthem had bruises. The atmo sphere was

normal there and at. the' beginnin g I thought tb.ey wouldbe 'excC!la."1~ed

for OUI men. There ~N~S one W~ soldier 4'11errQga'ling a few Serbs, One

of t.\em said he WM Dragan Jacimovic frorn Silove, He was about 40_

Sil blyg is near Gnj Ilane, Other S erbs were from Retim 'j e, OGerusawd

GrJ ilane. The people were forced cure truck, E &0 ve b ackto Prizren,

PA got 0[1 in Prizrenand woFLA ·~vh;Q had joirleci me-in the Calb':" s:te;yed an fr_~ wa_-y" They were notin l'ujfCir.ms, We thad a. discreet escort in OQl£.2

wi ili fe ur .KLA in it" Ont of the KLA, merrill the cabin was very u:rrpleas,<at"1t I asked him

about ifu'" Q·,~·[V'!.,'·;T]i~*'l'n. ..... Zd.al.d- ~".' '"0 s'hnt ·l~~ ~:'Iod__dd~,''',. ~ ,-

~._ ~_""_,~~i.!Iio.'_'.;i;l.~, '. ~ -',----..;,,_,.,.IJ-," .1,,,... "'}".~,!j, _ .... ,''I' .... ,~. 'ro' ' . • • --~--

As we were leaving Prizren I had to pull over b ecause one of th:~ vehicles had .e;

pTO blem wit.1-j, a tire.' .

N em the mal!l, rcadthereerrive d a (separate) group of fifteen capture d 8 erbs ,: ,A Jeep was slowly drlv.ing ahead Q1f them with. I<LA in.s.:ld.e. Fc1JJt Or fiv'! KLAY.,..~:re w~ll,.:i:f;!.g along ~1L"t the Serbs. TheY:1topped to smoke a dg~:rett;e: .. ~~;_lQI1~'lli,e men I recognized

V ~astl.mi.r

Stevancvic from Prizren, He: worked as a waiter at the p.rmy'"bub in, Prin·iiu_ Hewaa

I --

thin, about thirry, A .. f~",v of the Serbs wore uniforms. I was told th.ey were captured lvlUF and ,A..:r!!lY. r asked. one KiA what would They dowith them, He told me th.€:,Y would :pr,actice timbering (felling trees) in Albania, The group turned right off the main road and crossed mto Albania over Pastrik mountain '.



Vh! drove on to K ukes, We ere ssed the borderat Morme" The traffic was very hea vy Me D.'O one stopped us, at the bon:h~,t,.'P-.:.e:fugees were comiag back'and there were m~D,y trucks !;!oin:f{ ill both wavs.W~ arrived.tc Kukes at around 4'JID. The drivetook about an hour

~ ~ ~ -

and a hili. "Vh~n w e. arrived to K~~6S we took anotaer road aad turned 'to the ~ar"t.:b and

then! delivered the: Serbs. Thenwe drove back. to Prizren,

July 23

The same two, KLA men who drove in th.e cab on the first tri!l.The s ame route, the same truck .. This time We IDcr\l€ further fr,oIll the previous place on the read to

Suva Reka We arrived nearly 1.5 kn,_ before entrance ofSl1VD! Reka.

Then I turned left onto some vlllage road.We were awaited by a KLP~

ga:Ilg led by Ismet T~a. This Hrne r saw corpses w!apped ll¥ ill gray army blankets. I felt the smell of blood so I knew t.ney w,ere fresh. Bethsexes though raostly men. They loaded th~ corpsesonto the truck. The unpleasant KiA man from the cabin tOld me wheri thetruck was being loaded: "Take a good look at these, 1\.1y brother had.

ended up ill Trepcs' (it is believed tha: the bodies of some e,thnic Albanians- kiEed .by Si'.rbi'all [orces v",'ere destraved C[:- the Treaca industrial comPlex')·, They' poured "Kepori;"

~ ~ ~ ~..-

- ~.~,,, "A' A" Th i_ . K'

pcrv'vGer "VII! use;,1l lor U1E1l1lIeC~luilS ana Slen.cn. . , 'en the same route to .. ' .ukes.

We ?Uiv~d iUQUild 12.30. This time I turned south, I fu1T1..l\: the. bodies were people from armmd Suva Reka, Gnjilane and Orahovac: '9!hen we arrivedat the site we saw Eover Cokolli from SHIK., Until 1991 he wasin Serbiau:tvrup in Pristine.

Tbe people :from lhe escort Golf 2 'unleaded thetruck. They used masks and gloves

again, A:rouuci 1.5 holes were already dug whel::! we, came. Two COrp:;;::5 '

into one hole.Tt took usone hour and half to finish oN. The place

was very remote. It looks like Afghanistan, only mozetrees, ~Then we

WElut back to :P rizre» and. from Pd.:zten to _P,ej a-where 1 delivered back

. the truck to the p eople who ~ ~ d. given it to me,



-.~_ .... _~. __ --_ .... "--~ _ ~.-

~t was about 10 or 11 :in th.e morning. I don it know for sure but it was before noon. I received a call from. the tm;pleasant guy. I don't know where he is from but I knew for sure he is not from Peja, He told me I'had a cargo to transport, ! carne to Kapis!ll.c4:in Peja, i'.Jl old Mercedes fridge truck was: there, It WeS iliea.d,y leaded with lock and chains on. the back door. The same team in rode in the Golf2 . and the same hvo were with me in the truck cabin. This time I drov~ to ·wIorina., not ri.torin.e and then to Tropcja, Ittook one hour a:..,d45 min to get to Trcpoja from Peja, It was slightlY 'raining at !YiOrin~ .. The same procedure ,as before, Jill well organized. The graves were ahead)! prepared, It took about

_ .

: '

- • J

, ..


eae hoW' and halfte finish off. This time it was dil'ficult for me for it was very ,high

up in the mountains and it ~s stee:p S,O 1 had problems with the' truck to drive it all the v'fa;y up., Three men waited for us there. This timeI don't know hew many bodies were tb.rown ineo the holes" I was in the truck allthe titne,

Source #-2 says he made a: least rwo trips to the houselclil'"dc SQtl,th' ofBurrel. The first Ii"'fp rlJa.s in Oct:oqe.r, 1999. He' drovefour orfive Serbs from K'U.k~.$ to a house soutl: of Burrel and delivered them to a man named Besim Voli:shi (a KLA operaiiv« ni.cknam~d "the Chinese,";' The sourc€ described the house ('{S traditional and relc~tive!y large, divided in!" ~o sections, Hesaid it 'was at the end ofa dirt road some l11'enty minutes offr:he main road south of Burrel. He said the house was paintecllighr yellow and the ,o.,.imer was notjh:xm the same clan as the other inhabitants ofthl2 village. The captives ~were

k';) of' in a shack: b,~ hin d the house. The second shipmen.t DC eurred in May or if! m'ly June,

... ..-

2.000. The SOurce drove Some 2D women (mostly Slav speakersfrom e,(1stern Europe and

forme;' USSR) from [1 location in northern Albania to a hq~!$enc>rrh a/Burrel The source neaRs thttLthe truck had no 'window's andpoor ventilation, and when !.hfJi opened the rear door they had to help severed girls who had nearly ndJocate.ti The source says they unloadad the truck. Five women were separated from rhe group arid were driven to th£ house south of Burrel. The source says lsuer he was ordered toescort a vehicle carr~iJing bod'v parts and/or orEcms to the R.inas at:rr.,ort near Tirana. He was ordered

, ~ , _ _ r

back to the house. later rohelp bury (or rsou,iY) human remains that Wi.i're in. blac]: body bags, He provided another description of the house ernd area and eventually directed us, "Ida cell phone, to the sit«, Whenpresentedwttk imag-es of 10 dijJ~rBl'1t hOIlS€~"_ the source ide:nri,fi.ed the suspected house. He said the humanremains wer,a' buried in several

}. "_ ',I h' d in a neari . J' (" .. II'" tJ dtn ti ..... 1'

tocctions near t/18_OUSf! (Ttl m a nearDY graveyara. Source F,.t aisappeare In tne snna

area 'in Mwch 2003. A fami-lymembr:.r told us they beUttved he wa.s killed because (If unpaid debts,. The ).r::.canUy has not' recovered his body or reported his disappearance to auihor.iiiesjor fear oft'etaliaticm. Hre were'unable to get ~foll d~scriptio'j; of his trips co the clinic/house.

Source #1



\ \ I

This man recalls partie tpaiing in on,~ ;;h ipmeni of captiveOj' )TOm Kosovo to nor; hern Albania and at leastfive deliveries of captives to private homes in central Albania.

J gat lnvoived in transporting ca.¥.1ives,jnJh~dd.1!.JJ£ AUW';l.st~:9"..-,

,",_ Iwa3 caned byseme pe:ople: KL.tJ_men. 1 was uuder some obligationto do whattb.~)' told me 'to do. I knew the routes in. Albania weU because I had driven "prostitutes" rhere (to an~ ~r?rn Kosovo aDd Macedonia)" My commacder said that since I knew the l·oa.ds I shoulG drIve:,

In l1'.i,(j August they told me to ,go to Kriva Reka,YVhe..il Y arrivedthey told me I had to tak~ some people to i"'!.lbsnl;a.J c,ol1€:cted the people there, four Serbian men. It was late afternoon. and we went '·0 Prizren. 'V,le were in an old V6lk:5vragon combi. Therewas a IDruJ in. the cab withme, two othe.;'-s with t..l-J.e Serbs w~o 11ad-1heir hands tied_be:.hlnd their

I I \ I

~'I".:':-r- ~:~"!.:.,[:I::.-:.' .. __::.:_:_-----




becks and were lied to the V8::"1.ft.JlQ there were three other men driving in. an escort car. T knew the other guys becausewe were together in the ¥J..A. 1 didn't know who the Serbs WBrel. The--t wer€m their late twenties 0'1' early thirties .. Basedon their apileaJ.:ance and clothes they looked m~e villagers'. We were told not to talk with to_em (the Serbs) hut on the way they .kept aski!:lg us where we were taking them, The gu~rd-s in the. back kept things quiet They told them 'to shut uF or they would beat them, ·'We 're fa king you to cut trees and work en farms."

In Prizren, we were told not to be,at me ca,pti:ves.itO treatthem well. This was the first time Ib.eard this una it suro:l'ised me since before. that we could always 'beat them (Serbs) and break :a._ln~and legs aJILlClst at wlll. There were a lot of wQroen-~"p!Ostitu:l::::s!!~in the

.' '1'" T" .. , .• '" diff t ..... T"h'-' xt da'

Dlace where we Slept in Prizren, • .. ne captives 9H!'D~ m a ·l.w.tl-re.",· room. .. e ne • ll.ay we

~1/ent to Albania, We were in uniform, Went icl';SS at M.o-!,i.D,a, there ,"Y.:'IS a huge crowd, reb..!::..'l"J:!iug refugees and we passed 'Without any pro ble::tns.. \y.e arrived . .in Kukes, .didn ·t stav lOTIO[:', and wen t 'OIl to a mace called B icaj. There we stooped and were met by two ,da:;k me;" .. maybe Arabs. , j'm not sure wh~t ~heir natio~aii~; W(lS. They j oined us and we continued south, Then we, went to Burrel. We stayed ovemigh; in HOlleJ there W3d ihfiT(': weremore (oftb.e same kind. of people as in, Prizren) women, people, Sf:ros, J.Jl in {hat pla.ce,. nu.::y (the women and Serbs) stayed in a sort -of storehouse (or warehouse) and we. went to another house to sleep, I don't know for sure how ma.r:.y people we!:€: in the ';:"":TI€:Mme, but. I he ard voices so I think: itwas 6~ 7, maybe 10, I heard, them speaking Serbian.

The .next day we drove them. to a house southwest of Burrel in Fushe-Kruje .. BefoTe we le:ft,ll doctor gB.'I/,e: a soldier a! bag, a. black satchel, Ithink with papers in it. III all subsequent trips we would always be given a briefcase OI file with papers that would be given to the do ctor when the captiveswere delivered, V/b(;':u we arrived it was night and several people WEre waiting fo~ us .. There was an Albaniac doctor; Dj~jl) he looked at them, especially at their mid-sections, and asked if they were beaten. We joked about them, They took them s.:nd I went to a different house where I slept and. returned to

Kc sovotbe next day. ' "


. '

The seeendtrip was in November or D!cei:l1her 199.9 _ I was in B\!.;."-Ie:I :ute,r driving: some

I· '''' di ""~ , '.: 1 . M- d' ""'" ~ C' 1." "

women. . was cnvmg ;;,.. ,U!e:r·E':Ii1;. veuicie, a terce e s van, 'Iney put tour ~ eroi an men in

the van. Theywere YOU,iJ.g andin go ad shape. W eha4 'tvva peopl e in escort ru:ld drove toa 'house south of Burrel. Abclu{ twenty minutes frcm Blli""7el you cress a bridge andturn

onto a dirt road. The road foUo'!ys Eo rivet. _We d~qy~_to !h,~ e.ru:L.ofth.'" mad 'A,ili_.~e...the~e.-"-

"~~"yas aTign,t yellow -b.o~Use;. It WaE old atldMd eaves. At the house were severalmen and two doc-to rs (the men werere f eITe~. to as doctors), OI"~e wasan .AI zb and the other was an. Albanien Galled Dr. Adrnir, Themen (Se.rbs) were really nervous, The Serbs were ta.1.::SD out of the VaD and led to a building (a sha,:;k orbarn) behindthe main. house,

The third trip wasio Spt::hg,1000. I' was again in Burrel and tookone Serbian manand 2 Setb:iaTII. woman .. She was ym.Ulg and fuel' spolce; Serbian, The Serbswere frantic .. At one . point the man asked 'Us to kill them immedlately, i\Ve don't want to be Gut into pieces/ 'he said. W~ drove them tothe same house south of.Buael-in the early evening.



When 1 had made the first delivery i..11 Burrel I tho;ugbt they were testi!,l;~' them, taking blood samples 1 had heard earlier that they were taking blood samples from captives. But tl:u.s cm.l,:i;-1ls ed rne. \Vny'?

But ,m·er the third. trip I mew something else was h:a~pe:iling. 1 had gam: into the first room cf'the house south o.!'"Buuel to get a drL."l.: of wa.ter. Itwas clean, and there was a very strong smell of medicine" Itreminded me; of ~ hcspital, YQtI.l'JJOW~ sickly sweet, and made. me 5:1,(;1<:, I wanted to get. out of there, I t.l:.ought about how this was the only house where 1 brol;i.ght people but never picked. ·a:nYCHle up., It was around this time teet I beard other guys talkingabout organs, .kidneys, WJd trips from thehouse to the airport,

The fourth tri? WgS in late May O!: 'earTy June, 2000. 1"0. Burrel r was ordered by SS to go with . anotherman to }lfudite (a region in Albania abouf30 kilometers north of'Burrell to collect two wcmen and. bring them to the house p.orth of }3.",l;1!Tel where "prostitutes' and Serbs were kepi. It was on, me outskirts and was enclosed m~e a compound vli:th Two h()USeS~ a 'bam or some: kind. an older house. Once I had seen a doctor there, ,E;::L Arab doctor Ithlnk" who was lcokiagafter IDe m 8Tt, We picked up the girlsin Mirrute and took them to. the house :i!:! the same day. It was at that timethat I heard they had ultra-sound. eg: ~pmenta:t that house north of Burrel. I slept somewhere else and me next day lWf:nt back to the house north ofBurrel End westold to drive, twa Serbis u i . .l. men and three women. The men had been b:::ougllt fromanother locationueerPeshkopi. Tnt women were from eastern Europe I think. We took the.ill. to the house 50iIX~b. of town (th,!!: bouse/clinic). Soon after I M~d from e.friend who was also a driver that the two gels :fro1=llM:irdi.te were else taken to tb,~ house (house!clicic). ~d were used for "snare parts. I,

I I - .0;

1. remember being; very u,,1'J:h.appy because these wereAlbanian girls. ~"l.d they were young. The fu-s.t time I didn'tknowwhat was going on, the second time I

thought it was alia-bout prostitution, but the third time when I realize dwnaiwas going en I was horrified, and Just wanted to hide. These weregood soldiers but tb.ey ;rEa!ly dlsappol!ted me. T thought theywe;re fighting a wax buttbis was.something entirely iifferent..

Afterthe fourth trip; I told them. 1 was sick .. In fact 1 really was sick butt told. my commander it was oneumonia and tJ.ld I had 1.'0 0'0 awav.

...:.. - - - I'" _. ,t:r • I '

The source says he made $evaral other tyip} delivering Se.r.o.§..;fJ:J);:rr. Ee;,.shk,o,l:;rj_l!ltbe:B.lO-U.:l lC!rea. Re"·,sa.id rh.-at in amw!.rsatimlS-Cifter his last trt» he l£'Clmed his. susptcions were correct; He spoke w.ith othe.l' forme» KL4 c'm'~rade;' who condu.cted similar deliveries and who did lcae n.fg'ht and eal'ty morning runsfrom the ho'Use/cUnic to Rinas airport; The sourCE said these vehicles used a back M(7anc~ to the airport (Pf;:e believe the sourc«

, might be concf'olil'lghi.s role in making deliveries to th~ airport). We presented the.

. source with images of eigf1t difjermt houses fn;m Albania. He. pohrted to thesuspeci hQuse south of Burrel and SQ).'S this is 'wher~ he lHade most deliveries in ceniralAlbania

.. ~ . - .' -

,and wher'e he ,~!XI'J indications of a makeshift clinic. Th~ source. was surorised EO :ree that t, the house was painted whirrJ (an earlier photo of the hOUcH ti":l our possession show s the.


color waspale Yl!!!dlowJThe sour~~ said tha: he believed human remains were buried behind the house and in ci nutrby graveyard:

Source #4

This :1t:U:l1'l was~n~,olv~d in burying Serb civilians killed in the Djakcrl'ica area. He also :waS' in.1!'olvIJ'd :in at least th:r~~ transports of cd:ptiw£sjrom Kosovo to northern. l!.lba:rd.a _

_tdter thewar ended there was IeV5.ug~. Then they started to rnove (1Jvmg) pecpleaway, to Bk:-<lLj laud other places (iP: Albania). There .... veJ:e also truckloads ofmedical gear and supplies from Pristine, Djakov:J'ca" P.ri~e.ilj (t.~e KGB there). taken to Albania. They tock a group 'or people, alive, from. Prizren across the border at Vrmica along: the main road_.,.A second group 'was taken over Pastrik . mountain M Tr op oj a, Tha.t was not the main road, It was wide eTI01Jgll for one vehicle

_L 111.,_

I was ordered by menin Dzavid Elsheni's unit (the source SClJ/S Eishani comJ-n,gmiE.d .rne XLA 's j 28th special :t,m117 thatwore Mad, Imifi;nn.s) toassist in ilia; transports, They told us to go to Kct::e3, then Bicej. There wert four of us ordered to do this, but there were others. mille rust group there were 15 or 20 people, all men. They were he.a1thy and strong aged late 2,05 to late 40s, They were ordinary civilians, Serbs, Villagers, The fil'st group WasfrOlli Zoclste, Orahovac, Musuti.ste fa village ncar S4~.l Reka), Ljubizda,

'In .' '1- .~" " .; ~. . k like -" ' . 1 I .•.• I b

..... eumJ. e . .i.i1e truck we usee was en Cl'I,,,mj:;ry 'trUe:~, . xe a I1el.ng,eratcrrm:y.tIJ1£!!lt.· ~ye

air conditioaing or anylliin~ else. I thought they would b~ killed but w~ were under strict ordersnot to hurl the captives nat tel beat the captives and to give tb.~!I:. food and water. TIlls was after the revenge killings, in late July or early August,

There W/i;re two cars in front ofus to make.sure no one would try to stop us_But no one stowed us- I was, sitting next to th.e dri ver - Vie made it to the borde! fast, in 40 minutes, But the raze on the ... Albanian side was bad tmd it took two hCHI..lr5 to getto B:ic.aj, We drove to a house: on the outskirts ofthe villa.ge. A second ~'r.lp of (AlbEJli2E men) was there and took fJ:J~ captives into a house, There was one znan there who people called a doctor. He was an Alba.Tli8.Jl from K':OSQYo. The people at ft-.,e house were ~g<!iin tclkkg about 1:lO~~Y 'the caotiveswere not to 'be mistreated.

.. .. _.

. -

The second transport }I..a'Dne:n~d four or frve C'b,y,s later: There were 20 or 2S men .. mainly

fr,om Orahovac and Dj~~,~vica, ' .

---~--- .. '" ,- -.----~.

We p '.eked them 'Up near the auto school (aut·!) skola) in Prizre.!l.. It was daytime. As yo~ drive 0;0, tb.e leftside, toward Albart:iaj, the driving school is enthe left side and

the ID(!n were picked up there. The truck was alre ady therewhen I anlved .. The men were the same-age, healthy." I didn't recognize any of them.. It W,2.S dade In the truck. ~.'~f:: headed toward the border I' this time goingthe small road thm~gh Nasec over P astrik mountain, Near the border wehandec off the men to another group who drove thern ~nto

PJbania,to TIQPoj.e.' '-

After that. they stopped U~h1g mel but! know from others that thetransnorts continued, ~t

- .

. .......... r" .. _

least dming 1999. They tzi,ed not te use the same gronp too lnaJ."11 th:n.e.s for transport from Kosovo .

. The .source said he later vtsited a detentionjacfUty near lCukes where more SeYbs'W~rf! being kept. He said he wetS told ~y superiors that some of the captives were bein.g moved to eeruralAlbanta: He S'atdhe heard that blood and Hrj~ie tests we.re bei'ng conducted on the captives. He said severalIow-ieve] operative» spo-ke to him about the Serbs being used/at thair organs and thea extractions were beingconducted lomJwhete in centra; Albcmia.

S01Jl'ce #3

This man de.c.lfne.d to spec~-y his role in transporting Serbs to ,Aiba:n.itJ, but indicated that as a dr,h,)er and security officer he made at least three trips to th~ Burrel area in 1999 and 20ao and that ttL(f!Y related inpart to captive Serbs being hald in Albania; Ti');€ SO~!1"ce descrtbed om trip in 'which m drov« his s~pedor (a KL.4. operative) to a hoIJS~~ soum oj Burrel. There, his superior direct.ed Jnf"ll who wer~ burying, Or l"e~b'Urytng; human re~ain5 in body bags. The.' S01.tFce sa;l"s hs: watched from the car }O to JO bodies buried in Q .smaR graveyard about Qine kilometer from the house. The £Ol..?'ce said the man dir.t'u:Jing- the burials was Besim Vokshi. We showed the ,sOl,wce images often houses from

All, " 'k • ~. h ' . ".J"'" d' ··'h Tr. I' • •• 1

i,;tanza lmil ;.e setectea t, e same neuse !ucmtt]Jr:! "oy ot.f'cYs. ~ )16' sourCEl cuso sa:ltCZ tna: nf1:

Co, Co Jr,' t. ,,··;::d" tt.-,., ,r.. ,,. 'k' ich .. · ,,..' ii eed ·h·"· '_ ,rh hotos: .' h h - d ", -, " ",', t 'd' rememoei __ .1 •• T10ru.t;j w.e l.~as _}la.n. .... " VI tie In. e p otograpn .Cl." oeenpcmte '


~--~--~--.-., . , ... , •.. ~~~--'"--

, "

T'H-' EA'-= "'.'10;'~ e ,...;,'l~' lUi ,~, P S·- 'U E'I::;"T t:Th; 0;: R. :.'

• ' 1- . -, ~ r ..... ,b,. ~u "I;" ~1I'~~~ . ~ ~ I:;;, f "'~~~ ~


• 'I


, [


". "


, I

, .

. ' . . '


~' ~"11:' "/J ~ ¥,.;-'"?:zc;ftvf.ur.1 ;


, .

,~ U""':fVYM


. "

, . -

. '

• "I'i'

", '




As you 'J.!iU 5e~J' S.OITH~ of these descriptions are difficult to follow, ] think it will be essentia] .fo r-cur res eareher to go through this: material cl Q selywith the map.

l'iNill have to find a way to forward you details on Site 3. Our researcher may have more sites r~ow.

Witness L'N'_ says he: has personal knowledge of sevenshipments to jJbanla. He was ,e, driver,

Site One: TropoJe.Mu1.tiple greves {apparently not one: C:Oll'l!ITJ'O.n grave). Transport OCCUl'T,ed on or around August 21 1999- Bodies taken from PeJa area.


,. I .

"When you drive you nf Tropoje, about one: krn -or2~3 minute drive you turn to the right, towards Hosbaj. You pas$ the: bridge and go to the north, You pass Gcsturan, stiH going to the north, men a 'bit later you p ass nVQ springs 0 n the right si,d¢ and then it beccmes steep and there are cur ..... es furthar up towards lliraj.~ e Shl:elz.eillt Until the. end of the curves you have beeoc:h tree's andwhen you pass the' curves you have mostly evergreen tress though qu::te rare, Now, when you pass the eurves )'ou turnto the right an So forest patp. N O'Y-!' there is part of the mountain diagonally stretching from TrQ;JQj e direction to the Nortb.-\tlest. The point is to drive mound the mount or cllfi, however you call .it:; through mostly evergreen forest and when. you pull zreund Y'D'U'U seet'ponomica" (disappearing stream, or brook going underground), Toe path is very steep. There:!li€: several ~8.;ths on the right side afteryou pass the t;b!.;.r;Ves. I think tblrS is eith.er third or fo~J:1. But don't get confused. You must go around the mount. and see: the brook going undergound. Ifyourrris~ 'the path, then gq hack and take the other one because there's . Dilly one pat..it going around the mount. So when you see the brook drive down alo,ng the course of the brook. Drive to the end when it goes underground, Then pun arouadthe bro ok <U1d drive to a small P lateau on tnt: left sid e of the brook. The plateau i~ aboutin the middle between t.1:.e end ofthe brook and the mountain ridge enthat side, From the pi2.teau. upwards you'll. see-great rocks and the patb going near the ridge to the peak Olver. Now. from the plateau lookil1g down you'Il see the brook The dietancefrcm the ead of the brook to the site is about SO meters by" air. B lilt. when Y:JU drive fro m the end of the brookto the site you have around 100 meters. You d-ri-ve almost to the end of-the plateau,

_. .

where the rocks begin. That"s: it Y01..1 just see how farthe t~ck cen zc and then you stop 'anhfr"t.m-n~-Dig" tb.efe:--WlfE'L'i'tVeWe;e there V-Ie saw :Sc:im.e-s'frui1t"15u5n~s·oh the p!Ee:caU. The site is at 2.bout 16QO to _] 700 (I think tb~t 's bas ed on info from our map) ..


,site 2: Kuke5.

- Bodies taken from Suva P ... eka area, N saw bodies wrapped in gray army blankets .. ~~ost!y men b u.t sam r.: women, Load e-d, bo dies and poured "Kap ode' pow-a ec to cut ~h~ stench .. Drove to :K.:1 . .::!1:es~ then turned south and drove to ~ villase called Nanga ... before Eic~rThen turn lefr to Maja f; GJaU.:es. Do not go tOI Bica]. ~The road is OIl £.ffi.t ground t:hdn

~- "

~ \.:.P V /." ""3

- ~/\.~' '_' v ':',.,

suddenly becomes steep, Th,~ forest we were driving through (on a forest road) was of a mlxed sort, There, are: also high trees on it__~ a. digression, he spoke about a prison camp that was previously based on the other side of'the mountain near- a spring fio1l'.-ing toward Kosi/Yo. The camp was; ?bout 50 meters down the brook" lV1o:st prisoners there were, according; to N, ex'h-WP8!.!l,Q VJ tha.t had been previously KJ:::;pt in the village c:f.Z'r:z;a .L.-i K050VO indth:.::.., taken to Albania in early July. Th~ worked as wood CUtlers. The camp consisted of aboutten shacks, The prisoners we,re; given Albanian names, Ajtet some rumours ,and noise about thecamp, me pnscnerewere taken to ·the other ,side of the mountain where a. new camp was formed and where more Serbs were brou,ght. M11i.ri told me that SOO'1"e cf'them were dying. our of exhaustion and were allegedly buried near the place wher~ his cargo was thrown ..• Also the cZ!mPJ he says, became the, place for "high altitude preparations" for those Serbs who would become orgau donors. So we drovethrough the forstuntil we carne to the spring .. The spring was in a dearing which was slightly above the forest, The shacks were there as well, N s~ys. he saw some prisoners there. The truck didn't pass the spri.n& .. We tumedtiie trucks to theright down thehill abou .50 meters where there was one huge era-liked beech tree wrucb marked the entrance into the forst We pulled over about 10 meters before the cracked tree because it was steep and the truck wa.s1.l.11.1atlJded and the corpseswere carried down the slope into the forst. \¥heJ.l we. anive ;li:l the. site wesaw Enver Cokolli from SB:I:K.. ~~ouncl15 holes were already' dug when we C::1nJ..e. Two corpses inee one hole, Attock us an hour and a half to finish off. The place 'was very remote. It looked like Afghsnistan, only more trees. The. holes were behind the tree stretching from two to 15 meters deep into the forest in a :sfra!ght line, The holes were pretty shallow and "<\then the bodies were buried there InD!€; earth was put on the holes alcngwith fallen leaves e:.:"ld small brill1r:;br~;s. I saw raspber;:ry bushes before the trees and aIDuu.d the camp.

~. '. Tt..·· . -F"" U"_ .. ...;,~te . nree: .U sne .L"'-l uJ a;

I de not have my notes for this site and will have to pa.ss them. Q·U late[ .

. -

'!I ., •


~~~~:~~~~ .~~ _ .': _.~ __ ~J_-'_" _..;.... . _ .• ., -_.~ _::"'_~:_----,- ~


.; ~fS:~:-r:'~r "

,. ~ r' L


5£IJsrrz rt:

I'rn scheduled to leave San Francisco M'O!1day, Jut'\,~ 16. Thztwill get me. into Pcdgorica Oill Weds, Morning. I am planning to go wittlmy rssearcher to, the location near Burrel to take GP.s readings and, hopefully, confirm a. possible second site near the house. tam also hoping to shore things up with Z. I would then head dO\1.tn to

K,oSOYo .... hopefully by Sund.&.y. I depart Belgrade fOT Pads and th~ U.S. on F.ricl.ay,. June 27.

I am wrltingtc give. you an overviewofthe infcrmation we have developed over the past year regarding the fare of Serbs. and orhers who were abd'l1ct.ed or went :r.1issin.g In KnSOVD2!.nd Albania,

Though e compiere picture of what happened 00. these people, whenand why I has stiD not emerged, we have multiple (largely anenymcus) sources tliat teU IlS;

1. Betw·een 50' and 300 people wer-e h~ld by men with strong links to LlJ.c:KLA in locations near Tropojeand Kokes (Bicaj). The overwhelming majority of these people were Serbs 1:;0:n Kosovo ..

. According to our sources, someoftbe captives were still alive and being held in Albania urnil atleast summer 2000. This Information is

b~ed on mtervlews with these sources: .

*Thl."ee men (low-level members of roe Ia..A) say they 'h~lped transport Serbs from Kosovc to Albama on at least. six: dh~eren': occasions begin.ning in June, 1999. Two of these sources also say they 'lrrmsportcco a smaller number of captives from locations in northern .PJbania to houses near Burrel; in. central J-'\l.barua ..

*C)ne man (also low level KLA) reports seeing Serbs who WerE:. being held in a: location. near Tropcje (also in surnmer 1999), He gave us

the names of four of these Serbs.which I have provided already, oj,Anoth~r low-level KL.A. operative described seeing Serbs held captive, .~n a village on rIle Kosovo side ot [he bQJ:'uer em the ,(,'a.y ;;.Q Tropoje,

H~ says when 'he returned to t:1e.vilb~ge in 'September 1999 he was :t.Qlld mast of the Serbs had beeo'aken imo Albania:

*One. KQ~o.ya,r~!Uha:.f1ia,n...rn.an.-whQ-wa..~-hele.*the-'ftb-A-ba-~e .ll! K ut::,c;'6 .s dy ~ he saw at least tl:u'ee Serbian civilians also detained there and heard

about otne..JI.i who were taken co Bum].

mone. formermid- to 11.1gh-level ¥'.LA officer who also reported the existence of. the detention facilities iii north en·, Albania ...

ll'One f6n:ner mid- to high~1 ... ve.1KL,A officer (who wasallied ~6 the Iaeer Commander Drini) III so reported on the existence of to: northern and central Albania. facilities.

2. The t.hree men who assisted I!1 the rranspcrt of Serbs from Kosovo to Albania say they received unusual orders' to' not harm Ch.e caotives (t,musu~l in the sense that this wasthe first rime they had received these kinds of orde.rs).T'hey were specifieally told net to hii.·

captives in the torso with glJi1:<;O or other blunt instrurnents. Two of these men say 'thai. upon arrivalat drop-offIccatrcns in Albania the captives were examined for signs or beatings such as bruises,

3, The Serbs taken aliv,€; 'to Albania were overwhelmingly civilian men between the ages-of 25 and 50. One of the men whotransported the Serbs reported seeing a Serbian woman e::mong the captives who were eventually laken to central Albania (Bllrr~l). This source andone other "transporter" described the presence of "prostitutes'' from Albania and other countries in captlvlty in central j\lba:ni~\lj.litb the Serbs.

4. Three sources descnbec !L'NO KOS,QVQ Albanian doctors (I'Ve provided theiTname.s) who were present at the detention facilities in northern Alb<!nia and the Iocatlon in central Albania. The doctors' precise

role remains unclear burtwo sources say the doctors (and, at least o!).eother doctOr from an Arab country) examined the captives end seemedto b.oldpositiofls of authority. Thes'e sources say they

believe the. also doctors helped ran medical tests on the captives,

though nons of the SQiJrC~5 reported seeing these tests, being

conducted, Two 'of the sources 'saythey "heard" that nltra-souad

. tes~s were being conducted (in the captives,

/!.' -T . ( ~. ~" ., ) d .• d..T·' .

.,J. '. wo sources . two orme tnree zrausporters ·~sc.noel_ cnvmg

captives from the. detention facility near Knkes (Bicaj) to another location near Burrel, These SOUIC~S described in detail the house where the captives were taken. A third sout::e (the: former high- or mid-level ri..A~ officer) gave. a p:hysica! description or t.~e haus~ end its environsrhat closely matches details provided by the firs' two sources. ,One of the transporters whom. I'll call !'M" d!ire.cted us' toa house south ofBurret that rnatched the descriptions .. We. made photographs of that house and presented them to the second source, "A,n' along w'lt.h photos from 10 'Other houses M similar appearances, "A" selected the suspect house fTam the others and said this was [J.1.e location where he made three cLe.EvEries: of Serbs beginning 3D late summer 1999 and ending in the later summe.r of :2.000 .

• 'i... I

------~.,-.~,- ' -.-- .• ---.~

~--""""_--"'"l'o'l~dfid..:!!A'!{who W~ me.nl'l:iClugnsleparate eormecuons :;mc;-,ao hor

appear ten know eacb.other) 'both said they o;eHe-,.red:tlie bouse. near Burrel contained medical equipment that was used to extract organs from the captives, "M" 5ay~ he learned, this from Ql'r:le.rs who were at the ,sice while "'A" describes going into the entry hal] of thehouse and encountering a "hospital-like" smell which he believed W2S aneas ~h die s,

. ,

Tile third source, the former IT'IJd- or hlgh-]eve~ KLA officer, also described how a. make-shift clinic set un in a hocse in central

Albanla (polisfbly llS!ng medical equipment stolen from hospitals and clinks i.n Kesovo) Wi.S USf';a to perform 0 gail exttacjions, However, this source would not confirm the leeaticn of the house despite .


Th.ese sources said :I:hey believe the organs were ariy,en to Rinas

airport near Tit31111"aoo!u{ a two-hour drive from the house and flown .. :~Q I::;;~rfbru L i.t .,IA. ,.! m'ay ha v i!. dri v en 0 rgans to the a [rport I;H1 at Jeast

on{; occeslon, though he's refused to give: specific details on this.

These sources say {he hUi:l.1;;;.n remains were buried near (behind) tn~ house an c ] n one. or two other 10 cations· nearby ,

lUI our sources say [his operation Was coordinated by mid- and hig:h~level members of the KLA.. However, only 1:'1 few witnesses were

willi "g: .'" - am t>. ''[TliA' cfficers : '-1"''''; were nresern whsn cactives 'W"~"" "1"'1. .~~.!LL.~,~, 'i.,Y ~ ~ ~ . ,..,.' .. ~_, ~.~,.t ~,' _ ""'"':.,.. ~ vr, ;.~,'U '.' L .......... ' .2:""-' 1~1IJ ...... 1 n . .'!-liL ~ ~' .F" ~ . '~fIJ . \';"P,':' ~

brought to KO',sOVQ. One a.f [he names thzt emerged in !this cOHtextwa~l" that O'f Isrner Tara in Orahovac. One of thetransoorters says Tara waspresent in at least Qne episode. y,th,c:n Serbswere collected in Kosove :and driven to Albfml.~. However; many sources were wining: to name: names of men they believe (or were tcld) wereinvolved ..

6 .. Three .sCH1[Ce,S reported seeing medical dceurnents detzmng specifics about certai n captives, 0 ije so urce, a former rrJcl~ or

. high-level KLA ofJrice.r says: these documents were all essential part of the organtra . .de and were used to match "donors" to rc:,cd.pien.(s"

7. Threesources desctibedhcw .corpses were also transported from KOSO'\!0 roAlbania to hide evidence. of c!vIli3.Il kiUingcs,. However, only owe source (cne of the tC:2i::ilSp'Q'rte:rs:) 13,ElYS be actu.aUy wlmessed [his.

_I',," ~I


, _____



.( I had three deliveries, First Oil JUJ~I :W, then July 23 and the last one: was e~tiler on August 2. or 3 ..

A J"'I ".., Jl" ~ r"'t. . .1 be: . ,. ::. ... t:_ .. 1..:' • ~ O' I -=- .' P"f ..

[l UlY zu _"'!....LV! .I nappenea to _ f arounc N.I..l1E wnscn is s ':a:n "Ii om ;- eja _ came tosee

my superior Petrit Ag-i.lShoUij.P'A said he was asked by Reshad Z2fjITli 'to get a driver fo,t" some job" I knew that the gFOUP was dangerous for fuey W'efe well known for !ciliiD.gs of . Serb.s:mPa..sL([o Bela, At that time KJ]m had no Serbs. I was told I would have todrive a tTUGk frornPeja to Prizren He. 1t91d to de \o'ihat I amtold, tokeep my mouth Shli~ up and to forget abeut tb~: task so I can reach old age. I. was given dusty dirty S'.A_.,1\.R 'The Ireezing ( at the container) didn't work. I drove fro,m F.ej a to Pri4ren, 80:k:m. ! drovefor ho IJ~ ~db.<J.r. FA was the only one with me on me truck Mer errlving to' Prizren he told me to tum to Suva. Reka. 1 drove 15 minutes. 'Vle passed by Ljutogla..v andthen pulled over lk..1TI atler Ljutnglav. LjI!..1fo·g'la;v is between Su"r~ Reka a[ld Prizreu O!l.r!·km. after Ljutoglal! Iturned r.igilt ;There was cne b igthree !1.oor house on the right side and 111~Fe Lturned rig,bt· g:,d drove between 100 t01200m. Thera Yiere thirty j:lnso"D.e!s there~ includLl1g' one woman, wait:i:r:l_g for us and 10 n·A soldiers. The prisoners obviousiy had a lon .. g' walk. Ther were dUsty and. dirty and somz of 'Ille'!JI1 had bruises, The· atmcsphere was normaltaere and at the begimcing] f.f1.ollJ~ht t.1ey would beexchanged for om mea. There was one Y:...LA soldier interrogating ·a. fe.w Serbs. One of w..em said he was Dragan Jacimovic from Silovc. He was about 40. 911 avo is neat Gnj llane, Dilif,f S erb s were fr-om Ra.timlj e. Ocerus [;1 and Gnjil~.ne. There \oViflflZ: several. people '{.nth sumeme Kostic from R cilJl!je .. The people were; forced onto truck. I droveback to Prlzren, P etrit gu·t, of! in Prizren, Two KLA were with me In the cabin all tbe ·wa:y. They were not lnuaiforms .. ~i e had a discreet escort: in Gotr""2 with four uniformed lCLA in it PBtrit was dressed as civili~ .. Qr,e ofthe KLA in the cabin was

'J~ry lmlJ,i-easa..'"tt, I asked him :wc)'ut the destinatioe, He. told me to ih~t un !U!-d. C:riv~, V-le drove to Kukes .. It tcck me nns hour and hili to come tc KlUkes. \Vecrdssed 'fte \:loroE§.t' ~t Ivlor1'1,·e.Th e u aWe was veryfrequent and no one SID PP ed us at the border. Re...."U.ge;:s were

. • 'k •• t...- ks inb th . ~ '1' ., 'f'!. I

'co!lu:ng o~c.~ ano Uu..ereV,''el;'e nur~1 nucss m '.' ot w:ay5'.~ G<ut as we wers ea.V'.!nl1l rnzren

h~ to pull. over forwe ha.o problemwith one tire,


There arrived at. group offd'teell captured S GIro s ... !h.ey wsre 'cut't'h"'lg the 'Flay_ P!nIsgo:.U er jeep vias slowly driving ahead of them with w~ inside, four of fiv,e.Kl-A WerB walking along with me Serbs .. They 'stopped to smoke a cigarette .. ~Cl:!g the men I recognized 'VimrruT S tev ano vic nomPriz:ren He, was fhin, about trJrty, Some of me S erbs had WiJfOrr.:'~; I was told t..heywe:re captured MUP and AJ:"r!lY .. I ssked one KLA 'Nhat would they GO wifh them, He to,ld me rhey would practice ti.wberin.g in Albania TIle groupturned right oiffr"l'!. main ro ad and. ere ssed mto Alb a..flia. over the. P astdk mOlpiltai:.1.. We arrived to K.uhs at aro und

___ 1prrivrh[§;r1_'l'(e'~d ID...K:ukes. we to,ol, ,mother ro,,ag .. and 1IJrn_ed_Jo tl-;e l1Qrri1 and the~I _~~~ delivered the Serbs .. then we drove back to Prizrea

. July 2:3 9'-10 .A.Jrf.

Thetwo .UP.. from, the truck again, The same route, the same truck This time: we drove further frern the previous place em t.qe road 'it) Suva Reka, Wf;. arrived n;:,ar!y 1.5 km before entrm:J_oe of Suva Rska Then J tumedlle:Et ontosome 'village road.We were awaited by KLA gang led by il;'!'fiil.rr.otls Ismet Tan; oill.egedly from Suva R~'ka This ·1.'iwEl 1 saw C()rp51~ 'vrapped UiO in gray army blankets, 1 felt the smell of blood so. -r. kn.ew the-'j -~i.'ere fresh, Both sexes though mostly mea They lo~ed. 'th.e corpses onto the: truck, ··TheY poured "Kaporrt"

p O'N.Q:'l[We "Used fa r disinfecti om aErO stench.The sarrre ro ute to Kukes. Arouadl 2.3. o. This





rime I flH1~ed south. Corpses (vaguely-Suv~ Reka, GrlJil~"le. Ot~Qvac). V,r:.t'!e-ll 'we. arrived at ~he: ":site we sew Enver 'Co}wHi from SHIK. Unti.i 91 he was in S:erbl::h"1. MUP :in.:P ris,tinm, He was ,a, man of trust 0 f B ashki m Gazld i;d e. is G was clri ~fo.f SHIK in Be-nsba 's ii:m e, Toe escort in Galf2 unloaded th,B; truck. Tnt)' used masks andgloves again .• Around 15 holes werealready pu_g when. we, Ga:."'U,~, Two corpses into one hole. It took us one hour ~dh.a1£ to [wiS:h off T'ne place 'was Yf:ry remere, ItIcoks like, AfgnaillstmI, only more trees. Thea we "vent back to Prizren and froxn, Prizren to Peja where I delivered back thetruckto the people- who hadgiven it to me.

The u.. .. lp:1 easant KLA m~ fr.om the; c:a.bhl t-old me when tTi:l.e: truck .VtlS being loaded near SR: "Take a good look attnese. M], bro1:her had ended un in. Trepca." Pitr.z we returned from .Albaili; the UP.pI,e:c1SS,'lt guy teldme we wCI'w.dlbe.1.,"toud:t



Ii was about 10 or 11 i.. .. '1 the morning, I don't know, I l:m.ohl for sure it was before noon. J reeeiv Go. a c:atifro ill the Unpleas ant guy. 1 don't mow whe-re he is: frolll but I know fOT sure he is, net fro m P ej a. He to 1~ me I'had 2'. cargo to transpon, ! came to Kapisnica L.1: P ej a. Old M:~cede) fridge truck. was there, Already loaded , .. -ith leek ruJd chains ~ the b~ door. TIle sa."lla team In Galf 2 and WJO from the cabin. This time I drev E. to M orlna, not Marine arid then to TrQPoja. n took one hour and 43 mia to gel 10 Trcpoja frOIT. Peja .It Wa5 sliglittI:r[~_iDingat !viQrin,j! Till; same procedure ~ be .... ore ... All wellorganized. Graye~. already prepared, It took ebout one hour 2:1.1:.0 h::JiT'to finish eff. This time it was dimcw.tfor me for it was ve:[)t hi@:! up in 'h"1e mO'LlQ:tams and it W2.5 steep so I had problems 'l;ovj,Ul the truck to drive it all t.1r.: way up. Three man waited for U5 there. This time I don't know how ma.,.-zy bodies were t.!!t.T'Q\'{:Q. into tf,.~ holes. I was in the cabti: all thetime, The personin charge from SHIK this time. thcu;h not pres="'"lt at t.h,_e spot was a locrumafia ~.!y from Dibra Or Peshkopi- tl.1e same place, His neme is Samuri Amre. I know for S1!.!!e about seven shipm~n.t to Albania alto giIDJe.~;

N said four ether shipments were done by hisbrother. I asked how he knE:ll" .about the names ofpeopL~ from SEI:'<. Be sad he. heard the two of {!1e:m spe:~1cirlg in the cabin about the guys from SHIK. andthat he also hGlud that the current chief of SH!KFatos Klo31 had nn idea about these operations.

-~~--- ..... ---~----

- .... -.--


According to P> and I tbf.rtk.ros words have c;redibility>, 1l!.ot1:>log em be OO:l€i."1 southern Kososc apart fr:om the clans ill PejiJ. and Ptare..~ nothing "L.la! is related te olrg;a.~.ed crime (narcetics, prostitution" ciganmes.'(/eap ens, me ll';:y laund~dng etc)

- .

;,~ccordL1g to P, D a;ut &:r:\.r'!iirtaj an~'" : aim Malj 0.1.- . - eire pers~~1!ll1y in c..1.!':rg~ for P ej a,

GJe:.t.z:ove;allld all tb~ way dewn to J ;' '= "'-i,,~ C!l~dhriiliug line gees thou.gh Meto,h;ijav,illF;>Y up to Malisevo, He says full!~ M.rujoku is "":yezy powerful and is mmost equal pru:l:E!.~r to Ramus. He financed :w.d brought a lot of weapons before <m,d dlll-ingth~ war, He is ver:y much innarcofie business, In th~ oilier sector consisting ofP rizren, Suva Reka, Qn.ihov<!c, Fe.dzaj and a Da"ctQ.fMai.±s~vo ,m'!.l!ldicip,:;ilily there W~ anomer group, au.tonomou.'J but still _ nc- 'op; . 1,':;' ~ d Dam Haradins]. The rimg laarler~\",'ere l:s.! am Kastrati, Sl:riqu:r:i Qe1j aj and Duvid~ElsI:!1 ~;EIsh:mi is :fromfri.e village. cf Pirane, nearPrizren while ,~trati and

'eUaj are tram iriuerrits,~lf. th~e wi1S:a. KLA officer in. Fe.ri~j called-NaSer who was supplying me, second. group ~1tb captured Berbsfrom his att~.P eowdn"t remember his Iastnsme, F;l,e said that KLA fromhis zone was hUY£llg, Ser bs from ncrtaem mucic:ipalities as well,

Dam Har-aJ!ii'£'Jaj was in charge for KL.A 'bases in Tropo~ a area sine€: 1.9' 9 8 ,I' was tb~re often times :!l!!!!0l persemilly cornmunicared with Daut afld }ta,,7.lUS1, b~t- much. TIl.a:;:ev;~t~ Daut. Ev,en. d.~"illg:~ before the bombardment some Serbs were broughttb,§i'€: as prisoners but the main .~l'!i val occurred shomJl ,after me war. Just; like the others; 5 aid, P told, TIle that Ramre and D auf asksd the ~ocal F.J.,A cor:vn1mders to restrain.from roo i:h~ :r~WIr;::lge In eMl)' JUly 1999 .. On th,~ other hand fney organized k:idnappings of the re:Ila:i:"1io.g Serbs in areas ~ertheir centro 1 and 'fueir cep orteticas to northern Albania, Tiley enntinu eci,'Y.rith executions as; retaliation but it was; b etter oolltrolle:d_R~us gave strict mod ers to a1l1ocru. com .. m:i:inuer.; to rep ort to himif they arrested rnrj S eros. L"1 Gj alcove area significant part of this was done vibth a.hclp Dzafer mld Gene Fozhega. and. cert~Naser i:\1h0' was the tire; repair sp.ecialist b etoIle.

In Prizreo area Dzavid. Blshani nom 1he 1f.!.llage of Pirane was very active ill cabchillg Serbs ali "e. He 'Vsry enj (Jy~d: to torture them- He, 'was chief of lKLA rni1..itay police. Th,~. worB

b' • . . .1:' . ::"",... 'I:.~·t· ,t •..•. • fC·- •. , .. ' ~~ td .. _. he . . bo: ..

_laCf.:l.J,Ul;!Q1IIl.3vl.i;..!,I .,'-..L.~ ll"',oSIgru_a.. \, co:rr!irmee mes:tu:f:! an . saiu e was, - om 1'Tl a V'~"Y

poor faroily and committed his, firstrcurderwhen he 'W:3'O'SDtymw.J:g,.·~ killed a number of pollcliD.men before t\e \VaT escalated and much more civilians and else .. ilb~t"Jia..T!£ who weresuspected for corroboration with ~Serb _occupation fOTCeiS. He is very unserupulcus and he evon killed twovery dose assodates because th,e.Y trlcked bim fora ,sm8iII amou r rt of narcotics worth only 2000$). P said Dzavid and Dam were on very g-ood terms, Elshani ran a camp in ti.e village of 1"1a.s ec.mear Prizren and also organized two I;.emp~ fereaptured Se,ros: m the:n.onjfofAlo~,l.f!.; On;:: was ih-:-::eicat"'s:oumo:tKul\~s lli.>ti-;lnumeron~willi ou me me untG1u _ east of Bkaj mthafs ,~!llere our second location is-N said taerewas aprison Gamp near' the grave site.. (C corJi:.-med ilia!: th.~ guy organized lcdgiogs far Serbs and fDod l'o'AJbacia). Elsheru was closely working together with me'l(ru;,U:u.u Me, the. Qeljaj family from Prizren ..

Islam. Kastrati owns restaurant "Skendsberg" in, DUSi.fl,Oll0. ISlam is 2.>:::: ex. policemen with the Serbian lYf"UP .. He is the head of'tbe family, (C told methat no One cDuld run my business o~ open: auy,li I i.!Jg hl':r rizrsn witnout.bis b!~smg).,. The ather m~mb en of me family are Dairt, nickname Dad. ,\rho is ~ .s,~,t:iull meniac according to both])1 and C, then

" - ~7' ;""~! ~" ~

, '.


"' .... n "

» :

M::_::" .v " ~ I .. M' ~... I,',

:,': '':':~--'?-:-'p~,;''j~l.' ... __ . r: p!~" ._: Mr.

. ,'''', " "

r • ~ .

" , ,

; .


.._-{ •. i.:'

~: I .. ~. r=s- _ '-'~ _

!t i' I I" "":.'


r .,

'. -: ~

" "





c)Lx -/05

lFMi1 who isa heavy drui'l.,1.,:~d :illliQ often in E1basM in .j..ltsru:l:" Redjep a:nd a few others whose rna-n BS F could II01 remember .. They.are en extremely goo eli terms wIth Ra.-nus and D:li.ilt.H,

Th~ other family Qelj ~ isvery ci(Jse!ry relatecilO Islam, Shlqun Qe~aj is a coach efa footballteem called "Lirija" ~.d owns resrausam "MJini'" on the road to Brezovica, near Prizrea P.J.s brother's nemeis reim}i."':Gco.rd.±Dg ro C and 1\ Shiqrui is e;..iramely furteJ!igent

and is ~g li.l.:~ ooru;igU,ore to Islam .. B as~ccilly he is; Islam's brain. -

1"';5 mteresti:cgthat all these families, Eis.hani, Qeijaj and l(sstra.ti are origL"ltcl!y from th~ same .tribe 'l:.u northern ).j b ania, The name of the nib e is: Ljuma.. TheK.OlSITttUs and £1.eJ 'Qdjaj a.re cousinswhile :E:lshsci is net a CODsiI! to, IDem but he is: from th.e ~ 1'lttIe tribe and t1::i,~ Elshani f:a..rnily has been k~pinge).cell.ent .rela"dons: ", ... itll tl"!"e other two rilo,jlies for

. decades, AU these !:nm';Ees are .hea"liiymv'olved in narcotics"prostitunon, racketeering, extortion etc.

]? also gave me B.. few -other II'&U';S involved in similar 'business acthiiti.es" He mentioned certru.aI(LA biiflJt Lausaa from. SU1'a Rskawhcwas hBlpi.ng tb~,'E!I. to collect th~ Serbs.

Also to s~' that P toldme that hali oftlle Heradinsjsnd MaIjo1.111 tribe lived on tlr...e other side of1lb.e borderin !topaja aI"e::l.Da1;lt- and Ra:mus~ but e.Sp~ellJ'F Dant has ei.."tr,eme1y good relationships ;vifu the Mddl~ East and Tmk~' ... 1I.'f~ji Islamists carne to the r:LA b~es ill Trcpo] e and Kukes before tm.d dlli"itlg thewar,

P told me that 'lot's of Serbswere working on the fiUIil ii1fu~ Ilort/!:l. ~I";he:::.. he was there. He told. me th~ also had 01'0;5;5 to remove cornses frOID. certainsites and i::!k'§ tb.em tcAlbania so tOo r,e,j.1Jo~F.l evidence, l.'1frlie, fall of 1999,,·I<1.A much more used mountain JXaT_h and roms or .small river v:alleys to trensportboth d$adand r~ii;:re; Serbs becaus€i it wes more ditncwt

drive across ilii~ border. .

C fincily mennoned. enenzme in relation 'to tee 'Org-an trade: .AJija. Ljnlaj from. ~basa,i1. Also in l1-te same 'b Us.in~5~ ac.ti.'V.iti.~5· and Vlitb good contacts in 'Turkey and .: someether cOrnltci es' in that region Eew,S$ bringin.g "the money from the orgaas to ~'theru' ,VlhQ were

!~. .• ....0..:. .,'tf~ l't D . '., d

tnern- was !n~) ques I!.!On. . V'I'" e ,1.Ul:Vl ..• ;

m.d a few others, Dzavidl. 00 no soul so I don't roi4'1..d telling his name m.rsgard to fuis business".

P was then :3Sked S:OQut .. .iJ:i:ja Ljillaj, He prompJ!!y responded he knsw him and he W~ -th.e cous'n o~ Islam Kastrati andShiquri Qel: aj and a good. buddy of Dant,

P told me that t.\ey·used' many ,drdt"do-dgers ~,er tile, war 10 Q(nlitT,{:iliffi:g%tm1:Ct-'rthll!!'l' dig:gi.ng ana trenspcrtation of corpses to Albania or somewere forced to e,,~I~c:ute Serbs a.1"!.d Albanian defectors plus many wereo bliged top ay pTDtecti.on money aud s 0 to malc.e up fhe debt to the AThrlIlia:n caus~"By this all wsre somehow im~olyed 'in ,.so.methiug dirty and

there was no. WRy out", "

C 'to'ld me that mmy oS erbs ware brought high 'Up in the mountains to hi?,v~ ""their bolo ad. pro:51~ improved", Tha)" were given good ['Oon aad had intense wad: at the f~Sfuj_d were tlnIbeain:g. AiL~' a while, when t~5"j had received otd,e:n for oirgi' u '1S, ith.ey were taking them. to BwW], whm 1the;1 wated untii operations. On the day bBforEl the. operation 'they were

," I

~I.~: ~i"" ~ , ;0 -~--:,_ ~~, .l"'~' __ II II .

r":-" .• _- ;

- .. _ .~ i _ -; ... JI .. : ~', "-. . .:- ~

- ........




tcl~en down to Fushe K:ruia. or b strer to say a ranch nearby, east of:th:~ town, They were also dumped there after fu~' took -:lvai)wjl1g w~rth:y from t.l-J~m, So ti,§ C1.!J.;ZJ!i sites ;;'lI!e at t~"1e private land, HE- mO!l;lt;::Oti"on.€d sOm€: cemewi'jJ near the 'town bu.t no more details. Thenh~ £..l!1allv connrm.€d tbe.T Elsh2!.:.-Jl w·s;s he:~vilY 'kvo.hred in. the business. "'{hell! ask~d about: Qeijaj and ~trati his ~er wash '~ell.: .. shlt~ vv~ll .. logistics, .. , PH call ycu :bd~~,

C 'said that to the first cou,pleai' Sm"b.sodytwo lcidn.eys were taken 'OUI and! tb!lil the:y were ld.lled. 1'he mtellti on was to 'breach t tho::: m2rket. Lat~i lhey madeit mu.ch b etter ~d ,vets malci..Tl;i:f 110 to 4500.05: uer nerson .. The lrug:::st shirmletlt was w~ mffir did 5 Serbstozether

~ • ~ s: ... ""-,J ......

and tb.e.'l stl:'ale:h.t to the ruITlDTI. He said fue:-y took a fortune that time, Other shinrnents W'eI;?'

- -,.;;;;. ;w.. ~ • - • ...

usually from two or three Serbs. 1115 said Daut H<l.Hl.d.irmj \V2Se:Oming to Tirana a few times to see bow it was ,going on ~d had a dispute with one ia."T'.iljl in.Fusn.e Kruja but then all calmed aovvn. He ~ays that Ramus cameto Tirana a couple of· times. ~lrn.07l5 IlOthii"J.g about p~us l' ·~actin1tolv:::me..r:!t in this but he must have kno '~''I'rI it ,aua .have cernmitted aU. to Dant H~ also added that. not mal'lJI people .... vere dire-cli), ,:i:tl"ll',bl~ .... ed in the erg.1ll!!. stl.1fi:

Local KlA cozomsnders ware 0 bligsd to hand oYBrtli"l.e1r prisoners to E1~~,i end Daur, while drivers and sa.cuntypeople were nor given much llO!laJ' at all.

He 'told. me that they usually flew oneommercial flights. on Monday BL.'1d W ednesdzy to Istanbul, He said that the eap ;8Icity of airplanes was 70",80 passengers .. B cCll.fi.T'l!led the MQl'!l.ing flight 0]], MonG.~¥to Ista.'rlhulHe W4.S siJeJltaho1Jt other de1~s except tha.t he ad<i€!d !bat lope,ra:tioll were also done in BureU for:it was Iike oIJy'l:';;::1O hams: ftm:r~ tile ffill'ort andtb.at' there was El2~o a prison for S erbs m, Km} a. in central AJb~e, where fuq were waiting for op erations in Pusae F'..mj a.

C t'old me ihcere were no. p roblems at theairp on i:t. Rinas, People-working there -W~ gii,fe.1 some money to dose their eyes andthe same s:i;Qr:-r in Istanbul.

It is imp ortant to know tl:lat Push t,-TUj a is ,ali'no st entin~~p opulated by iL~ pe cple from Biaj.!Oi.l"U CUi and T1'o po je during fhe eommunist era and is d ~1'),g~r-ous place, If W~ know th at the Haradinsjs are connected by :fa,'lilly links to El;!:jr~m Cur and Tropoje we can freer.): infertha; fue.'j have good COI~tac:tS, Vi.1th. th~ir C01J5]J1...l'j Ibtm.g i.r.i Fl:lshe ltruj a as weij whos e

land and farms they used Ib::-tws.' " " -



... - .. ,~-.----~------


.• I~, _

• y .~ i ;;,~ _ ;

i.. •• :'i_' - _' ;:... s- --, ", !.~ - .~:~ :::;:- 'i! ~.!...~:-,-:'!~.r:·"'··I~:::' !'I'

.. ..!,o',

. ,

, -,


B jciaed dm S eptember 1998. H. is from , suburb ir. Prizr on.

,f?-61 SO



~le says he recelv$d an order em. Jury 2 from his commander f\Ji go from Suva aeka '1:0 Pe,riza.j with anotbsr soldier (fellow driver) and deliver a paperto a high :r.;:n.'ldng K1...A officer '!JlLid after that to do wha;!:~v!:l:r they would he told. It wes about 1 Gam. VTh.eil they a.-ri v ed there they fuur.dfhe guy and he told them to w.m-t. The)! were \;;.r;riti...n.§' at same house lli"lti12pm (tlrtey also had l'U..!lch tiler~) and then they were told to drive to Talinovci and pick. up Q.ne:;moleF:L.A soldier (we c.all h1m the Third guy from now onwards) .at the

exit offenzaj.TI'lt;:;y were driving 'white V~V V.;lll SO tiley picked. up tile gtl(y,.B .

remembered he had meet :b.i:-n, in Prishtinetwiee,

They drove to Talinavd. wdfuen fbI' another 10Q.metres north and went to a house in whieb's basemeatfive Serbs ware b~g;kept byilie,la.A.. He saw two older men m ~

Sl:\ .. 't1,e's" two younger meamsybe i.-I. their late Tw5l:l0es ore.~l-y thiriies. l"'hey werevery dirty 'With bruises on thci~ heeds. One of them b.ad VJ shh'"t On himself, T~ r e was also on!€! weman, maybe i.11 her late fL-rnes ... The thITd B1JY was swearing ,at them Z!JJd yelliI:!g mat the Serbs would have to, payfor t!:v1!.rytbingili:;:.y had dOM Un the Alb:;L~~s, He gracbed e:.!lC of ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ All.laulau hit him Vtfith 2;. ft~t and. the Serb fe.ll d nwa, ~ he took .2., good 1Q ok at t.':'~e Y'i:' Qi"1ger S eebs and led them out. Heput :t,~em hsmQcuff-s and to ok them into t~,.e van, Then the three of them drove back to Suva Reka and stayed Oyr;:t ni£ilit there, VerI" e~hnext ma~me::

,... ........ ~... -

<WlOtbe-r: KLA patrol. brou§1.'t O.i1-= mare Serb there .. Tile third .gIIyh,ad a 1",1k ,;;ith the..ro ,and.

gave some p1lCkage tothe patrol and Took me S~rb in, It V,'<!S about 6i!!a

B hrought them breakfast, He szys he was surprised that the 100 d was sa alin1ll.d.!!::."'!i for prisoners, A.:t:ound 6.3 Oalo:ngwith the third guy aanther Albanian camsin dress 8£5 :::.5 civilian, He: ordered tb,.,e Serbs to aloe ofILrreir s11:irLS and asked them if th~ 'We·re beaten with clubs or batons 'or ,aajihlng" The Serbs picked up at TruinoYci said the-I had received a few luis ;!iI: head end ~t W2.S <ill. TI1elf}, they wen: told to dress and amund 7 they 7,re;re em thew~y to Prizren, B. W2!S surpris ad 'PI~t..it tht vva:l how the); were, treated, He tb.QTb!ght they would 'be ex.cbqeci. for captured JUha.:.1!.am: . .c~er ilL-TI-;;.'illg to Prizrsa tOOjl road!!:.2. break for half an hour and then m~ seven of them ~o'!l:r.nue d to the b order, There were, four JlJbauls,.TJ:S and. three Serbsin 1hj"5 rear of the van, They put ;~:ps OIl fheir mOllt.i:!~,the.:/ already had h<m,(1e1.1!f!:i; md t:ney w~re told. tob e qui~ at fh~~ d be :;;hot do W:i. ~. the spot. 'They crossed tlte bod:;::!.' wlmout any problems. TneJI henked the horn to the Germans snd that was a11L The read WZ'.!i clog-gej V-lithrefug'B~ returning. T.bi.'~y drove to K.u$;e.sErs:t and there they picked. another lJbmian.wl1!O .. gm off at .Eics:j;southofKu.~2S. ~41:su 1:.~S fourtb

..I~ d-as-si ._- ... , ... I..~-~ '" F' - - t- 'tl' .. I"l... - .:1 __ . • -..:I

.-g'I;!Y·-l.:.Leise·. -~Pf1U·a.i'1~,illlj. ttle~~~~~om ·,f}:l1z.a}got ott a~~~_. _uel~:uecenreu~ _

two ofrietAlb anians (well. later it l'.lrI"..ed out thai one -of them was <lTI Arab from Egypt)

and drove all the way down to Burell in centra! iJbmia. ".,.,he!e!hsy delivered the Serbs.

It took them the whole d~j toget there 'because the road W~ terriale, The guys ihe,Y pickedlJp W€.re: not talke.ti'l,>':1:: ,tllt 'all. PuG ,ofth,em was livmg in, Turkey for five :Jre:;;trS a::."l.d be said at ieV',' words tothem where to drive, (Lat~r as I talked to 13 he told. me he felt so unpleasant ,tvitb.these two me:n.,lh::.y· didn't allow him a.."d, his fellow driver to till~ at 211 and they asked fhern to pcll oVet~dce . .5,o tb~y could spread the carpets ,and pray. He said he ~ad heard from the third ,guy I<lierth~th. ... other 'worshipper' was .Egypti~Jl);

~ .. - .

.. :-: .~.,_ ; ._. 'O::'"~:. "::n.~:-i~,V __ ...... ~r,. :~ ~ - '".!,. ~'i. .~ ,~~ ., .. "iJ' I ~._~ : - ~ '\,f~ ~.,;'. ~ : ',:- '".;:. ?;"~.::_ ~~~ .. .r _ :_ r~


The next day t.'~t returned to KC5('Yv:a and restedootiJ ii#y 14. Then.B and ris cclleagne drove 'to Greko vei, thai!' S between PriZM:."'l and S uva Reka.Fwl'Illhefe .h-e went toO anether viH~e called I:h.l.bra:ta and th.e."l. back to Grekovceand th~n Bast n-on;'. Grekovce near WO mo~astcies where the:lr picked three S~bs· at the D USh,L·U.ca river shore. Later on ths way

b 2.ck to PrL."'TeD when they .hlt fue maia road lil:ey ·plck:ed twomore S eros frotn ~ KLA unit, _Ac.tually one oftb.,em 'V~ a. Slav Muslim. He didn;t tell me bow he kne\'..rtilat. They wars fu~bIy be~ten up and he s~d that Iarer thf;. rem of his van was s:t~edlhi.fu blo ad, They also had n .. »o I{l.A :s,oldier~ as esC.OJ~ ID me vanandthat time they had a small lorry behind, Vlhen'they rul'iv,ed at lUSUS they took the Serbs mt.ol fhe house of one loc<!l Albanian and there werealso g~ Serbs in that lonyV'i,~hl~h pulled. ever near :them. They W~I'e ail taken into 'the same hO'IJse, There was ani' Gypsy ',gh"l,vitb. them nrul also .5 oms eldedywoman 'fheGypsy girl 'W~ taken loutthliltni.ght He heard that KLA soldiers: raped her. He never saw her again, The neztrnorningtheypicked up tbree Serbs a.,"Ilon_g the group brougln the

rother d.ay.. ,.: Ira

11tat mcrn±i:Lg carne to Tususths third g-a;of from thi:J' previous: ,shipm.~£t ami he picked up the younger Serb S who locked well, Then th....'j! ill (three ~t\lbm:ria:ns end three Serbs) drOVB to Knkes where they mett~ ~urlcisli.. Albanian again, fuis time al'one, B .says t:'l.e thirdguy greeted. him. with. "Ei Mahm:ut' while ibis answered .s ~m ,AJeylmm or sametbi..~ in Arabic. "'lYfatuwJ.t said some'.b.mg like wewers late and Vle should stick better to the deal ana that the alrcraft.wculdbe w:;lti!:J.g, Tj-:is timewe drove all the wtrlf dovi'fi to Fushe Kruja We; arrived lat~ at night, Terrible drive", He said be drove to 8.. '1'.!li:!..ch near tha.t: to wu (Ag,al:.1: larer in the ccaversation I found. out that they i-Ow'"ld four Arabs and tw'o ,P.J'bm:"liruE ~id~ who, also returned from the north" from Bajrnm Curi. Two Arabs werein KL.4. Unif"OmlS. He srud there ,"'VM terrible stench in "ilie house md 1h!Lt ru! overthe \vcll~ were vmtt~!I. 'verses from the Kcn:a:n). They locked the Serbs in ODeoftb.e rccms, Tner;l,m mo~uing B> hiS' fellow d,_r:i:ver and the third guy returned to KosO"v'a, On the way back.tne third gny warned them to: k'ee_p 't,i)siir mouth smre up and they would be propedy awarded, Heexplained that the war and C'haotic,v~cLtUJ.n. afterwards was, Z:. perfect situation for business "for they had already had. many orders a_~·ld they h~ "to convince the cliearsthey were not lying: andthat M.aibmut W~ great help ", Mn st of th e time tb-.etbi:i:d guy tci.lred to B's fellow driver. He also added that he didn't like'tIl~1J1' 'either hut i:b.ey paid. well, I asked who ''them' were W'llQ B only replied: ~Cli~',

j\:ft,!;T' thisj41e}cib~u:o,l1' for furi!!.Lda~~ .. In JnUl.eai1:tirn.e.j~noib el:.gtqUTI too~Jis ·van ~"1d._ did a drive to Kukes and returned the same day. Then Oil J~J_7 18 B had a!..l'J.other dd}~rery" this time orily to Bicaj, They pioked up three Serbs in Suva Relca early in 'IDe morning, The wirCl, guy joined 'tbem same time before the border in anofher Vall aue! then he moved to

B 's van. In the other 1,I'm:!. 'fume were t-y,lC S erb s .ThS-J arri ved to gefu5T to Hi CI.\ ,;:,Tiere til ey were delivered to loca!m,~ who wt(j('k,e;ci, for 1 one! famous f~!y·. They returned 00 Prizrsn the sama'd.~y ..

• • ., .• ' ' ••.• '~I.~. ,._' ,'-.' . ~R ~ - ~~. .. - _ 'I' I t -

_, }J'~' ':. I '.,: .. I~,"""" '" " .::. ..... : .... .,.:. ''!, -. :_...:,;:~ _


~ ~ ~ -:.. ~~ ~. I ~ :: .d I ....

-- '" "" = - - -

_ .. ". -~ " .... ., .. "~';.,


After !1;li~ B 'was 'orn leave' un1i1l'.Ugl.lSt L9 wlu1e his feUow driver did a fe,v mere

- -'., . - ' -

.!;lripmernts and two other groups. Th~noin Augus .... 19 his ieUo\.v driver and t.~e third. guy

called himto j om tn.ern,.Fh-st th,~y drove to Land ovicaand then to Pir:m~ where the}' ,pulled Olver near frI.,€' D r:illliand Bardhe river. They to ek fr,om. ten to twilve is erbs to i!:h.s lo:ny (this "lime it was redish dusty Volvo lorry). and ,then. between Finne. and Land:o'l.i;cl they to ok 5'.0: or seven Serbs more. The third guy ,~,:pl~~d. it would be easier ,ITi:h,!l;Y took them sll at once. to .Albama because it was b ecoming more and more sensitive end woul d. na,t lL1<:e ro gamble tEib.e!'ewocld be problems with KFOR and other KLAfi"acoo;l"..s. D'ley arrived :a.t Ku.\es t,,"at d2.]' and. stayed over rug-hi: at a ne.arbyia.-m where there were cire:ady five SerDs held. pris,o:ners. The next morning he, the tr.:.i.rd.gu)' and. the feUo,w driver continued to Burell ~thfour Serbs at thevan while others remained in Kukes ill~a 7,;""5 'lime they drove to ;i! d:iTIB!;ent part of Burell to. a house whlcb io.terio.r IOlok~d like a small clirdc, The hoase ha-d onlya gr~twd floor and it lookedJi.l<e il was a restaurant befo:-e. The third gay said fum mQS1·o~gans" go totheMiddle.East, espedallyto Damascus, <tbat':sm S'yriai he explainsd, 'They again delivered the S erbs .to ] ocal armed men andthere B noticed one guy "I,i~b darker skin and beard ,~illO could ~asily' be an Arab, Eo and the two others spent a night in another p artef BureH2!Ud went to Tirana ne:,p: day where the third guy visited l\1zilimut and the h~b E hF.d met first lime. He wasn' t at tha meeting, TIley ,st::~:yEd .. m,o~er d<!y 1.-,. Tirana and then hack to Kosovo oo.Q fb.~ 7133 all

Irs f~lo7;' driver said to him lll,at !b~ut 60 Serbs haC!. been takeato Albania by their groups bu.t maybe-a ha:!f of wers used foriliat ~lci-T]d ofbusiness'. He added fu2d: sowe of'them were 'medically t!l:st)~d' in, Kukes and Bi.caj bli"! he couldn't expla'al;lho:w" I I!Sk~ if tho:; blood s~lle:s weretaken from ih~ Serbs' 01 whatand he didn't mow how to. answer, His fellow driver Q bviously was not happy v.~tLiJ 'bhe: money he got, He said. that Ma.~'T1lut "I;,,:im his frimc1s'~ third guy and. .ALA ~~O! omcer.3 ana .4.lb~an ga:::gste:rs made £brtun£; while they were given crumbs, The feUmv driver ridiculed Mahrnut's storythat they bad :hl~

expenses because the.v had 00 bi:r~ a iet etc. Ivrabmu.t told the f~Uow dri"?~: mat the organs could. not 1m forevB; in m.e mdge5 etc.

At'tt-j,e end he. t1..a;ded, th,~t:B~b!ci.tJi:l Torci..himi ,a"d Azsm Hoxa werein charge: frora the Al1:NL"1la1J. .:'li_ci~ as .rnen who worked for the; peo ple who aliso 'organized tbe sm::ug_,9:ling of' weapons for KLA du..r1:."lg' the WlIT. He didu't. want togiv e me the names of the big fish,

Also regarding the KL.A. side, he said almost nothing .. Ee o:oJi.y mentioned f.jat 'very _

important people' were involved lnt"le job andtnat he, ~:m:d not to speak out. for the s1;idy of his family. He says thai even some cathciic _&..1bmiangidsfrom li"le north had been . lcidnapped end used far 'this pllipose instead. ofbeing sect to Italyto prostitut~ Ijkem~y

______ ~.gtben' J .A n5: this l~!Jripl U~ didrr'l.ma'!.;:e; new :llmpITIffibi !h,1,;) ~J. 'id:i h~ thirl:s ~hat the bUSh"1~-::J.'3 is still goi.11g O!ll hut vAilhout transfer over frie bQrd~. One tbin;S;.h8Wa.<:: ,abS:Dlllt'~:,/p,~'~ltive

was thmf The! Atla;otic 'brigade .hadnething to do with t.!)at; business .


"~ , ' ... "

- ~., _, :,

!- •




Ua:lU.tld rbtioll.~ lfitfl"~m A. cl,t:O i."J h~lItio r. M:!sshnl i~, ,KCSGVO

---' ~

" '

Set lout beloware details pertaining tothe allegsri AlOania.71 war crimes

recent discn ssions. .

1., Beginning in IDid-1999' (and possibly earlier], between 70 and 2QO people. wsre forcibly taken al ive bytruck and van to private detention fscllities near the northern

Alben ian towns crf1Ciukes/B ieaj and Tropej~. ,.'-1o,st of ' these poe o:p~e .... ,e[e; ethnic Serbs· from

.Koso,vo abducted between June and Octobnr 1999. 'Th~ Serbs taken to ~~lb(',n.ia were

m.ai.:."lly m~n betVl,ee.n. the ages of'1.7 and. 5Q. Bes:'Il"l_~ID.g in July 1999) 12!.Gcordmg-ton:uJltii'pie

sources ofuriknowtIrc!iabUity. 50W~ of these c;aptiw;.5: ,(24 - IO'O} were tt;msfe:r,red from .'

- nQrrn-erfi"'A{b,anhi. £C apr!~"2re house: ('or n5~s:bsrne~ 'tFi~'lDw:ii" o~t lf~errO=l:·BU ~r,e~Hr abo·~~" -.' ,,_,. ,,~- -- ..

J 10 kilometers SQuthwc::1t of Kukes. Medical equipment bought tothe house was used by, cl oc;tO.:i; to extract bod.y oreans It'o,m tit.e; C~t;lthl'~S. whu lheu died.. Thdr r,;;;m ains wer:.: buried ne;;u:by, The; or~.s-wen;.tL~'1sporlede!o Rfuas "airport nelT 'f.L"s''i]U., (apprQi~ima.q~ly 7.5 Ilcilome.~l1'i 50u'tbwC:St of Bl!LlTc])and flo"tYri abroad, In all1d.ILion to edmlc Serbs. other' captives brought to the .housewere described 2& f~m~1e '·pios:tiwtes.': At least ~'O of tbe women rnayhave been !t011! Nfudiite: Albania. The :1.ast;d:!:lilleiy ofc:aptivE"S, from northern Albania to 'the housenear Burrel was reported in spdtil:g or early 5.u.miJl\~t 2000 .. "

2. In addition to capf..''l'''e"s taken to pJ1:J,auiaan:v'e~, an UIik'.nci-.,vu number of corpsesJ belir.:ved to be S¢rbian civilians, were aHegecilytr:a.1'JSported 'from KOSflVO to Albanla where they' were burl~d i)::! •. remote Jecancioils.

.. ~

3. ,ThE! above mfbnna.tIDD is based on. Interviews v v lth at least eighi:: sources, th.e ctedtbiUty of ~;'''l.om ii:l untestsd, aU (!~hnir,; AlbaniMs, !r'om KOISO¥o:Dr M.onrenegrowhD served in me, I(o~l),/o Liberation Army; Aoco:rd.l!;l~~, 'to these sources, tOe. transpottsand sllrg-lcai procedures were earried out with. 'tlb"e; acti've involvement and/Dr ¥M.QW'~cl.g~O£ mid-leva! and .senior KLA Offi.ccrs as vrel.r as doctors it:QID Kosovo andabroad.

.4. The house where the organ extractions tt~le,gE:d1y' were co·nd.uc',tl~d is located 14,,,58

kilometers S9uth o~ 'BlLrrd~ at ap.P'fprima!.e 1y . 41.3~2 ~49 ~. "~_i1d .2,O:.;Q;t1~ 1 ~J~,." Jhe;. ,hQ~e.):s: s1tua.t)t;d in the bamlet of KUItes,h,t_ which Is located. StX kIlometers W~5t of the main road ccnnecting BUrrEd Md Klos (or Klosi) ,The j unction for' the dirt rQad to I~ur\esrd 1.3

.• ____ep.pz(f"'iIImtt'!h.~,.g "? \.;1 kl!l1e:t:ers -5'Q.iJ~ .• of tlJ.e~firn~ridg'~,.~cnlth 'of ~ur;r_. ~~"I_. __

.: ... .r

Mr, J ona'"Jilan S'utch ICT',{ Head ofMi:s:sion

For Koscvoand Me,:c.eGoni~

- -,-

I'.. ~ ~~ '::

. '



- ,

Al1 ethnic Albanlan from northwest Koscvo who was a driver and security offlcer assigned to a reg-lanai KLA be~dqiJart~r,6: Ln. western K050VO,. SQurce #,3 claims to have dire~H] parrIdpated in Tr;ir.lSrorting oapti'V't!S Ram Kospvo to north~m iSnd central Al b.iITi 2 .

. An . ethnic-Ai irlani an from Monfe.negn:r; Serve'a-om tllii'KL~ -a"s'-a_ foW: level fightr:r::md. driver, Source #4 clairns to have directly panic:ipat~d in the burial 'of Serb c:ivHiallS- in Kosovc a[]d~'r' tI"3.l":'ii,;;Jl 0 rti rig ca pr.i v!.:-s from ::~.!I~ ~('J vote, tio,;;rhr.;m ~ jba:n.t~

, . ----4. '


J! ~.

"~ ethnic JlJbah:an from KogQVO who was a mid-level logistics O:ffic,Brln the KLA \v~cl1 close Iloks to Rarnush Haradina]. SOt:l.'fCC #5 cb.im.s dil:"e~t knqwledg(;1 of the trarrspert of' captives ~om Koso\(Q to northernand central Albanla, His cHrr:e.t roleremains unclear,


Anethnic AlbaniarlfiomPrl'?ten Y'.n, 0 W'aS accused by the- KL.A. 00 f c.oLlaborating with the Serbs, He was taken 'i::l.pt!v,e ~Iong v'tlLth his brother ::l[;l,d !!.ei.d at tb ~ KLA base. l ccated in ,<3: ;factory ln Kukes, H'Z: was released and re;tUI'11~-d tc Pnzren after th~ war; He claims to have seen Serbill.D captives bdn.g held by the KLA in Kukes,


".Ii et~"l.iC.AJbaniail from Kosove who served <!.$ a low-level soldier in 111e KLA. SOllrce #7 claims: direct Y.n'Q\1J]ed:ge of priya;tl;) d~tt: nrion f:acUJdt:S mnorthern Albania.

8 ..

~ .

- M 'etb.nk"AlOadram_ who. ~'ervt::d ·i.mder"the·l~t~ C~'mm~nd~r·D"d~f.

Source #8 claims lna,irect knewledae of the trtlJ.'.sport of captives

from I(,O!;OVO to aorthern Albania. ,_ .

",_ ,~,,~.,;........---~--~--~-~-------

S incerely Yours"


,Pau1 ,C. Coffey • 7 - D£tJ~C~'O'i

Dep ~itm.;:n.t bt:J1.1$tic'e,

-'~ .. - - ..... ~.. --

.,..1 .. - =- .,,1 I

I· .. '

~ . '": .,'



.. "

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