Consumer co-operative cosociety

Prof. Sagar sir .

. with no passive shareholder.COOPERATIVE DEFINITION A Cooperatives comprises of legal entity owned and democratically controlled by its members. Cooperation is voluntary association of people who have come together to achieve a common goal.

 Sources of Finance.  Distribution of Surplus.Characteristics of Co-operative CoSociety.  Voluntary Association.  Service Motive.  . Open Membership.

 Housing Co-operative Society.Types of Co-operative Societies CoConsumers· Co-operative Society.  Co-operative Marketing Society.  Producers· Co-operative Society.  Co-operative Credit Society.  .  Co-operative Farming Society.

Kendriya Bhandar.what is a consumer's cooperative society: A consumers' cooperative is a business owned by its customers for their mutual gain. .  These societies are formed to protect the interest of general consumers. Apna Bazar and Sahkari Bhandar are examples of consumers· co-operative society.

. Employees Consumer Cooperative Society Ltd. popularly known as Kendriya Bhandar was set up in 1963.Kendriya Bhandar Central Govt.

Business Activities Bhandar is into the following business activities: a) Sales of Grocery and Consumer products b) Sales of Stationery and office equipment c) Sales of Medicines Kendriya .

Benefits . for the Customers from Apna Bazaar.APNA BAZAAR The word ´Apna Bazaarµ means ´Our Bazaarµ and that is what we have been ever since our inception.

Apna Bazaars are 3 Types Apna Bazaar Medium Apna Bazaar Mega Apna Bazaar Mini .

Sahakari Bhandar They buy goods directly from the producers or manufacturers and thereby eliminate the middlemen in the process of distribution. .

Stores.National Cooperative Consumers· Federation of India Limited (NCCF) National Cooperative Consumers· Federation of India Limited (NCCF) is the apex Federation of the consumer cooperatives in the country.  The . Wholesale Societies.  The present membership of the NCCF is 136 comprising of Primary Co-op.

NCCF is the spokesman of the consumer cooperative movement in the country.Objectives The main objectives of the NCCF are to provide supply support to the consumer cooperatives and other distributing agencies for distribution of consumer goods at reasonable and affordable rates besides rendering technical guidance and assistance to the consumer cooperatives through its R & D division. .

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