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about life
about life

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Published by: atul on Nov 29, 2007
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To be happy human beings try a hell lot of things but are seldom successful.

This is because of the fact that though most people who are in search of happiness do not know actually what happiness really means. And as such they are searching something that they don’t know anything about.

This is because of the simple fact that they are trying to be happy and happiness can never be achieved through hard labor rather it is simplest form of energy which we can get thinking simple and enjoying the iotas of life and though its easy said than done but there is no other way out. Materialistic things can make us happy for moment or so but deep down in our heart we can never be happy as we are worried about the complexities of this world.

Though as said earlier no one can achieve happiness through hard labor still there are certain steps using which we can stretch our hands towards happiness and in the process can be on the track towards being happy. Success is something that we all love and want to achieve but we all have hardly ever noticed that the more we get inclined towards the best we loose all are freedom that we always wanted. When we wanted success that was our choice till we got that but later that success itself becomes our enemy and we all fell prey to it. Day by day as success gets command of our life we start loosing grip on ourselves and we are just a puppet then.

It is not necessary that what we want is always right but there are times we wanted something and god gives us something else which is good for us. This is how life goes on and this is also the mystery of life. The moral is that what we see from outside good for us may not be good and can sometime put us in jeopardy.

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