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 Project Title: - Events Organized By School with Helpdesk Support

 Project Definition:-

The objective is to develop a system which acts as a repository
for all the events organized by school. As school used to organize
various cultural/sports/academic/non-academic activities to
enhance aptitude as well as confidence level of student.

System must preserves details of various sponsors as well as

companies/locations related to activities as to setup infrastructure
for particular event on few click.

It preserves each and every participant along with their grade.

System used to generate certificate for participants. It also

preserves positive as well as negative comments of particular
students during any activity.

The objective of this phase is to provide details of each and
every student to their parents online as to keep on touch with

As every parents can post their question and corresponding

department used feedback to parents.

So parents can keep in touch with school as their convince.

System preserves each and every communication with parents.

 Following are the list of important modules of entire system.

1. Student’s Details Used to preserve information

about each and every student
of school along with their
standard-division etc.
2. Organizer/Sponsors Used to provide details of
various donators.
3. Locations It provides details of various
4. Resource Management Used to preserve details of
various resources required to
complete the entire event.
1. Event schedule Allow user to define well
manage advance schedule.
2. Achievements Allow user to define various
achievements done by
students for particular
3. Complains/Problem Allow user to define various
complains issue either by
parents other school for
particular activity.
4. Certificates Used to generate various
certificates for participants
as well as winners of the
5. Traveling Companies Used to preserves
information about various
traveling agencies.
6. Report related to activity Allow administrator to track
records of each and every
7. Activity cards Used to issue an activity
card for particular
participants who provide
timing details as well as
activity details.