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Screenplay Text: “Mr.

Meyer walks into the classroom and sees something in the trashcan that gets his
attention. It’s a copy of Romeo and Juliet. Irritated, he reaches down and picks the book up, but it is
covered in some sort of slime. Disgusted, he drops the book back into the trash and sniffs his fingers. They
stink. He leaves the room.”

Possible Shooting Plan

Number Framing Subject Notes Done?

Mr. Meyer opening door, Establishing shot for
1 Long shot stepping into classroom, POV camera to follow
looking at trash can.
Medium shot
2 (high angle) Romeo and Juliet in trash can Mr. Meyer’s POV

Reaction shot for POV

3 Medium-close Mr. Meyer looks irritated. sequence

Mr. Meyer bends over to pick

4 Long shot up book from trash can

Match on action from

5 Medium-close Hand goes into trash can previous shot

Close-up Angle from beneath

6 (low angle) Book taken from trash can book, from within
trash can (experiment)
Mr. Meyer reaches standing Match on action from
7 Long shot position again, but looks at previous shot
his hand in disgust
Book in hand, covered with
9 Close-up sticky goo

Mr. Meyer, with disgust,

10 Medium shot drops book out of frame into
trash can (o.s.)
Close-up Angle from beneath
11 (low angle) Book lands back in trash can book, from within
trash can (experiment)
Mr. Meyer, sniffs fingers,
12 Medium shot grimaces

Mr. Meyer turns and walks

13 Long shot from classroom, closing door
behind him.

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