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Diploma thesis:

CFD simulation of multiphase flow using the open-source code OpenFoam

In industry, flows with two or more phases are a common practice. In process industry,
multiphase flow may be present e.g. in pipelines, heat exchangers, distillation columns, etc.
Accordingly, understanding and analysing multiphase flow is of utmost importance for the
design of numerous industrial applications.

In this diploma thesis, the capabilities of the open-source code OpenFOAM with respect to
simulations of liquid-liquid multiphase flow are to be explored.
In addition to the two-fluid-model, a focus is on the Volume-of-Fluid-(VOF)-model. Moreover, the
importance of the turbulence models RANS (Reynolds Averaged Navier Stokes) and LES
(Large Eddy-Simulation) concerning the quality of the results is to be investigated. By the aid of
appropriate examples, a comparison of the computational results and experimental data is to be
Additionally, the code will have to be adjusted and extended to the specific needs.

We assume a strong interest in the numerical simulation of physical phenomena. Apart from
that, good mathematical and programming (C/C++) skills as well as background knowledge in
fluid mechanics is important.

Dr.-Ing. Stefan Lenz

The Linde Group
Linde Engineering Division
Dr.-Carl-von-Linde-Straße 6-14
82049 Pullach b. München

phone: ++49 7445 2057


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