SOME INTERESTING DETAILS Author: Jeff Kinney Publication Information: It was published by MOLINO, it has got 217 pages. THIS BOOK IS....... Greg´s diary is a funny book that tells the life of a teenager. Greg is a teenager that have many problems in the high school. Greg is an unlucky boy with a silly friend colled Rowney. Greg has got two brothers that they make his life imposible, he is colled Rodrick. Manny is his smallest brother and he is very noisy and cheeky. Greg´s mother is a person that rule a lot of in their house and Greg´s father does not rule very much....

MY OPINION........
For me Greg´s Diary is an amazing book that makes you laugh a lot. With this book ,apart that you read, you can see funny comics pictures that represents what happened to Greg. In Greg´s Diary maybe you will be identificate with Greg.... I recommend this book to my friends because I think you will like this book.

This is a picture of the book.

This is a picture of the book too.


This is made by: Carlos Jiménez Jarana 1ºA

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