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Degrees of the adjetives

Example Comparative Superlative

1 or 2 syllabled Big Adjetive + -er Adjetive + -est
adjetives (bigger) (biggest)

2 syllabled happy Adjetive –y + ier Adjetive –y + iest

adjetives ending in (happier) (happiest)
More than 2 intelligent More + Adj The most + Adj
sillabled adjetives (More intelligent) (The most

Irregular adjetives or adverbs

Good Better The best

Bad Worse The worst
Far Further The Furthest
Old Elder or Older * The eldest or oldest

*Elder and The eldest se utilize para referirse a miembros de la familia

Comparative sentences

1. Subject + verb + as + adjetive + as + 2nd term of composition

(She speaks as fluent as the rest of the ….. )
2. Subject + verb + less + adjective + than + 2nd term of comp.
3. Subject + verb + more + adjective + than + 2nd term of comp.
(He is less [more] intelligent than the rest)
(She works harder than bill)  adjetivo corto por eso no se pone more

Superlative sentences

Subject + verb + the adjective (superlative) + in or of + complement

(He is the best player in the team)
(He buys in the most expensive shop in town)