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Johan Meeske Wetercolour Flowing spontaneity isused here fo evoke a suggestion of reality The basis of this realistic scheme 's neverbeles abstact, Contaxing colors and one, «diagonal movement hat ves fhe whole plc is rams and awl alana dinbton acres tho aka of the patie ~ al hece elements a moe Import han te appar’ eaiy on which the work is based. Transforming reality by means of elimination and simplification Abbosic abstract compesiion i created in cool ond soem calaurs, phihalo blue cd burnt sienna, vsing a flat brush At this tage, you should ensure unity and echesion bol in he colours and inthe negative while shapes. Mere form s given tothe grincipal motif using dark halons in coal and warm shades. The main focus here is en resining essental whi areas, Despite seme suggestions of reality, he piers as a ‘hele is kept as obetact a poral. A few calligraphic accent are applied in the contal section, evoking an llusion of realy. Nenfigurative elenentsnonnally remain unicuched within his Famework, emphasising the loot, senifigurativa approach 22 Itmay sometimes be necessary to apply 2 few more light tals in darker areas. This can be done with vhite gouache cr acrylic. Bear in mind that oomuch detail can make the work busy and untidy This detail shows hovwan dbstact foundation witheut clearly wecognisable forms con sill capture he interes ofthe views Kees van Aalst Watercolour