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The importance of checking all gross scores before returning your

scorecard was emphasized when our monthly medal winner had to
be disqualified for signing for a score on one hole that was lower
than actually taken although his net score was correctly recorded on
the card,a lesson learnt the hard way
Wednesday 6th April-Monthly Medal-Revised Result
A fine sunny day helped some overcome the terrors of a medal
round but as usual others fell by the wayside
1st Pat Sayer 94-25=69, 2nd John Bridgen 80-7=73, 3rd Glyn Ombler
Twos: 4th Hole Colm O´Keeffe and Les Raufer, 8th Hole John
Bridgen and Bob Wallace (visitor), 10th Hole Chris Baker
Wednesday 13th April-Individual Stableford
A lovely sunny day with the course in good condition saw some
very low scoring (apart from the winners enclosure) it is difficult to
understand the reasons behind this,it is proberly called “golf”
1st Roy Stubbins 38 pts, 2nd Sally Keene 36pts, 3rd David Street 34
Twos: Glyn Ombler x2 4th & 17th and Roy Stubbins 4th

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