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1. a). Explain briefly a programming domains.

b).how can knowledge of programming language characteristics benefits the
whole computing community?


2. a).What are the three general methods of implementing a programming

language? Explain with examples.
b). what populates the Smalltalk world?
3. a). What is coercion? Explain with examples.
b). how does support relational and Boolean expressions?

4. a). What mixed mode assignments are allowed in Ada .
b).write short notes on type checking.
c). write short notes on type compatibility.
5. a). What are the design issues for subprograms?
b). what are the three semantic models of parameter passing?
6. a).What is the problem with ada’s policy of allowing implanters to decide
which Parameters to pass by reference and which pass by value.
b). Explain briefly scope and extent.

7. a). What are the language design requirements for a language that support s
abstract data types?
b).what is in Ada specification packages? What about a body packages?
1. a). describe the fundamentals difference between C# struts and its classes.
b). write a short notes on semaphores and monitors.
9. a) How can exception handler be written in java so that it handlers
any exception.?.
b). How can exceptions be explicitly raised in C++?

1. a). What are the applications of logic programming?

b). Write a short notes on Prolog.