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THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL PAPER AIRPLANE BOOK , ~“@ By JERRY MANDER GEORGE DIPPEL AND HOWARD GOSSAGE | THE OFFICIAL FLY-THEM: YOURSELF BOOK OF PAPER AIR- PLANES—WITH TECHNICAL DATA, DISTANCE AND TIME- ALOFT RECORDS, PHOTOGRAPHS AND COMMENTARIES—FROM THE FIRST INTERNATIONAL PAPER AIRPLANE COMPETITION CONDUCTED BY SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN $go5 THE GREAT INTERNATIONAL PAPER 5 c AIRPLANE BOOK by JERRY MANDER, GEORGE DIPPEL and HOWARD GOSSAGE ‘The official record, analysis, and fly-it-yourself compendium of high-achievement paper airplanes from the Scientific American Ist International Paper Airplane Competition, held during the winter of ’66-'67, an event that has already taken its proper place in aeronautical history. ‘Told by the men who were there. (Illustrated and annotated) AFIRESIDE BOOK PUBLISHED BY Simon and Schuster: New York All rights reserved ‘neluding the right of reproduction jn whole ori part in any form Copyright © 1967 by Shade Tree Corporation Fireside Book Published by Simon and Schuster Rockefeller Center, 630 Fifth Avenue [New York, New York 10020 SEVENTEENTH PAPERBACK PRINTING SBN 671-21129-3 Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 68-12169, “Manufactured in the United States of America Printed by Mahony & Roese, New York, N.Y. Bound by Electronic Perfect Binders, Inc, Bloomfield, N.J.