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Title: La caja de música.

Number of page: 132 page.
Year: About 12 year.
Genre: Theatrical.
Author: Alfonso zurro.
Personages: Nino that is the protagonist whith the wrist. Also is the person that hasn´t got
Face, cocolico that is a hunter, presentador, gador that is a lion, mr. Perfec that is a teacher,
The hand, jiji and jija, pirate, pestiño and pestiñaza with devil, guardian, general, clown and


Nino him like the plane and one day threw his plane, and fell in one box of music .
In this box has got a one wrist. Nino asked that, yes she can catch the plane and
She said, that no can´t because was trapped. Nino disappeared with the person that hasn´t
Got a face. The wrist achieved leave and went give the plane to Nino. The wrist
To look for Nino. Asked to every personage but the final the wrist found to Nino
In one island, and the person that hasn´tgot face had got Nino in one box of music,
And the wrist helped to Nino toleave.

This book is very interesting because has got many personage
And no is very long. I recoment this book to my friend and my family
Because to my friend like the book of theater and the short book.

By: Sergio Rodriguez De La Cruz