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Last year, in October 21st 2009, a six year-old girl in China, Li Xiaoyuan, had hair on her back
and parts of her face and arms.
The hair started to grow with a mole and quickly spread over her entire back and is now
starting to grow on her arms and face.
Surgeon Dr Lou Zhongquan of Zhaoqing City Dermatological Hospital
believes the youngster may be suffering from a rare disease that
sends normal moles out of control.
The girl says to her mum that she doesn͛t want to leave home because
children laugh at her. She also said that she didn͛t want to wear
summer clothes to not show her skin covered by hair.
The girl can͛t play with children in the playground because they run
away from her, and she goes inside and cries.
However there is a treatment that costs £9.000. The problem is that
her father earns only £50 and her mother £20. Doctors say they will be able to pay it later.