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American Government

Chapter 13/14/15 – Review Game

1. Who was the first President to live in the White House? (NOT ON TEST)
John Adams
2. Which amendment limits the President to serving two terms? 22
3. What are the 3 Constitutional qualifications for being President
• Native born
• at least 35 years old
• a resident for at least 14 years
4.This department was changed to the Department of Defense in 1949
The Department of War
5. What is the length of a Presidential term? 4 YEARS
6.The Social Security Administration is part of this department
The Department of Health & Human Services
7. Name the top 4 positions in order of presidential succession
• President
• Vice President
• Speaker of the House
• President Pro Tempore
8. Which branch of government does the President lead? (NOT ON TEST)
The Executive Branch
9.The Secret Service is a division of this department
The Department of Homeland Security
10. This department administers our nation’s nuclear technologies
The Department of Energy
11. How many electors is each state guaranteed in Electoral College? 3
12. Who was the first Secretary of State?
(NOT ON TEST) Thomas Jefferson
13. Who is the current Secretary of State? (NOT ON TEST) Hillary Clinton
14. To which executive department does the Census Bureau belong?
15. Who must approve Presidential appointments to cabinet positions before
they take office? U.S. Senate
16. What is the largest executive department? The Department of Defense
17. Who was the first Catholic President? (NOT ON TEST) John Kennedy
18. What is the maximum number of years anyone can serve as President? 10
19. What is the formula for deciding how many electors each state has?
The state’s number of U.S. Senators plus House of Representatives
20. The F.B.I. belongs to this Executive Department.
The Department of Justice
21. What is the only cabinet department not headed by a secretary?
Department of Justice
22. The Bureau of Indian Affairs belongs to this Executive Department
The Department of Interior
23. Which amendment describes the process for replacing the president, if
he or she should leave office? 25th
24. What is the only constitutional duty of the vice president?
Preside over the Senate
25. This Executive Department distributes food stamps to needy families
The Department of Agriculture
26. This Executive Department helps the President plan and carry out
foreign policy - The Department of State