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Hickory Creek Subdivision HOA

Summary Meeting Minutes from 2011 Annual Meeting held 4/13/11

1. Powerpoint presentation dated 4/13/11 viewed and handed out. Many items on the
presentation reviewed and discussed.

2. Board Elections:
• President: Pino Mancina – re-elected for 2 years
• Ralf Hiebl – continuation of term
• Mark Tabacchini – continuation of term
• William Bye – new board member elected for 2 years
• Scott Reygaert – new board member elected for 2 years

3. Subdivision Garage Sale set for May 20-22nd. HOA will advertise in local paper and
place the placard sign out at the front entrance.

4. New subdivision sign. Since the Road Commission did not allow the HOA to
continue with the sign concept in the center of the boulevard where the existing sign
remains, the focus is now placing 2 new signs within the landscape areas on the North
and South entrances. Planning is in place and the next step is to obtain approval from
the Township.

5. 2011 Dues. Due by May 1st, otherwise Late fees will be added and aggressively
followed for collection.