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Junior Secondary School.

AREA 11 Garki
F.C.T Abuja
Sarah Yunana
14Years Old

As the Presidential candidate what are your plans for the future Nigeria

Nigeria is a large country, rich in culture, supplies petroleum to the other countries
and Nigeria is a beautiful country. I am very proud of my country. If I am the president of
Nigeria, I will be happy and grateful to my country and my plans are, to be kind and honest
leader and to be able to make my country proud of me. If am the president, I will have the
following in my agenda.

1. Improve the health sector

2. Reduce the prices of houses
3. Improve Agriculture products
4. Improve Educational standard
5. Improve Electricity supply

1. IMPROVE THE HEALTH SECTOR: In Nigeria, many people are dying because the
drugs are too expensive and they cannot afford such money especially the poor ones,
so let there be enough drugs to satisfy the country and all the sick ones will be treated
properly because if there are, some people will be suffering from many kind of
illnesses and our country will not function well, so let there be drugs for everybody
and it won’t be expensive. Again there are so many fake drugs in circulation, I will
require the NAFDAC and they will into this.
2. REDUCE THE PRICES OF HOUSES: The prices of the houses are too expensive and the
poor ones cannot be able to rent or buy, because the houses are too expensive.
Therefore I will improve the population of the houses so that the prices will be low
and people will not lack houses.
3. IMPROVEMENT ON AGRICULTURE: I will grant loan to farmers, fertilizers to them. So
that there will be enough/sufficient food for the nation. I will provide working
implements, such as tractors and other mechanized machines.
4. IMPROVE EDUCATIONAL STANDARD: In Nigeria, is not all the state that have a much
university and secondary schools, so there must be improvement of educational
standard because if not improved, some of the children will not be educated because
they may go to register and they may tell them that the population is too much. As the
president of Nigeria, I will build more schools for all the states, enhance on teachers
salaries. Equip the schools adequately.
5. ELECTRICITY SUPPLY: if I am the president of Nigeria, all the state and villages that
have no lights, I will make sure that there must be light because light is very
important to us and without light every where will be dark. My government will
provide more transformers.

Thank you.