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AIM: Microsoft Publisher

Description: Microsoft Publisher helps us to create, customize, and
publish materials such as newsletters, brochures, flyers, catalogs, and
Web sites. In this module, we will learn create and publish web pages
using MS Publisher.

To create a website for your college. The website should have the
following pages:
1. Homepage which describes the college website
2. About Us page which tells about the college vision, when it was
3. Departments page which describes the departments in the
4. Separate pages for at least two departments of your college
5. Contact page which contains address and contact information
about the college.

Guidelines for the website are given below:

NOTE: Resources like and images and documents are available in
Website Content Folder


Replace this
image with your
college logo or

Replace this
image with
your college
picture or
About US Page:

Departments Page:

Hyperlink these table entries

to the corresponding
department pages