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Published by: Suprodip Das on Apr 14, 2011
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Dear Customer, Before you start: 1. Please make sure that you are connected to the Internet. 2.

You have received the Verification Key and Activation Code by PIN Mailer, Mobile SMS or E-mail. Welcome to Canara Bank CanSecure for Retail and Corporate Internet Banking. It is our pleasure to now offer you the “most secure internet banking experience”, powered by the next-generation REL-ID Technology. You will now be able to safely conduct all online transactions in a secure environment. In order to start using the CanSecure Token, you need to complete the following 3 simple steps: STEP 1: Download CanSecure software, STEP 2: Activate CanSecure, and STEP 3: Use CanSecure for Internet Banking. Please read this User Manual carefully. All instructions for download, activation and usage are provided here. Additionally you can access a demo presentation at: http://www.canarabank.in/cansecure.asp In case you face any problems or have any queries, please contact our Customer Help Line number 1800-425-0018 or send an email to cansecuresupport@canbank.co.in Looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship and assuring you of our best services at all times. Best regards, Internet Banking Team @ Canara Bank
Security Notice: 1. Never respond to emails that ask for your personal details like Internet banking User ID, Password, Debit Card Number, ATM PIN, Date of birth, Mother’s maiden name etc. Canara Bank will never ask for these details either on email, phone or SMS.

Step 1: Download CanSecure 1. Go to your Internet Banking Site Retail: https://netbanking.canarabank.in/ netbanking/RetailLogin.jsp Corporate: https://netbanking.canarabank.in/ corpbanking/CorporateLogin.jsp

4. Setup Security Question and CanSecure Device PIN: 4.1 Set Security Question by selecting from drop-down list or by typing a new question and specify an answer. 4.2 Set CanSecure Device PIN (minimum 4 digits and maximum 10 digits) and click on Submit. You have to always remember the Device PIN and Security Answer.

2. Login to your account. 3. Follow on-screen instructions to download and run CanSecure installer on your computer. 4. This will install CanSecure on your computer’s Desktop. STEP 2: Activate CanSecure 1. Double-click on the Canara Bank icon to start CanSecure. 2. Enter your Internet Banking User ID and click on Submit. 3. Match the Verification Key displayed in the activation window with the verification key you have received from Canara Bank. 3.1 If the Verification Key is correct select the option Verification Key is correct and enter the Activation Code that you’ve received from Canara Bank and click on Submit 3.2 If the Verification Key is incorrect select the option Verification Key does not match and click on Exit. Send an email to cansecuresupport@canbank.co.in to resolve this issue.
2. Never reveal your CanSecure Activation Code to anybody, not even to Canara Bank personnel at branch or customer care call-centre. 3. Always match the Verification Key before entering the Activation Code. 4. For your own safety, always use CanSecure for Internet Banking and online transactions.

5. You will be taken to your Canara Bank Internet Banking login page in a Secure Desktop environment and within a Secure Browser.

6. Login to your account and start doing Internet Banking using CanSecure. For support / queries please call our customer support at 1800-425-0018 or email us at cansecuresupport@canbank.co.in

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Using CanSecure on a different computer Step A: Generate CanSecure OTP 1. After login you can use the website normally. Note the OTP-ID and OTP and keep it in a safe place. Select the Send me an OTP via SMS option if you are carrying your registered mobile with you. If you’ve given the correct answer and OTP you’ll be asked for your Device PIN which will activate the new computer. Using CanSecure on a different computer Option 1: Using SMS One Time Password (OTP) 1. If you’ve given the correct answer and OTP you’ll be asked for your Device PIN which will activate the new computer. 2. 2. 6648. 2. Bangalore 560002. Run the CanSecure software. India Canara Bank . In the next screen provide the answer to you Secret Question and enter the OTP received on SMS after verifying the OTP-ID. B. enter your Internet Banking password to login into Internet banking website. the software will ask select between SMS-OTP and CanSecure OTP for activation. C. You will be asked to choose between SMS-OTP and CanSecure OTP options to activate the new computer. 3. You will need this for using CanSecure on a different computer. 112 J. Other CanSecure Features To return to your Windows Desktop When at your Windows Desktop click the TruBank button in the taskbar to get back to the CanSecure browser in Secure Desktop To get more information on CanSecure and FAQs To go back to your Internet banking window To sign-out of Internet banking and exit the CanSecure Banking Browser CanSecure Internet Banking Token RETAIL & CORPORATE INTERNET BANKING Canara Bank Buildings. No. P. An OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Step B: Install CanSecure on a different computer 1. Login into Canara Bank using normal browser and download CanSecure. Option 2: Using CanSecure One Time Password (OTP) 3. The software will detect that you’re using a different computer. When the Secure Browser opens. 3. Select Use my CanSecure OTP. Karnataka. Road. Enter the validity period and Click Generate.Step 3: (Regular Use) Always use CanSecure for Canara Bank Internet Banking 1. 4. Enter Internet Banking User ID and CanSecure Device PIN. Login to CanSecure on your regular computer. For subsequent Internet banking usage double-click on the Canara Bank icon. When running CanSecure on new computer. 2. Click on My Credentials and select Generate CanSecure OTP option. On the next screen provide answer to your secret question and the CanSecure OTP. 5.

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