Here Comes the Judge

A Friend In Need Is A Friend In-deed
“To Gethsemane, we must hasten; behold the man Love chose to chasten”1 He and his friends went to the garden; he then withdrew… and, in the shadows, he prayed alone feeling forsaken. He begged from his heart in troubled throes, “This is too much… I can’t drink this cup,” thus, with dread he plead without repose. While he suffered, they did not stay up; twice he rose… and asked to no avail that they come to life and please WAKEUP His agony… sleep does not curtail, none give aid to the man all alone; none share the burden or help prevail. Next, they would deny and then… disown. They missed a chance to make a difference, to his side, they could have, should have, flown I, too, ignored his call without deference. missed my chance to honor the request, I’m listening now… with reverence. “My soul is sorrowful with unrest Be alert and pray at my behest”2

1 2

Father Judge Meditations p334: line 3 and 4 Matthew 26: 38

November 29, 2009

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